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T-Mobile Behold II will ship with Android 1.5 but eventually support 2.0

We are sort of disappointed to hear the new T-Mobile Samsung Behold II will launch with the outdated Android 1.5, but I guess that is the norm now with other phones (Sprint Hero, Sprint Moment, T-Mobile Cliq, etc.). However, a new video from Samsung Mobile confirms that the Behold II will in fact support Android 2.0 “when it arrives”. Customers might have to wait till 2010 to receive Android 2.0, but at least they can be assured their new phone will get updated. We have yet to receive any official confirmation from T-Mobile that their G1 or myTouch 3G phones will be receiving the update.

[via T-Mobile Phones Blog]

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  • Percival

    What a douche. That guy needs to at least know the difference between a widget and an application.

    • Daniel

      Wow, that was pretty bad indeed. Which is sad, apart from that (and mentioning Google Docs) it was a nice presentation.

  • dig dug

    Here we go with the so called promises and proposals on video. Just like the so called flash 10 on the G1 everyone saw on youtube that after several years still didn’t happen nor did the 2.0 updates etc..its all a gimic they use to real in the brainless..if its on video then it should be on the phone no questions asked

  • D.J.

    As long as the Moment gets it I will be happy. I am seriously considering switching to Verizon for the Droid (still have like three weeks before I’m locked in), and if I can’t get a definate answer by then I am switching just for the security of knowing the Droid will be getting regular updates (it is Verizon, Motorola, and Google’s flagship device, it won’t just fade away like other phones might)

  • Jdroid

    T-mobile needs to get the 2.0 update or they will lose me!

  • Atlanta

    [but at least they can be assured their new phone will get updated]
    NO we can not be assured! We that have the “Behold” have been waiting for an update (that we were promised) for 1 year. But instead of an update they come out with the “behold II” so that we have to buy a new phone. So, I do not trust Samsung to update Android.

  • anakin78z

    @Atlanta lol, well, I guess they are coming out with an update in the form of a new phone you have to buy :). My wife has the Behold, and I’m also disappointed :(.

    @D.J. Yes, you should get the Droid. No question about it.

    I’m very disappointed with Samsung. I really feel no passion from them whatsoever. Before the Galaxy launched, there was real buzz and excitement, but as soon as it did, nothing. The Moment released with hardly any buzz or interest. And now they’re launching the Behold with 1.5?
    I think Samsung is just making more phones. They don’t really care about Android. They’re just making more phones.

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  • http://Website jonathan

    I tried to like the Behold II after using it for a week, but it just had some annoying issues and not to mention Android 1.5–I didn’t realize there was a difference; I’d assumed any device that was only 2 months old would have the latest version of the o/s. So I’m returning it within the 14 days for a Nexus One instead.

  • http://Website irogers

    when the hell am i gonna get 2.0 on my behold 2

  • http://Website phonasaurus

    Recently picked up a behold II prior to reading these reviews of course. My phone knowledge must be from the Stone Age as i cannot send files via Bluetooth, use the phone as a modem, or tether via Bluetooth. I’ve read there is an app for that plus w8ing until A2.0 or 2.1 is released. I’m greatful i can still at least dial the old fashion way. I guess if you’re someone who likes to spend all your money in an app store this is the device for you…

    What is it with these devices; I can remember all the browser makers crying because their browser was not loaded on Windows from the factory and all the lawsuits that came from that. I do not see Internet explorer on this device? Between Adroid and Iturd this is starting to look like the proprietary wars all over again. Who loses the consumer of course.

    So why can’t my phone be updated to 2.0 or 2.1 so i can have the functions that have existed for years. Oh yeal, that’s right force me to buy another phone with a later OS.

    What a joke…

  • http://Website hello

    Phoneasaurus what are you blabbering about? Over half the apps in the market are free, not to mention if you took the time to look or search through the market you would have found the app that let’s you transfer via bluetooth, as wells as tether. The internet ewxplorer as you call it is labeled browser! Your phone will have the android ujpdate when samsung is able to ger it to run on the device and remain stable. In the meantime if you are so inclined you could root your device and run whatever version you want!

    • http://Website matt

      This is for “HELLO”, I rooted my samsung behold 2, and can still not wireless tether for some reason. its says that the kernel isn’t right. Is there someway around this? Do I have to wait till 2.0 comes around? Please help if you can. thanks. (you seemed like a smart guy, so I’m asking you instead of posting it.)

  • http://Gmail John

    samsung behold 2 will difinitly get android firm ware update it just a mater of when and what now I did my research and discovered that we will most likey revive 1.6 this is not what the video made by samsung mobile u.s clearly stated samsung already has the android 2.1 you can check it out for yourself at youtube search galaxy $ it runs 2.1 on top of touch 3.0 this is and outrage they say when its availble it will update wireless when 2.0 2.0 was already was out before the phone came out They are most likly going to wait to after end of summer to give us 1.6 or 2.0 every one should contact samsung mobile us and complain we should nt have to wait for update if have the new android tech devolep on the a finished device this os and outrage is samsung in the,bussiness of lying to customer they promised
    2.0 when it comes out it been out

  • http://Website Drew

    I have had my Behold II for about 5 months now. I am in the process of trying to get my money back. It is the worst phone I have owned in the 15+ years of owning mobile phones. I am tired of losing my sdcard info whenever the phone decides it can’t read the card. So I must reformat the card and start from scratch. Just got done talking with Samsung tech support, no help there. I am interested in any information on if there is anyone out there planning on legal recourse or class action lawsuit’s. It seems like this may be the only way to get samsung to make the Behold II a quality product that it could and should be.

    • http://Website Matt

      The card formatting issue is not that big of a deal honestly. Just get a Class 4 or 6 card (sandisk is class 2) and it wont happen anymore. Their are bigger issues like the screen no longer able to lock after a phone call without a reboot and the biggest a lie stating we would get 2.0 in the video samsuck deleted to cover their a**es because they are lying devils that will lose a lot of business and if this economy does not turn around I hope they are the next to go chapter 11. Would serve them right.

  • http://Website Eric

    By the way, your video is dead. It was removed from Youtube, possibly because we were using it as proof that 2.0 was promised and not being received.

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  • exdot

    my phone failed to support whatsapp