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HTC Hero finally available for Cellular South

Residents of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee can finally rejoice. We have known for awhile that Cellular South would be offering the HTC Hero and it is finally available for purchase online. Not only does Cellular South have the best price on the Hero ($99), but they also offer some of the cheapest smartphone plans around. Customers can get unlimited everything for $79 a month or 500 minutes with unlimited text+web for $49.99. Users who add a 2nd smartphone plan to their account will receive a half-off discount.

Cellular South also has an excellent discover center which features about a dozen videos geared towards Android beginners.

For the latest information on Cellular South follow them on Twitter at @CSAndroid and @cellularsouth.

[Thank you Mark for the tip]

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  • cypherphone

    they use CDMA correct?

  • Gigabitdrew

    Finally… a really good phone on the best carrier in the area!!! Hope to have mine early next week.