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MyTouch 3G Fender Delayed Edition

Update (11/5): T-Mobile has confirmed the delay.

We had been expecting to see the myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition this year. T-Mobile was touting the phone as part of their industry leading holiday lineup.

Tmonews posted a rumor last week that the phone might be delayed and new details appear to confirm it.

T-Mobile CTO Cole Broadman spoke at the Open Mobile Summit this morning in San Francisco. A lot of new information came out including T-Mobile promoting it will have four Android devices in time for the holidays.

  1. G1
  2. myTouch 3G
  3. Cliq
  4. Behold II

We are now expecting the Fender device will launch sometime in early 2010. Maybe T-Mobile and HTC are retooling the phone to include either the Sense UI or Android 2.0 (I’m hoping both).

If we get an official response from T-Mobile, we will update this story.

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  • carig

    i thought the whole point was that it would be a cool christmas present

  • Anthony

    wait…wait. “industry leading holiday lineup” ???

    HAHA. who declared that!?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It came from a press release. I think they were referring to the number of phones (4) which is more than Sprint (2) or Verizon (2-3).

      • Anthony

        Well, if they are going by number of phones… I don’t think they have it, unless Blackberries and WinMo phones don’t count as part of “holiday lineups”.
        T-Mo does have nice amount of Android phones coming out though. But… as they say, quality over quantity (and I guess VZW now believes in this).

        Why do they consider the G1 and MyTouch phones for their holiday lineup?

        I guess I just don’t understand what exact substances they were drinking and smoking when they made this press release…

        • markus

          Yes, Blackberries and WinMo phones do not count. No one really cares about them any more.

          • Anthony

            haha I agree. Completely agree. Blackberry is way too 1990s, and WinMo is just a big waiting game to see what WinMo 7 will be.

            But I’m just saying… VZW has upcoming: Droid, Eris, Passion, Curve2, Storm2, Imagio. If I didn’t forget any, that’d be 6 new smartphones (3 Androids) for this holiday season, with two VZW exclusives.

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