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Samsung chooses gimmicks over specs for T-Mobile Behold 2

Many T-Mobile customers have been waiting to get their hands on a second generation Android phone. They have been seeing all the hype surrounding the Verizon Droid and they are jealous. Unfortunately, they will have to sit tight until 2010.

Samsung officially unveiled their Behold II today which will be available on T-Mobile starting November 18, 2009. T-Mobile failed to include the retail price with their press release but it looks like the phone will be available for $229.99 with a 2yr contract (Or maybe $199 – someone can’t make up their mind).

Also released today were the highly anticipated product specifications (PDF). We have been eagerly waiting to find out the CPU, RAM, and ROM which would power this phone. As many of our regular readers already know, every Android phone T-Mobile has released includes a Qualcomm 528 MHz processor.

Even with the official product spec sheet in hand, we are unable to report the CPU, RAM, and ROM. Samsung decided to conveniently leave those off and instead chose to focus on other cool features like a “3D cube navigation menu”.

When a handset maker wants to tout some gimmick software over pure hardware specs, something is wrong. Handset makers should be in the business of producing awesome phones and should not be wasting their time on software. If you want to release a Google phone, then leave the operating system up to Google and focus on bringing your consumers a kick ass device.

The totally unconfirmed rumors suggest the Samsung Behold II will feature a 528 MHz CPU, 512 MB ROM, and 256 MB RAM. We are certain the phone will ship with the outdated Android 1.5, but Samsung is claiming the device will eventually support Android 2.0.

The Bottom Line

This product is nothing to get excited about, but at least T-Mobile customers have their choice of another 1st generation Android phone.

Engadget got some hands on time with the device and has posted a short video.

I also just found one more video from MobileBurn.

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  • Brent

    Why stay on 1.5 when has already Rooted it?? So it wont be long that you have to deal with only 1.5

  • FckingAllen

    $229.99 with a 2yr contract IS RIDICULOUS!!

  • FckingAllen

    the coolest thing about the phone is the Map on the back of it lol.

  • jimsu

    According to a tmo rep, who called a samsung rep, seeking specs for me its supposed to have the crappy 528mhz cpu, 512 RAM, and 256 rom. That seemed backwards to me, but the rep printed out a specsheet for me with still no cpu/ram info, but it listed “internal storage” as 200Mb. The demo phone they had in store said max free was like 189mb or something close to that. The phone was running 1.5 but according to the samsung rep the phone will come with 1.6 when it goes on sale.

    The phone was pretty darn snappy for a 528mhz, but no real way to verify what it was running. They changed a lot of ui stuff, its not just the cube thing. Media had a 3d gallery thing for going through pics, videos, music, etc.
    May not be the answer to the droid, but it was a heck of a lot snappier than my g1 with the latest cyanogen. Oh the colors did look really nice on the amoled screen.

    Sorry so random, typing this out on my phone.. I don’t have the patience for editing or clean thought process.. :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think you prove my point that most reps don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Thanks for the info though.

  • jimsu

    @taylor you are correct, but I thought i’d throw it out there. He originally reported a 728mhz proc before recanting to 528. I’m holding my breath for the x10 and hoping like heck the early videos are exactly that, early un still developing.

  • Sandypants

    I’m bummed the Behold is not panning out. It certainly would be better than my G1, but that means I’m stuck with a half ass phone for 2 years. What is a good android phone from T mobile to hold out for?

  • android guru

    @ Tayolor… yeah for the record I have yet found a brand rep from Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, that ever knows any detailed information. It blows me away they can even have the job they do. Not to mention the lack of enthusiasm that is shown. In talking to our Samsung rep the other day, all he could tell (or rather show me) is the PDF that you posted. He do however give some insightful info. Stating that they pitched the phone to Verizon and they rejected it. (Maybe those Droid specs wernt’ so bad. Maybe Moto is turning themselves around. Maybe not, they did produce the Cliq.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Can you imagine HP or Dell trying to sell you a computer and hide the CPU, RAM, and HDD info?

      • android guru

        Yeah seriously! It’s absolute insanity. It makes just as much as having a car show and keeping all the hoods and doors closed!!

  • Usman

    @Taylor I agree with you wholeheartedly. Woopdeedoo… Come on T-mobile! I’ve been off contract since January and am waiting, ready to pounce on a 2nd gen Android phone!

    The Droid is starting to look very enticing, especially considering I have $100 gift card to Best Buy…

  • David

    It really seems that T-Mo is doing their best to offload their Android customers onto other carriers. They already lost me…I got my Droid on Wednesday! : )

  • Tam

    If T-mobile had released the Galaxy earlier in the year I would still be with them and not caring that the Droid is a better device, but they decided to go with this and price it at 229. I went with the Droid and Verizon cause I have a family plan with my wife now and can get a discount from my work, so the price isn’t that bad for a better network and their customer service is on par with Tmo’s.

  • VanVlack

    I like the hardware and design but the skin on android is not needed. I would get this if it had an untouched rom on it. The whole interface seems inconsistent and unfinished. Why would you make your Smartphone software look like one of your dumb phones. The skin is just like the crap ware that you get on a new computer.

  • webby

    My experience after 1 year with T-Mobile was that the company has stellar customer service, I had no problem at all with voice coverage, but 3G coverage was thin, even in the cities where they have 3G.

    So I said thanks for the memories, busted my T-Mobile contract, and goodbye, and sprung for the droid on a better 3G network. And BTW, I ran speed tests from the same spot in my house with the same application, and the droid on VZ 3G runs a full 50% faster than my G1 did on T-Mo 3G. Don’t know if that is due to difference in the two 3G networks, or because of the faster droid processor — I suspect a mix of both. But in any event, it’s impressive! I loved my G1, but the droid on VZ 3G is light years advanced.

  • BW

    I considered waiting for the Behold II, and, unfortunately, am glad I didn’t. I really like Tmo for the customer service, but this is getting ridiculous seeing last gen internals on refreshed faces. I think the term is “putting makeup on a pig” or something. I’m enjoying my Droid, and wishing/hoping Tmo gets their act together. Project Black was a let down, 3G speeds and coverage were a let down, and now the hardware releases are a let down. C’mon Tmo!

  • Merago

    I had initially been waiting on the specs and reviews on this phone as I’d earmarked it as a possible replacement phone for my wife.
    Colour me thoroughly uninspired. That’s another one off the list of possibles.

  • anakin78z

    I don’t understand how Tmobile can keep getting these meh phones and charge just as much as sprint and verizon do for their phones :( :( :(. If you’re going to stick to old tech, at least give us the Hero. Please?

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  • MarsTodd

    In this case the RAM is more important than the CPU. No matter what the CPU if there is not enough memory to hold apps etc. you’re in trouble and glitching.
    The AMOLED screen is revolutionary however. Look up OLED. It also uses much less power so the battery can be much smaller!!! wow Samsung.

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