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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 headed to T-Mobile and AT&T?

It looks like the prayers of T-Mobile fanboys might have been answered. Sony Ericsson officially unveiled the Xperia X10 on their website and check out which 3G bands it supports.

Is the Big Magenta (Tmo) keeping a secret from us?

Is the Big Magenta (Tmo) keeping a secret from us?

Yup, this phone supports WCDMA/UMTS 1700/2100. For the non tech geeks, that means T-Mobile 3G. It also does UMTS 850/1900 which is AT&T 3G.

Some might be worried because the first Xperia X1 also featured T-Mobile 3G bands, but it was never actually released by the carrier. Don’t fret, because one of our ninjas told us that Sony Ericsson is planning a big event soon in New York. Why would Sony Ericsson make an appearance in the United States to tout their new Android phone, unless they already have a carrier deal(s) worked out. This is more than a coincidence.

This phone packs some serious power including:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon QSD8250 platform
  • 4 inch capacitive display 480 x 854 pixels WVGA
  • 8.1 megapixel camera with LED flash – up to 16x digital zoom
  • Up to 1 GB ROM (need to confirm this) / No word on RAM
  • Ships with 8 GB micro SD (could vary by carrier)
  • 1,500 mAh battery
  • GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • 3.5 mm audio jack

The Xperia X10 will also feature some interesting software features like:

  • Sony Ericsson Timescape – Manages all your communications with one person in one place. Browse through your conversations the bright way to check out your Facebook, Twitter, photos, emails, and text all in one go.
  • Sony Ericsson Mediascape – Is the smart way to get all your photos, music, and video you want from your favorite friends and artists. It accesses content from everywhere (your phone, YouTube, PlayNow) and presents everything for you.

According to the press documents, the Xperia X10 will be available in select markets starting Q1 2010. Unfortunately the device was built for Android 1.6, but maybe Sony Ericsson can figure out Android 2.0 before the launch date.

For some hands on reports and videos, see the posts from Engadget and Slashgear.

I just found one more video of the game Speed Forge 3D running on the Xperia X10. If you have tried this game on a G1, you can see how much faster it starts up.

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  • robert b


    • pee tee

      They should have included if the phone was HD-ready or not anyway, its first time to see Sony-ericcson all “balls-deep” on a new smartphone in particular an android phone. We agree, that Xperia has a bitter history on older models. Hopefully, this X10 release will turned out to be a happy-ending.

      detailed preview + official vid from Head of Xperia X10:

      Kudus, to the “classy” promotional vid

  • Michael

    I’m willing to bet that it will be sold off contract through Sony and it’s retail partners. It will probably be a bit expensive for carriers to pick up, especially without exclusivity.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      To soon to tell. T-Mobile just launched another brand new (non-Android) Sony Ericsson phone last week.

      Either way, the customers who really want this phone will be able to use it on T-Mobile’s 3G network.

      • Michael

        Yeah, which is excellent news! I was just saying that I doubt a carrier will pick up an expensive handset.

  • Amu

    Too bad the X10 isn’t running Android 2.0,
    not Google Experience (no free turn-by-turn nav in the US if it gets here), and SE had a bad habit of not releasing firmware updates frequently rather rarely. I also doubt that SE will get a carrier to sell it here in the US subsidized. Maybe it will be picked up by Best Buy like it did with the SE X1 and sell it unlocked ($600 ).

  • http://none jake

    i want this. but no android 2.0 = no go for me. Although that custom android UI they built on 1.6 is pretty gorgeous. and snapdragonnnnn. i don’t know what i want :( droid or this or what. theres too many great android phones coming out why cant i just have them all? :((

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Hopefully we can get the option to pick up one of these babies. The Android 1.6/2.0 issue isn’t an issue for me, i want the phone’s power, not it’s software.

  • chuksy

    how i wish it had Fm radio…it would have been complete for me.But all the same its impressive

  • Tomas Herman

    is it just me or is that virtual keyboard just damn fugly, compared to for example htc keyboard or even regular one?

  • Androman

    It shows that game starts in about 3 secnds… On my HTC Hero it takes about 13 seconds for the same game …

    Way to go Sony Ericsson!

  • Dan

    Does anyone know if Sony cripples their phones music players with DRM (from the company who brought us the first rootkit DRM)?

  • JAG

    see that you have some problem with your brain function … let me point out some of things you said:

    well this i understand but non of Andoird v1.6 handsets have multitouch =_=” still not we don’t know if it can be upgraded to v2.0 or not..

    will either you are stupid or acting like one
    non of handset in the world have more then 16m color =__=”

    when did HD video recording become a stander ???

    either you are blind to read or you can’t read
    it written in specification that there is front camera =__=

    well it’s not a camera phone same like HTC-iPHONE-all samsung Android handsets non of them have lens cover =__=

    ohh please saying that seems like most of high end phone are metal build =__= ..see how Omnia HD,N97,N86 even iPhone is PLASTIC!!!

    - NO OLED
    well OLED its only a plus if a phone have it but most of OLED screen are in samsung phone and ONLY 2 handsets in Nokia thats all the rest HTC,iPhone,LG even Motorola last Android phone are using TFT so stop complain about it

    • SJ

      Hi JAG,

      Where is the front facing camera? the little thing next to LED is the proximity sensor. There is no front facing camera that I have found in my X10. I am really annoyed by it as it does say in the specs that it has a front facing camera!

  • Derek

    This is a nice looking phone with a great CPU. Also, Sony’s website says phone memory 1GB, expandable with up to 16GB or 32GB microSD cards.

    At least this phone has more than the puny 512MB ROM that every other Android phone in existence has, thats a big step in the right direction.

  • Morten

    Sheesh, people like that terrible UI?
    Stock Android for me please.

  • Tim

    Here’s something odd. I loaded up the Sony Ericsson page before checking here and after selecting “US” for my region it directed me to “”, which is the x10a instead of the x10 page linked by this article. The x10a specifications show that it does NOT support the T-mobile 3G band (UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100). I’m still hoping that T-mobile gets this phone, maybe the web site is just confused… :)

    • http://Website RICH BOI

      Tim look up the X10 on it was released by the FCC to Tmobile USA first then AT&T. Hopefully it will come out mid Feb.

  • Nedjo

    What a disappointment! :(

    when I’ve heard it’ll have Snapdragon I was afraid this might happen!

    People in mobile phones community are so n00bish! They really don’t know that frequency isn’t only thing important when it comes to phone processors (or any type of processors for that matter!)

    You see people Snapdragon is powerful but:
    a) it such out battery like… err… dragon – and we’ve knew that from Toshiba TG1, and now same story again:

    b) Android isn’t optimized for Snapdragon! Under the hood Donut uses Qualcomm developed libraries that make 1.6 runs on the Snapdragon that is based not on ARM 11 architecture, but on Qualcomm’s own “Scorpion”

    You all have read news that Acer’s A1 uses Snapdragon @ 768 MHz! Well that was only way to make it as much as possible battery friendly!

    The really sad part is that Sony Ericsson had complete hardware platform for Andorid 2.0 phone! Yeah I’m talking about Satio that runs on the very same processor that ticks inside Moto Droid!

    And what we know for a fact is that Texas Instruments OMAP series 3000 has no problem running Android 2.0, and according to engadget Moto Droid is the best Android phone when it comes to battery life!

    at the end just ask yourself why hasn’t htc launched their Snapdragon powered device yet? the answer is simple – Snapdragon isn’t ready for Android – yet!

    And once again sad reminder that SE has inside Satio platform that runs Android 2.0 perfectly on Motorola’s pride and joy!

    • JAG

      I agree with u.

      One thing else this phone has an snapdragon processor and is too slow, SE just wanted to make us dream, but when i saw the reviews i was totally dissapointed.

      worst is android 1.6 and this is not still on sale, maybe in 5 months, 2.0 is alredy on the market :S

    • jowens

      Seems pretty rash to call a whole demographic noobish when your own comment is rather hard to read Nedjo. Understandably english might not be your first language but insults with no merit are easy to hand out, right?

      Your first point about battery life certainly holds merit based on early models seen but these can easily be underclocked before release if Sony can’t figure out a way to clean up their power usage.

      The second point you try to make about optimizations for android seem confused and contradicted by your own comparison to the droid later on. Both the ARM Cortex A8 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon are dual-issue superscalar chips based the ARMv7 instruction set with NEON extensions. One of the main design goals qualcomm set out with for scorpion was power efficiency. An underclock down to near where Acer has put their chip and code improvements in their motoblur-style frontend may very likely show marked improvements on battery life while still being the most powerful phone on the market.

      Anyways, this is just my take and equally invalid as yours in the long-run for anyone who reads through these comments.

      For some reading to anyone bored enough to get this far in these two comments here is an insidedsp article that covers some of the exciting choices made in the design of snapdragon like the longer pipeline and the 128-bit data path for SIMD instructions. The focus.ti link heads over to the TI page where they outline the implementation for their cortex SoC.

  • Daniel

    I wonder what are its dimensions… it looks pretty big to me. Almost certainly way too big for my tastes. My personal maximum for now is Droid/iPhone’s size.

    • Jabbafat23

      Same size as an iPhone

  • William Furr

    Looks like a sweet phone.

  • Reyland

    I think that phone looks awesome,fast and beautifull!Thats a high standard phone!

  • joe

    hey this is cool

  • Joseph B.

    Well I can’t wait to get one of these myself, personally.

  • GW

    @Jag – wow, guy, you are really rude. You can disagree without insulting the authors.

    I like the features on this phone a lot. Taylor, is this the one you said you couldn’t talk about when I said I wanted one with a 3.5mm headphone jack and a flash camera?

    I use my G1 mainly for browsing, taking photos and social networking, so the big screen would be nice for that. However, that phone would be huge to carry in a pocket. Still, looks sweet.

  • dsi r4

    I am waiting for Sony xperia-x10 mobile I am very fond of new phones I loved to use this multimedia and high definition phone these are the My favorite gadgets.They give you very nice performance with sound as well as picture quality and other multimedia function.Sony is my all time favorite brand

  • biork

    Ouaaa !!

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  • http://Website Dinb

    THere is no front facing camera… there is a user manual online and it shows all the phone features such as proximity sensor and light sensor but there no front facing camera for video calling.

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  • http://Website Maddy

    one other update
    reread the reviews for the site
    the new “Xperia 10″ will be on a completely restricted list
    as in ONLY FOR THE AT&T unless you buy the world wide Edition
    the second issue is (and this is NOT flame bait) Ericsson has always built some of the best phones on the market and ahead of the game for the most part …
    but I do software development … and the mobile industry is now making software development a prime target (“the iphone has 128 gazillion billion applications while android has 6″) and what has made and put Ericsson on the map is that they dont use (for the most part) other peoples stuff …
    so they are pushing to use an O/S (which they have never done) on a phone that was designed to run the own linux/symbian based o/s to compete… further what about the app market??? if its running 1.6 (WTF thats like buying a brand new Alien Ware with a 4core 3 GhZ proc running windows 98???) why release it … the specs are CrAzY unreal a true carl Zeiss ground lense on a cell phone camera?? WITH a CMOS sensor?? @ 8MB?? the price alone is a camera… and then add in the extras… it would be way worth it … regardless of the proc… (and unfortunately fanboy above is right . about the snapdragon anyway) if the OS isnt compat with the processor then regardless of how fast it is … well it isnt going to RUN fast. And not to use the old cliche but “size isnt everything” run a truly moded kernel in a well built and sleek os, on a perfectly tuned PC … you could be running a 900MhZ proc itll go faster than the quad core 3.6 GhZ ultra cool intel proc running in fanboys windows PC…. its a race … and a bad choice … I (oh so truly) wish it wasnt … but it is … so you have one of the best built phones in years running on the worst network, with a bad choice of O/S … its sad really … its like a 40 year old dating a 15 year old … funny, cool for the 40 year old … but sad to those watching … Hopefully android (a highly modified Java based OS) will google “how to fix your os” and make it better for all the procs … even that old dragonballz proz that Fanboy is running ;0)

    thanks again … hope the update helps …. also for those of you on AT&T … its kinda like an addiction, you can quit…. really … despite the hype … I am 2 years and 6 months clean … so it can be done … try it … almost ANYTHING else is better … and that again is like an aging prom queen … all the lines … all the power… and sold it to everyone else and didnt give ANY to their customers … multi tasking my backside… the only thing AT&T is good at multitasking is billing….. their friggin great at that … just wish they had the customer service to make up for it … at least verizon says Hi and is nice while they are trying to techstortion you…..

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  • Sony x10

    Android 1.6 isn’t so bad on the Sony Ericsson X10, but with Android 2.1 and Multtouch the phone would be a lot better. So I am really looking forward to the update.

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  • http://Website lucian

    so, does x10 have the secondary videocall camera or not?

  • http://Website megh

    what abaut games apps

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  • http://Website ewan

    tell me more about xperia x10

  • http://Website danny

    can any body help me with my x10 it lock me out its ask me to sign with google it wont let me sign in

  • rahul2

    i have receive an xperia x10i as a gift from my girlfriend in uk. the first query i have with it is that i can’t use the phone with my local network in mauritius(it does not display sim network lock but i can see the menu and can’t get access to it).
    but now the phone is not switching on and it has a red light flash in right hand side when i press start button. i don’t know what to do now? i have try to switch it on without my memory card even though the phone is not starting. can anyone help me please

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