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Radio Shack to offer Cliq for $79

Black Friday is the busiest retail shopping day of the year. I’ve had the joy (haha) of working several of these days when I managed a CompUSA (R.I.P.). If you wake up at the crack of dawn, avoid being trampled to death, and are willing to wait in super long lines, you can find some awesome deals.

Radio Shack (aka The Shack) has really been pushing their cell phone business with TV spots and is planning a big sale on Black Friday. They will have the Motorola Cliq for $79.99 with a 2 year contract agreement. We are not really huge fans of the Cliq (full review coming this week), but it is still a pretty sweet deal for all the teenyboppers out there.

For a full list of cell phone deals on Black Friday, keep an eye on

What the Cliq should have been sold for.

What the Cliq should have been sold for.

Thank you John Carli for the tip.

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  • JAG

    great price, i think ill get one