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Samsung Moment $79.99 at Amazon

We just caught wind of a nice deal and thought we’d share. The Samsung Moment is available on for $79.99. The price is only valid on a new two-year agreement, but for a limited time Amazon is waiving the activation fee (saving you another $36).

$79.99 Samsung Moment (Sprint) from

For more Moment goodness, check out our hands-on video from CTIA below or see our Moment review roundup.

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  • MattH

    I knew I should have waited! I have had mine for a week now and I was surprised at how much I like it. My wife wanted a slider, so we each got one. My only real complaints are the battery life and the lack of accessories/screen protectors. Having 1.6 or 2.0 on it would have been nice, but it gets the job done.

    • David

      If you’ve only had it for a week, you can return it and take advantage of the better price. Even better, I’d bet that if you tell whomever you bought it from why you’re returning it, they’ll probably just match the lower price.

  • A man

    This is probably one of the best Android phones out for the price at the moment. I’d still pick the Hero/Eris over it, but only because of personal preference. This one definitely puts Sammy’s other Android phone to shame, though.

  • Serg

    One day I walked in the Sprint store and straight up asked the manager which is better, hero or pre … his answer was “hero” without hesitation. this phone looks like a pretty good one but hero is just killing it with their UI.

  • Jacket

    You guys forget to mention that the phone won’t ship for 5-7 weeks. There’s no guarantee it even will arrive by Christmas :(

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Didn’t see that earlier today. Guess it must have sold out. At least you can still get it from Best Buy for $99.

  • Phil

    Hey I got the moment for $49.99 from the wirefly friends and family site with a contract extention. It’s only $29.99 with a new contract. Here’s the link