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Google updates official Android site

This could mean something or it could be no big deal. Google has given another makeover to the official website. We have seen this site change quite a bit over the last year and it is normally preceded by an update to the Android operating system. Android 2.1 was first spotted a month ago and finally appeared in screen shots this past week. We also know Google recently updated their terms of service for the Android Market which are supposed to go in effect on December 11, 2009.

Here are some rumors we have been hearing for Dec. 11:

  • New Android Market with carrier billing support
  • Android 2.1 update for select devices
  • OTA updates for the Verizon Droid and Droid Eris
  • Desktop client for Android Market
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  • Tomas

    I’d be very surprised and happy at the same time if Google released a desktop client for the market. It would show that Google themselves believe that the market in the OS isn’t good enough.

  • InsominacSR

    I hope Verizon eventually offers carrier billing for the Android Marketplace, because I really dislike using Google Checkout.

  • willmsth78

    The market really sucks. Coming from the iPhone with its Apple Store I really dislike the Google Marketplace. Its UI is so unfriendly. Other than that I love Google’s services and especially the Droid phone.

  • willmsth78

    App Store I wanted to say… ;)

  • Herbert

    It looks empty with just the “whats new” and “press/media” tabs. I hope more tabs are coming.

  • William

    Haha! Remember when I posted on the forums that I thought there should be some sort of desktop sync software? :D

  • s15274n

    Yes William, we ALL REMEMBER?

    I’d love all of the changes… hope XDA can get the dump for 2.1.

    • ceasoner

      well the screen shots of the 2.1 hero.. are taken by some of the developers over at xda… they have had there hands on it for about a week o so… there playing with it as we speak….

      • dylandersen

        Yeah, and it has a watermark, which is thankfully why they are not releasing it. Once they get a watermark-free version, I’m sure they’ll distribute it somewhere/somehow – but the question is will they make versions for non-G1 and MT3G phones?

  • ZRod

    Ummmmm… I love Android and I plan on sticking w/ it but its kinda getting on my last nerves that they leave the earliest supporters who let this thing take off (I have MT3G, sure not that early but still b4 any other carrier) in the dirt. I’ll be sending a complaint to Google AND T-Mobile if they don’t mention that update for the G1 and MT3G (ORIGINAL Android ROMs so little to no work for them).
    WHO’S WITH ME?! Maybe we should start a petition???

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  • GE918

    ZRod, where do i sign?

    • http://Website ZRod

      You know what, when I’m bored at work tomorrow I know there is an online petition starter thing, I’ll make one and I’ll post it late tomorrow night here if that is ok with the editor?
      Websites and there commenters are complaining but I see no one taking a list of people to Google/T-Mobile directly. That would be nice if I could get some other tech sites goin w/ this. (and heck, lets gets Sony and LG and Motorola and… who else? while we are at it).
      Viva la revolucion

  • Suigetsu

    Let’s stop being stupid for 3, no, …5 whole seconds. Shall we?

    ..why would Google, who’s entire vision is cloud-based & net-centric, make a *desktop client* for the Market? Are you unaware of the premise for Chrome OS?

    Finally, updates for older phones are a given; anyone can say “maybe now!” an have a possibility of being right. The ONLY feasible thing listed, really, is carrier billing support for apps.

    This site is cute and all, but More Stuff Less Fluff!!

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  • Dich thuat

    Good information. I like android very very much

  • Yusuf

    Does an Android 2.3 Tablet, supports messengers with Video chat eg: Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, Skype etc.

    Please reply