Nov 04 AT 9:36 PM Taylor Wimberly 140 Comments

Has the T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 rollout begun? Yes! Confirmed.

Update (12:30 AM EST): I have heard there are only a few markets where this is being tested. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry. There is no official schedule for the rollout yet. We only know it will happen before the end of the year. I apologize if I caused any confusion.

Update (11:35 PM EST): Another good report coming in from Chicago, IL via advil0 on Twitter.

Performed on a T-Mobile G1.

Performed on a T-Mobile G1.

Update (11:30 PM EST): Ok here is the first believable result I have seen. It was reported in New York, NY via thenokiablog on Twitter.

Performed on a Nokia N900.

Performed on a Nokia N900.

Update (11:20 PM EST): I truly believe we have a false alarm. I have seen no believable results over 1.8 Mbps. Look below for the images I want to see. I want a tethered result from

Show me over 1.8 Mbps and you win.

Show me over 1.8 Mbps and you win.

Update (11:15 PM EST): We believe many of the reports coming in are false alarms. I do not want results from or Someone show me results from the Xtreme Labs app or tethered results with

Update (11:00 PM EST): Some of the reports coming in might have been false. Sites like are reporting the wrong values. I have been unable to confirm any speed boost here in Texas.

Update (10:30 PM EST): Reports are coming in from New Jersey, Chicago, Minnesota, Virginia, Arizon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, New York and some other areas. Adding videos and pics right now.

We have received a lot of rumors regarding the recent T-Mobile network outage. Some people have said they were told it was a “network upgrade” and others said it was “software upgrade”. According to T-Mobile only 5% of customers were affected, but it appears a large portion of those people had 3G phones.

Earlier today we reported that T-Mobile’s HSPA 7.2 upgrade was still on track for 2009.

One of our readers Ted left an interesting comment:

HSPA has been lit up in Chicago! I just tested it and got 6.8 Mbps!

We have no way to actually confirm this, so I’m turning to our wonderful community and asking for your help. I am aware that T-Mobile is testing HSPA+ in Philadelphia, but have yet to hear of any additional markets.

Download the Xtreme Labs Speedtest and post your results (make sure WiFi is turned off). Run the test a couple times and share what you find.

If your phone is rooted, tether it to your laptop/netbook and try running a test on I have found I received much higher download speeds when tethered vs. just testing on an actual device.

Please post your results in the following format:

Carrier and phone
Max download
Max upload


T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Corpus Christi, TX
Download: 531.4 Kbps
Upload: 134.1 Kbps

If you are lucky enough to actually find speeds above 2+ Mbps, send me proof via our tip line and I will have a special reward for you.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Clark Wimberly

    T-Mobile Cliq
    Austin TX
    Download: 752.7 Kbps
    Upload: 136.2 Kbps

    • Tre

      T-Mobile myTouch 3G
      Saint Petersburg,FL
      Download: 769.231 Kbps
      Upload: 0.759 Kbps


  • Chris

    T-Mobile Motorola Cliq
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Download 534.7
    Upload 115.3

  • Jacqui

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Nashua, NH
    Max download: 649.3 Kbit/s
    Max upload: 130.5 Kbit/s

  • techvudu

    20 Miles north of Philadelphia
    Down .20 Mb/s
    Up .06 Mb/s
    ping 242 ms

  • FckingAllen

    uhm wow.

    Tmobile G1
    Sacramento CA
    Download: 254.6
    Upload: 134.6

  • ERic

    T-Mobile G1
    Orange County, CA
    Download: 662.5 Kbps
    Upload: 128.1 Kbps

  • visualazn

    T-Mobile G1
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Download: 556.5 Kbit/s
    Upload: 127.8 Kbit/s

  • Chrees

    I’d post my results, but alas, I’m also in Corpus and my speeds are roughly the same as yours. :P

  • sykes

    T-mobile G1
    Providence RI
    Download: 823.9 Kbps
    Upload: 134.7 Kbps

  • Jes

    T-Mobile G1
    San Antonio, TX
    Download: 633.9 Kbit/s
    Upload: 156.7 Kbit/s

    Wasn’t able to try tethering on a laptop or netbook since I own neither.

  • Mattle

    T-Mobile G1
    Spokane WA
    Download: 555 Kbps
    Upload: 127 Kbps

  • Aiman

    T-Mobile G1
    West Bloomfield, MI (Metro Detroit)
    Max Download: 677.3 Kbits/s
    Max Upload: 140.3 Kbits/s

    Nope not yet :(

  • Nick

    T-Mobile G1
    DeKalb, IL
    Max Download: 819.7 kbits/s
    Max Upload: 155.7 kbits/s

  • Nick

    Would an “H” icon appear instead of “3G” if HSPA was active?

    • Ryan

      The H is the Hero’s version of 3G.

  • Gami

    Tmobile Cliq
    Spotswood NJ

    Your speed: 3809.524 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.36 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 2.1 seconds
    What does this mean?

    When I ran my test it said

  • j_norton

    T-Mo G1
    Oakland, CA
    635Kb/s Max DL
    135 Kb/s Max UL

  • Tim Gonzales

    T-Mobile G1 (rooted)
    Chicago, IL
    Max Download: 1.01Mb/s
    Max Upload: 0.12Mb/s
    This was tested using the Wireless Tether application tethered to my MacBook. I did a bandwidth test yesterday and was able to pull down close to 2Mb/s and had a 0.5Mb/s upload.

  • nick

    T-mobile G1
    Chicago, Il
    our speed: 3018.868 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.358 seconds
    Transferred 2000 KB in 5.3 seconds

    • dolapo

      Where in Chicago did you get those speed? Wow

  • Patrick

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Huntsville, AL
    Max Download: 599 kb/s untethered, 880 kb/s tethered
    Max Upload: 131 kb/s untethered, 280 kb/s tethered

  • nivekkev

    T-Mobile G1
    Calumet City IL (Chicago)
    1050.8 Kbits/s Down
    136.5 Kbits/s Up

  • Eric

    T-Mobile G1
    Austin, TX
    Max DL: 708.9 Kbit/s
    Max UL: 155.6 Kbit/s

  • Dustin Maki

    Motorola Cliq
    South Saint Paul, MN
    Your Speed: 6030.151 Kbps
    Your Latency: 0.613 seconds
    After redoing it with a 3mb test I redid it 3 times and once i got 16000kbps but that couldnt be right so i redid it 2 more times and this was the last number that came up.

  • Sean

    Sprint HTC Hero
    Atlanta, GA
    Download: 853.5 Kbps
    Upload: 120.2 Kbps

  • j_norton

    Getting better results at

  • Jerry

    Tmobile G1
    Jefferson Park (Chicago)
    3200-4,000+ Down
    Latency: 0.598 seconds
    Transfered 2000KB in 5 seconds


  • teracorona

    Seattle WA
    transferred 3000KB in 8.31 seconds

  • Chris

    T-Mobile G1
    New York, NY
    Download: 916.9Kbps
    Upload: 124.9 Kbps

  • kmohr25

    T-Mobile G1
    West Lafayette, IN
    Download: 425.6 Kbit/s
    Upload: 139.9 Kbit/s

  • techvudu

    retest on mobilespeedtest
    Just north of Philadelphia

    Your speed: 5139.186 kbps
    Your Latency: 0.787
    Transferred 3000 KB in 4.67 seconds

  • Christopher

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G (Google Ion)
    Boston, MA

    Down: 735 Kbit/s
    Up: 136 Kbits/s

    Down: .87 Mb/s
    Up: .33 Mb/s

  • nick

    Wow!!! Its fast!
    Tmobile g1 rooted cm4.231

  • dave carson

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA
    Max Download 0.69Mb/s
    Max Upload 0.32Mb/s

  • JJ
  • Hector Marquez

    T-Mobile G1
    NE Philadelphia, Pa
    Download: 445.0 Kbsp
    Upload: 112.5 Kbsp

    I’ll try tomorrow Downtown, I usually get great signal down there. So far nothing special.

  • knowledge

    The mobilespeedtest site is shooting out inaccurate speeds. Tried many times the speeds are way to high. I teathered and went to frontierspeedtest and accurate throughputs were recorded. I can tell you this much, since the outage I no longer am able to connect 3g.

    This is for my mytouch 3g, Minneapolis, MN

    I also have another 3g phone from tmobile that shows 3g connected, but I can assure you its not 3g speed.

  • webby

    T-Mobile G1
    North Phoenix, AZ
    Download: 823.1 Kbits/s
    Upload: 150.6 Kbits/s

  • Justin Shapcott

    T-Mobile CLIQ, Phoenix, AZ
    Average 4500kbps – 6500kbps

  • disney10

    tmobile g1
    lincoln park, michigan not far from detroit

  • gilbertorbea

    T-Mobile G1
    Fairview, NJ
    Download:574.9 Kbits/s
    Upload: 111.4 Kbits/s

  • nick

    Wow!!! Its fast! Best so far. Thank you tmobile!
    Tmobile g1 rooted cm4.231
    Your speed: 5000 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.681 seconds
    Transferred 2000 KB in 3.2 seconds

    I hope the links work!

  • disney10

    nvm just retested only got 800-1500

  • Jamie Martin

    Rooted G1
    Mesa, AZ (Phoenix suburb)
    My speed: 3225.806 kpbs
    Transfered 1000kb in 2.48 seconds

    Xtremelabs Speedtest:
    Download speed: 915.8 kpbs
    Upload speed: 149.6 kbps

    What gives?

  • Jim

    T-mobile G1
    Chicago, IL (5 miles NW of the loop/downtown)

    Via Xtreme Labs Speedtest app:
    Download: 204.2 Kbps
    Upload: 51.0 Kbps

    Results via
    Speed: 3848.673 Kbps
    Latency: 0.499 seconds
    Transferred 3000KB in 6.3 seconds

    Averaged results from 3 runs on each test.

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Mobile speed test is killing the results. I just re-tested using tethered using wifi AND USB, 700kbps. It’s not true, I’m very sad :[

  • Android_Kev

    Cyanogen G1
    Jacksonville Florida
    xtremelabs speed test
    Max Download: 826 Kbps
    Max Upload: 150 Kbps
    747 Kbps
    latency .648 seconds

    • Android_Kev

      Okay, xtremelabs still at 800 Kbps but showing 4700 Kbps. So wonder whats right. It has been a while since we have seen update for xtremelabs.

  • Tim Gonzales

    Rebooted my phone, got full bars of 3G, pulled down a 6.67Mb/s connection. This is ridiculous.

  • akil

    T-Mobile G1
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Download 1500-7143kbps
    latency 0.441
    transferred 500kb in 0.56

  • Holly

    MyTouch 3G
    Lake Elmo, MN
    Download: 233.5 Kbits/s
    Upload: 99.7 Kbits/s

  • Jessica ZT

    Does anyone have any thought as to whether or not last night’s fiasco had anything to do with this roll out? Any thoughts?

  • Nic

    T-Mobile G1
    Kirkland, WA
    download 2985 kbps
    latency .81seconds
    transferred 3000 kb in 8.04 seconds

  • Spencer

    T-Mobile MT3G
    Austin, TX
    Download: 614.5 Kbps
    Upload: 153.6 Kbps

    However, multiple tests on consistently return values around 4300 Kbps:

    Your speed: 4347.826 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.33 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 1.84 seconds

    I think that site needs some math lessons. You should probably disregard any results posted from there.

  • LordNikonX

    Testing on T-Mobile G1 in Chicago, IL at

    1MB test
    First try:
    Your speed: 3846.154 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.677 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 2.08 seconds

    Second try:
    Your speed: 2431.611 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.341 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 3.29 seconds

    Third try:
    Your speed: 4166.667 Kbps
    Your latency: 0.331 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 1.92 seconds

  • Corey

    Las Vegas,NV
    Download 3998.2 (3mb transfer)
    used mobilespeedtest

  • sregister

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Seaside, OR
    Download: 4706 Kbps

  • Swaggaplus

    Tmobile Mytouch 3g
    Durham, N.C.


  • john

    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, via tether on MacBook
    New York, 10009 (East Village)
    DL: 1.6Mb/s
    UL: .32Mb/s

  • Joshua Rubin

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Denver, CO
    Download: 3347 Kbps

  • Ian

    Dl .46Mb/s
    UL .11Mb/s

    MT3G tether to macbook.. no go for norcal yet i guess

  • NamelessTed

    T-Mobile HTC G1
    South Phoenix, AZ
    Download: 2100-3600 Kbps (first test gave a result of 41,379kbps, lols)
    3MB Test

    With tethering enabled I encountered much slower speeds. It ranged from 500-750 kbps which is slower than it was a week ago when I was using tethering.

  • kim

    T mobile my touch 3g
    Hartford, CT
    4247.8 kbps

  • Ian

    when i used, it said

    DL 2250 KBPS, so i dont think i really believe that site.

    • bob

      agreed. it’s showing me almost 3mbit on EDGE. (full EDGE signal in the building, occasionally 1 bar 3G. Full 3G outside.)

  • sregister

    mobile speed test is bs, its pulling #’s out of its ass.

  • Jackb

    Motorola razr V9
    DL: 5.6Mb/s
    UL: .12Mb/s

  • Patrick

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Frisco, TX
    Download: 793.8 Kbps
    Upload: 138.9 Kbps

  • RevenG101

    NO ONE USE MOBILESPEEDTEST.COM. It is extremely inaccurate. It says I am doing 1691.332Kbps, but the catch is that I set my phone up to use EDGE only. There is no way I am using over 1mbps on an EDGE network.

  • NamelessTed

    Alright, I ran a speedtest while tether and finally got a good result.


    I believe that is over 1.8mbps down. I do declare that I win.

  • Nikki528

    T-Mobile Mytouch 3g
    NY, NY
    Download 633.8
    Upload 134.2

    via xtremelabs speedtest

  • Tyler


  • Mike

    T-Mobile Touch Pro 2
    Tethered to my computer, ethernet connection turned off.

    3.41Mb/s up
    .24Mb/s down
    ping 330ms

    I did it twice with two bars of HDSPA and got about 1mbps. This test, I somehow had full bars. Different servers each time…I live in Minnesota, but it thinks I don’t for some reason.

    • Mike

      and of course I switched up and down…you get the picture.

  • nick

    :::.. Download Stats ..:::
    Download Connection is:: 4835 Kbps about 4.8 Mbps (tested with 6152 kB)
    Download Speed is:: 590 kB/s
    Tested From:: (Main)
    Test Time:: 2009/11/04 – 11:04pm
    Bottom Line:: 84X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 1.74 sec
    Tested from a 6152 kB file and took 10.424 seconds to complete
    Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% : 623.8 % faster than the average for host (
    D-Validation Link::
    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 1.6; en-us; T-Mobile G1 Build/DRC83) AppleWebKit/528.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.2 Mobile Safari/525.20.1 [!]

  • Robert

    I don’t know if Boston is a test sight for a more advanced neetwork but my G1 is blazing fast here. What speed test sight is best? Non rooted G1 phone.

  • griemar

    Not trying to complain, but has anyone notice something about the NY update that’s been posted? It’s showing a location 1250 miles away from NY. That kind of distance and only a latency of 122ms? I think that’s a false for sure.

  • claudio rivera

    T-Mobile G1
    Columbia Heights, MN (Minneapolis, MN)
    Down .99Mbps
    Up .24Mbps
    Tethered via laptop,, 3G (3 bars)

    Anybody in the Minneapolis area getting more than 1Mbps?

  • zhector323


    I got this in covina ca 30 miles from downtown LA on my g1 while using usb tethering

  • rhin0sb24

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Cypress, CA
    Max Download: 763.1 Kbps
    Max Upload: 142.9 Kbps

  • nick

    tmobile g1 rooted cm4.231
    I tested my download speed at I got 4835 Kbps or 590 kB/s (I tested with a 6152 kB file). If you don’t believe me you can go to and validate the score. !

    Go to and see if your download speed can come close to 4835 Kbps. Hey, you may even be faster than me… then it will be your turn to brag ;)

  • dwdawson

    nothing over 0.08 here in Plano, TX :(

  • Greven

    T-Mobile G1
    Bronx, NY (New York, NY 10463)
    Down 1321.2 Kbit/s
    Up 129.1 Kbit/s
    Xtremelabs Speedtest App

  • Nicklera

    Spanaway WA

    Max Download: 5761 Kbps
    Wow wow root Im loving it .
    Watching YouTube HiQ video no wait time on loading im loving it!

  • UnknownLogistic

    Down: 4.694MBPS
    Up: 1.324MBPS

    Better but NOT 7.2MBPS….

  • David

    I think mobilespeedtest is multiplying everything by 10. My results were consistent with the app, IF I divided by 10.

    Hollywood, CA reads 5000-6000Kbps with mobilespeedtest
    500-600Kbps with Xtreme Labs

    • Rome told me 2588.997 Kbps but Xtremelabs says 538.8. So that’s VERY inconsistent.

  • Rome

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Download: 538.8 Kbps
    Upload: 139.5 Kbps

  • Viet Tran

    Motorola CLIQ
    Santa Ana, CA
    Best download: 1216.1 Kbits/sec
    Best upload: 120.7 Kbits/sec

    Average download: 637.5 Kbits/sec
    Average upload: 120.7 Kbits/sec

  • CODxY

    T-mobile g1
    Houston tx
    Max down:1981.4
    Max up:130.6

    This is from speedtest

  • Booklost

    G1 w/Cyanogen 4.2.3
    Columbus, OH
    Down: 3.03Mb (379KB/3032Kb)
    I couldn’t test the 3G upload speed. My phone dropped back to Edge :(

  • ryaninc

    Orlando, FL
    T-Mobile G1
    Down: 687 Kbps
    Up: 134 Kbps

  • Freddy

    OMFG i want it to come to Miami, Florida!
    I think with the experience of T-Mobile, they will roll out the new 3G fairly quickly and i expect it to come to Miami VERY soon! :)
    PLEASEEE T-Mobile!! <3

    T-Mobile with Android FTW

  • just some dude

    here is my reading from nyc, tethered mytouch.


  • MaSt3rGrIfF

    T-Mobile G1
    Mesa. AZ

    down: between 1843 and 2784 kbps, because of changing signal
    up: about 140 kbps

    • L J

      I’m also in Mesa, my stats have not changed, what phone or device are you using, is it tethered? and are you getting these speeds from or somewhere else?? Thx…

  • Derek

    121 kbps down
    549 ms ping

    But I’m on at&t edge :(

    I live in columbia, sc and T-mo just introduced 3G here in the last month. Do you think it would be 7.2 or 3.6?

    • Drew

      hey, I thought you might wanna see the speeds I was getting. I live in Columbia too, down in 5 points and I have a full signal here. Our 3G speeds here have been pretty impressive since they started it (but I was grinding my teeth waiting for it to acutally get here)

      Motorola Cliq
      Columbia, SC
      Download: 916.7 Kbits/s
      Upload: 138.0 Kbits/s

  • Vinter

    I tested in my office that I get 1-2 bars of service and shotty 3g

    using Xtremelabs.

    Tmobile G1 (rooted)
    Houston, TX

    D: 1509.o kbit/s
    U: 130.5 kbit/s


  • G1_SandFrancisco

    San Francisco, CA
    T-Mobile G1
    Down: 869 Kbps
    Up: 139 Kbps

    Nothing to see here…

  • G1_Orlando

    Orlando, FL
    T-Mobile G1
    Down: 844 Kbps
    Up: 148 Kbps

  • Bryan

    Kansas city kansas
    mytouch 3g
    625kbps download speed with latency of .72 seconds

  • Ed S.

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA
    Download: 444.2 Kbps
    Upload: 127.8 Kbps

  • Xtreme Labs SpeedTest
    T-Mobile G1
    Raleigh, NC (35.758 Lat & -78.8017 Long)
    Max download 715kbps
    Max upload 138.9kbps

  • Alex

    Detroit here, no change.

  • Roger

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Kansas City, MO
    Download: 1.47Mb/s
    Upload: 0.30Mb/s


  • Mark

    T-Mobile G1
    Minneapolis, MN
    Download: 544.7kbps
    Upload: 119.9

  • Prestitivo

    Xtreme Labs SpeedTest

    T-Mobile myTouch 3g
    Seattle, WA
    Download: 733.1 kbit/s
    Upload: 140.6 kbit/s

  • forlorn

    Xtreme Labs SpeedTest App
    T-Mobile myTouch 3g
    Sacramento, CA
    Download 376.2 Kbit/s
    Upload 119.8 Kbit/s

  • Nirav

    I think mobilespeedtest is giving out false results. I just tried the 1 mb download test in chicago and here are my results. Totally insane

    Your speed: 11267.00 Kbps (Yes, that is 11 megabits!)
    Your latency: 0.841 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 0.71 seconds.

    Something isn’t right.

  • Brandon

    Tmobile G1
    Plano, TX
    Download: 2.02Mb/s
    Upload: 0.35Mb/s

  • crothers

    T-Mobile myTouch 3g
    Austin, TX
    #1 2730 (1 mb test)
    #2 5570 (3 mb test)
    #3 3678 (2 mb test)

  • K

    872 down 132 up
    Bellevue, WA
    (TMO USA HQ is 4 miles south of here)
    Android G1 in 3G mode
    using Xtremelabs Speedtest

  • Serg

    4380kbps down over here. Vancouver, WA

  • johnny

    T-mobile G1
    Los Angeles, CA
    2962.963 kbps

  • Jeff

    Blackberry curve 8520 on edge-466.7 down 78.3 up in minneapolis area.

  • Alex

    T-Mobile G1
    Saint Devon, PA west of Philadelphia, pa
    Download: 825.6 Kbps
    Upload: 134.5 Kbps

    I do another speed test when I’m work.

    • Alex

      what meant was just Devon not sure where Saint Devon, PA came from

  • nick

    T-Mobile G1 (cyanogenmod
    Arlington, VA (DC metro area)
    Max upload 703.4 Kbits/s (684.2)
    Max download 125.7 Kbits (74.2)

    via Xtremelabs Speedtest

  • carlos

    T-Mobile G1 – New York, NY
    SPEED: 5042.017 Kbps
    LATENCY: 0.454 seconds
    Transferred 3000KB in 4.76 seconds
    OH YEAH!!!

  • Damian

    I’m calling b.s. on any result. I live in New Braunfels, TX, north of San Antonio and I have confirmed EDGE only here. Ran test on xtremelabs speedtest app on MyTouch 3g phone I have and got the following:

    Download speed: 110.2 kbps/s (max: 129.5 kbps)
    Upload speed: 24.0 kbps/s (max: 39.4 kpbs)

    Here are my results from the site:

    Your speed: 3030.303 kbps
    Your latency: 0.961 seconds
    Transferred 1000 KB in 2.64 seconds

    (I don’t think so.)

  • Butch285

    Xtremelabs Speedtest
    T-Mobile My Touch
    Atlanta, GA
    max dl – 816.9 Kbits/s
    max ul – 143.5 Kbits/s

  • los

    Xtremelabs speedtest
    Tmobile G1
    Dl: 768.3 kb/s
    Ul: 167.4 kb/s
    San antonio, tx

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  • Joonatan

    T-Mobile G1
    Bellevue, Washington
    Download: 541.9Kbit/s
    Upload: 144.4Kbit/s

    Is this good or bad?

  • juan

    Carrier and phone: TMOBILE G1
    Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Max download: 16 kbps
    Max upload: 603 kbps

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  • Cliffy

    T-Mobile G1
    Capitol Hill, Wash., DC
    Down: 791kbps
    Up: 408 kbps
    Using Wash., DC server, w/ on the G1 I downloaded today, 11/13/09

  • GE918

    I’m still waiting on 3G.

  • Justin

    Hi, I am the developer of and wanted to ask you what you meant by the wrong values?

    I’ve tested my speed using my iPhone 3GS with my site, as well as the app, Xtreme Labs app, and some other sites. It is usually pretty close to the native apps, if anything it seems to give speed a bit slower than the native apps.

    Thanks for the feedback

  • Danny Ag

    T-Mobile G1
    Salt Lake City
    Download: 514 Kbit/s
    Upload: 347 Kbit/s

  • http://Website Vito J

    T-Mobile G1
    New York City
    Download: 1656 Kbit/s
    Upload: 391 Kbit/s
    Ping: 130ms

  • http://none steve

    HTC Touch Pro 2
    Philly, PA
    Download: 1880 Kbps

    latency .581 secs
    transferred 2 MB in 8.51 seconds

  • http://none steve

    myTouch 3g
    Philadelphia, PA
    Download: 4.92 Mbps
    Upload: 1.06 Mbps

    ping 180ms

  • Yoshi GameFrog

    Motorola Cliq
    Durham, NC
    Download: 360 kbps
    Upload: 926 kbps

    ping 263ms

  • http://Website dznbigtexjr

    rooted hd2
    houston texas
    download 3.6
    upload 1.3
    ping 147ms

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