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Missing T-Mobile Behold II specs revealed

The Samsung Behold II goes on sale tomorrow at T-Mobile for $229.99 with 2yr contract agreement. One might think Samsung would release the full product specifications on their website so consumers could make informed buying decisions, but that has not been the case. Conveniently missing were the CPU, ROM, and RAM (which we consider the most important specs).

I contacted Samsung and T-Mobile and received the following response from both parties:

  • CPU: 528 MHz
  • ROM: 200 MB (*)
  • RAM: 320 MB

(*) Please note that the ROM number provided to us is most likely the free space available to the user. We have been unable to confirm this, but I believe the true ROM size is 512 MB like most other current Android phones.

It is interesting to see that Samsung included the 320 MB RAM. This is more memory than any Android phone to date. Most new phones like the Droid feature 256 MB RAM and the highest we have seen was the 288 MB RAM included with the HTC Hero and certain versions of the HTC Magic.

We were hoping to receive a review unit for the Behold II, but that didn’t happen (big surprise). Check back tomorrow for a full review roundup of the Behold II and more information on its launch.

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  • Brak

    and im guessing its safe to assume its the Qualcomm

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not sure. I was not provided with a model number. It is ARM11 for sure though.

      The Samsung Moment featured an 800 MHz ARM11 CPU as well, but it was made by Samsung and not Qualcomm.

  • anakin78z

    I’d say way to go on the ram, but this phone will not get you through the next 2 years.

  • GW

    That’s not too shabby, but I think I’m going to wait and see what comes down the pike. That Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 looks sweet with a 1gHZ processor & larger screen. But is it going to come to T-Mo? I’d root it, anyway.

  • Clonable

    Check this forum some guy says CPU, RAM same as Galaxy
    “btw someone has just got hold of the source code and its the same 192 mb of ram and528 qualcom processor thats in the galaxy.
    infact other than the extra button and mass storage space its the same phone chipset and power wise
    its running a nicely modified 1.5 cupcake and not 1.6 “

    • MarsTodd

      IF it’s 200 MB will be very depressed. Best screen but lousy memory is :( ……and it’s Cliq for me :D

  • dethduck

    You know with the technology we have today,why are are all these phones so limited on speed and memory? Especially with the memory, a gig or more can’t cost that much more.

  • akil

    rooting fones that arent from HTC seems to be rare……

    maybe im wrong, but it wud be a whole new fone since its sony so prob alot harder to do

  • jaduncan

    I have played with the Behold II. It’s not that nice, IMO. And I very much disliked the cube.

  • Wade

    Meh, another ARM11 phone. Next!

  • TravLadin

    Man i want a new phone… would they just release the SPEC’s and stop acting GAY…

  • lola

    I am new to androids and want to decide on Samsung’s cool screen or HTC mytouch. It seems rooting is important. I saw people say they can root samsung. Thanks for advice and opinions!

  • MarsTodd

    I had read that this device had 200 MB Ram. If the true value is 320, WOW! What a Relief! That makes it in my book I hope it has GPS, proximity, blueteeth, etc. But this is very good news I hope! No more Cliq for me??? yikes.

  • rj

    I wouldn’t get it if it’s been suggested Samsung disabled some features from the OS.

  • MarsTodd

    The screen technology IS revolutionary, and your LDC is obsolete. However if the RAM is 200 that will really suck. I hope this is why the specs are not ready yet, they’re hustling to do it right.

  • MarsTodd

    I checked click on Specs:

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