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Samsung Behold II to Verizon Wireless?

Here is a weird one that we can’t quite explain. One of our readers pointed us to the Behold II product page on the official Samsung site. The Behold II is currently offered on T-Mobile and it was Samsung’s first Android phone to feature TouchWiz with 3D Cube Navigation. As you can see pictured below, the Verizon Vcast logo is clearly displayed in the 3D Cube Navigation area.

I have heard no rumors of Verizon getting an Android phone from Samsung so this is definitely an interesting find. Many of the early reviews absolutely slammed the TouchWiz UI. Can you imagine how it would be after Verizon stuffed in all their Vcast applications? Our readers worried Verizon might cripple their Android phones, but their first two releases (Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris) both shipped without any Vcast software.

Would anyone like to see the Behold II on Verizon?

Can you say VCast?

Can you say VCast?

[Thank you Marcus for the tip]

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  • kris

    Does anyone know if tmobile is getting any decent 2nd generation android phones before the olidays?

    • Carlos

      Seriously! I finally got to play with a Behold II at a T-Mobile store today and it was painful to navigate. Such a shame too, I had high hopes for this phone (as did probably every other TMO Android user) and it’s just a big letdown. If Verizon keeps releasing awesome Android phones in the next few months as is rumored I just might have to jump ship.

  • kris

    But i honestly prefer tmobile. This isn’t good