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Pre-register to purchase the Xperia X10 on February 10th

Everyone wants to know when the Xperia X10 will come to the United States. All signs point to T-Mobile, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Our sources tell us Sony Ericsson has a New York event coming up and we expect they will announce a launch date at that time.

UK fans actually have a time frame to look forward to. Sony Ericsson has placed a page on their store allowing customers to pre-register to purchase the phone. It initially listed the expected launch as February 10, 2010, but now it reports “to be announced”.

I signed up because I’m curious what version of the X10 they are selling. Sony Ericsson still lists on the official spec sheet that this phone supports T-Mobile’s 3G bands. It will be interesting to see what kind of price point the phone goes for.

In the mean time, if you want to get really jealous watch our friends from go hands on with the phone.

For the latest information on the Xperia X10 be sure to visit the official Sony Ericsson Product Blog.

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  • Brendan

    Taylor, can I assume that despite the fact that you would prefer to see handset makers stick to a vanilla Android that you’re a fan of the Rachael UI?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Hehe, actually as I was watching that video I thought Rachael looks cool but it is still a gimmick.

      I would love to see this phone with stock Android 2.0 :)

      • Aconner22

        I agree. Or at least I’d like to see a preview that shows maybe a back-and-forth between stock Android and Rachael. Similar to how you can disable the TouchFlo on the Hero.

  • Derek

    Didnt the spec sheet on this show both AT&T and T-mo 3G frequency bands??

    T-mo might not be too bad, havent they already promised 7.2mbps to every 3G area sometime next year?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      On the Sony site it shows the T-Mobile 3G bands – UMTS(W-CDMA) 1700/2100.

      There was another screenshot from a press release that said it also did UMTS 850/1900 which is AT&T 3G.

  • Jdroid

    If T-mobile gets the x10 they WILL FINALLY HAVE A WINNER! I’m keep my fingers crossed!!!!!!!

  • savage

    It has 2 come 2 tmo! All other phones suck!!! I still have mah g1!!! If it don’t come 2 tmo. I’m goin verison.. droid!!!

  • Randude

    This could actually propel T-mobile USA into 3rd or possibly 2nd place carrier. This would bring some serious hardware to the table for TM, and it’s been sorely lacking in that department!!!!

  • sandypants

    Another 4 months or so with my TV remote, er G1. The Behold 2 doesn’t sound like it’s worth my 2 year contract. Hopefully the X10 will come to TMo and will live up to its hype.

  • http://Website m.r

    what will be its price??????????