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Motorola Droid coming to Europe as the Milestone

It’s official, the Motorola Droid is coming to Europe as the Milestone. Italy and Germany will be the first markets in Europe to stock the Milestone. Further availability will be announced as Motorola continues to expand its Android-based portfolio around the world.

It also appears Motorola has made some minor software tweaks for the Milestone. Most notably, multitouch pinch zoom will be supported (hopefully this comes to the Droid). The device will also ship with Motonav turn-by-turn navigation instead of Google Maps Navigation. There is no word on the differences between the navigation apps, but it likely lacks the Google Maps Nav because of licensing issues.

The Milestone will be available on Vodafone and O2 sometime around November 9, 2009 for €481 ($712 USD).

Mobile-Review has a short video of the phone on YouTube.

For full details, check out the official Motorola Milestone site.

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    I like this one is better than X10

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    Has anybody else noticed that Gmail app is missing?

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      It’s right there, in the apps drawer.