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Samsung Behold II TouchWiz on Video

Samsung is set to unveil the Behold II on November 12 and T-Mobile will launch the device on November 18.

We know the device features a 3.2” AMOLED capacitive display, but the important specs like CPU, RAM, ROM are still unavailable.

The device also features Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI for Android. Unfortunately, it is based off Android 1.5. I really wish the handset makers would drop these custom flavors of Android and just add their unique applications on top of the operating system. It sucks to have so many phones that are shipping with outdated versions of Android.

A fan of Tmonews has their hands on the phone and sent in some blurry videos.

Update: A new non-blurry video has surfaced.

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  • Dan

    video 1: will get tired of gimmicky cube
    video 2: slooooooooooooow swipe

  • Daniel

    I wonder if the maintenance cost of these custom home apps is really as high as you imply them to be. I’d expect it to be not so significant compared to the maintenance and testing needed for the kernel and drivers.

    Maybe the reason the Dream gets all updates first is because the ADP1 has a natural priority when new Android versions are developed? And the Magic is nearly the same hardware.

    • Daniel

      The Magic is nearly the same hardware AND software, just to clarify. The Hero has deeper kernel modifications, it seems. And I doubt most Hero owners would sacrifice their widgets, Flash and tethering for early Android 1.6. (In fact, the Hero wouldn’t even exist in the US if it weren’t for the modifications, as HTC had to modify 1.5 for CDMA support)

    • Daniel

      My last addendum, I promise :)
      Also, Sense does run on 1.6, AFAIK. Isn’t that what the case for Tattoo? So it’s definitely not some UI porting that holds them back.

      And as proof having a standard Android distribution doesn’t give you fast upgrades, look at the Galaxy. It’s a very vanilla 1.5 phone, nothing new as far as I know. Yet there are no announcements of upgrades for it.

  • Android 1

    Hardware looks good, but I have to agree, that software cube is definitely old. I’m talking 1995 javascript web cube old. I’d hope it’s removable. I think I’d rather a vanilla build on there than what they have.

  • alexthearmo

    LAME!! the phone looks good, but the software looks like crap, and seems like it would be annoying to use.

  • Brent

    I would rather have 2.0 than any special build. Especially one as worthless as this.

  • joseph

    I really like how the app tray is on the left side of the screen. But other than that its a poor phone. How come that guy cant tell you the specs if he has it?

  • kevin