Nov 17 AT 7:34 PM Taylor Wimberly 17 Comments

HTC is working on a surprise for YOU

Update: After viewing the page source, this is clearly related to the Windows-powered HTC HD2. Boo! :(

The official HTC website is currently down and a teaser message is in place. “We’re working on something for you and we will be back shortly.” The only upcoming surprise I have heard about is the rumored HTC Passion/Dragon which is supposed to be the first Android-powered Snapdragon phone from our favorite Taiwanese manufacturer.

What do you think HTC has in store?

What is in store from HTC?

Is something big coming?

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  • s15274n

    hello pasion: )

  • Charrion

    Meh, I’d rather be surprised by a 2.0 image for the ADP1 so Cyanogen can bring us some eclair goodness. However, that wouldn’t explain the site being temporarily offline.

    Still, a man can DREAM.

  • @sw1storm

    Passion? Hopefully…..probably not

  • William

    yeah, the picture is called “HomeBanner_HTC_HD2_Video.jpg” :(

  • keemworld

    Well what ever the suprise is, I guess its going to be called the ” YOU” based on the bold green letters.

  • cd28rc

    Yahooooooooo, the HTC HD2 IS coming to SPRINTS “NOW NETWORK” Hello HD2, Goodbye HERO! Will give my Hero to my sister, she will be so happy, but I will be HAPPIER with my new ?phone KILLER!
    PLEASE Email me if ya find this out, K.
    [email protected]
    Thanks everyone!
    :):):):):):):):):):):):):) ;)

  • matt

    This will be the announcement for HD2 US launch.

  • Ramon

    Lol aah bouy

  • edd

    htc hd2 for tmobile usa :D

  • bray424

    Boy I hope it’s a new phone on another carrier and not a 2.0 update for the Hero I bought a month ago!

  • InsomniacSR

    Weird… HTC doesn’t have the Droid Eris listed on their product page anymore.

  • Robin

    I think they’re finally releasing an Android update for all the people that bought an HTC Magic. We’ve been waiting very long for this and the original firmware is buggy as hell, but now they have something for US. :)

  • Sharninder

    It’s the HD2, now with Sense. And based on Windows Mobile .. sadly :(

  • Tsu-kun

    Hmm, are they gonna revamp the Eris, it isn’t listed anymore… Or maybe they’re just putting up more info about it? Well that wouldn’t be much of a “surprise”.

  • Jeff

    Oh Please, Oh Please, be an HD2 variant for Verizon Wireless in US!!!!! I doubt it, but I’m really hoping! LOL

  • Tsu-kun

    Maybe its the Android 2.0 update for the Hero and Eris? Eris page still isn’t working…

  • Ron C

    Well…it’s information regarding the HTC HD2…the site is up now…