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T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 on all 3G nodes by year’s end

We have been all over the T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 story, but been able to produce a list of markets where the service was expected to launch in 2009. The reason we were unable to get a list of cities is because T-Mobile expects to have HSPA 7.2 deployed to all their 3G nodes by the end of this year. That means if you currently get T-Mobile’s 3G service, then you will have HSPA 7.2 sometime in the next 50 days. T-Mobile’s 3G network currently covers over 170 million people and is expected to reach 200 million by year’s end.

The devices on T-Mobile’s network which support HSPA 7.2 include:

  • G1
  • MyTouch 3G
  • Cliq
  • Behold 2 (November 18, 2009)
  • Touch Pro 2 (Windows)
  • Dash 3G (Windows)

AT&T is also expected to upgrade their 3G network to HSPA 7.2, but it’s not scheduled to be completed till 2011 (at which point they will only have 90% HSPA 7.2 on their 3G network). Sprint is currently rolling out their 4G WiMax network (powered by Clear), which is only expected to cover 120 million people by the end of 2010. This means T-Mobile will have the largest hi-speed 3G network in 2009.

Sometime in the next few weeks, T-Mobile will flip the switch and light up all their 3G markets with lightning fast HSPA 7.2 speed. We have been on the lookout for reports of the new speeds, but it appears only select cities might be testing the service now. At least we have a reliable speed test tool for when T-Mobile confirms the official rollout has begun.

I’m really loving T-Mobile with their new Even More Plus plans and faster 3G service. It should be an interesting year for them in 2010 when they are scheduled to release several Android 2.0 devices and continue their 3G upgrade to HSPA+ (21 Mbps).

I will admit I had thoughts about leaving T-Mobile over the last six months, but I never want to sign a contract again. Their new Even More Plus plans allow me to get the lowest monthly prices and be free of a contract at the same time. T-Mobile has proven their strong commitment to the Android platform and support for the development community. I don’t see any way I would ever jump to one of the big three carriers at this point. A high speed network will be crucial for Android 2.0 phones and I’m glad I stuck with T-Mobile.

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  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I have a cell tower righht across the street from my house and I don’t even have 3G. Granted I live in a town with only 8k people and I’m sure 3G here isn’t high on their to-do list. Nice to know my hardware supports the high speed though.

  • Mark

    We finally got 3G in the Hartford, Connecticut area a couple of months ago. I can’t wait for 7.2 to come – and for T-Mo to sue AT&T for claiming they have the fastest 3G network…

  • MP

    “I will admit I had thoughts about leaving T-Mobile over the last six months, but I never want to sign a contract again. Their new Even More Plus plans allow me to get the lowest monthly prices and be free of a contract at the same time.” <- this FTW

    This was a deal breaker when I got my MT3G a little while ago. I was able to get this before they officially rolled it out. T-mobile has been great for me, and I'm happy a carrier has been able to revamp their marketing to suit the changes in the mobile environment.


  • OolonColuphid

    At that point, my phone will have a faster connection than my laptop!

  • robert

    This is great and all, but i dont think t mobile will have the largest 3g network. have you seen the coverage map. id rather them cover more area then upgrade the speed.

  • Taha

    I would like T-Mo more if they had actually kept up being up to date with its Android phones. Can’t believe they were the first to support Android and now there is no news yet of when they will even get a Android 2.0 phone….. and to add insult to injury they have the balls to charge the same price for the weak CLIQ as Verizon is for the Droid? WTF?

    • Mr. Fry

      But see the difference in price between the Cliq and the Droid is misleading. You will pay out the nose over the course of a contract with Verizon, whereas the equivalent service on T-mobile will be much less. I’m not going to pull the exact numbers, but I know this is true as I was just shopping for a new smart phone plan.

      The Cliq may cost the same as the Droid initially, but being on contract with T-Mobile will make it much cheaper in the end. Carriers make their money on the plans, not on the phones.

  • cougar694u

    I can’t wait for this. I’ve had T-Mobile since the voicestream days, but through work was offered a 3g iPhone and admit their 3g speeds are faster than my MyTouch 3g speeds.

    With the iPhone 3g, I regularly got over 1mbps, but on my MyTouch, I get around 400-600 kbps. I just tested it right now and it was 470/424. I’m in San Antonio and hope they upgrade here quickly, we’re a large market.

    • rushdamian

      cougar, I live in New Braunfels but visit San Antonio very often. I own a MT3G and can personally tell you data speeds are very dependent on location. Here in NB I have EDGE and can get anything from 44-180 kbps. (C’mon, T-Mo, we need some 3G love in NB!!!) In San Antonio I get anything from 500-1200 kbps. Try the corner of Bandera road and Loop 410. For me that area on average nets me 980-1040 kbps! When HSPA 7.2 rolls out that 400 kbps you get will almost be about 1500 kbps for sure. HSPA 7.2 FTW!!!

  • mrjack92

    We don’t even have 3g out in the suburbs of St Louis. Why is it being upgraded? I don’t even have the normal speed yet.

  • Daniel

    Hi mrjack92.

    Don´t get too impressed with TMO 3G,I live in Florissant N.County and their 3G network isn´t so fast,it does work great when it comes to radio stations but browsing is a little slow and just a touch faster the EDGE.
    What bothers me is all this 7.2 upgrade when not even a half of the US can enjoy the TMO 3g network.

  • branon

    I am not impressed with Tmobile’s 3G speed so far. It is showing only 500-600Kbps in my area. Thats not what I was hoping and a joke compared to AT&T in this area.

  • Mark

    I live in a 3G area (Minneapolis) and am looking forward to the faster speeds.

  • mapin

    I get between 600-1000 kbps down and 200-400 kbps up in the Philly to Princeton areas. I think it’s great. I’m amused by people complaining about their 3G speeds when just 10 yrs ago nobody had 3G. It reminds me of this funny clip:

    • Jeremiah Hoyet

      Best clip EVER.

    • mrjack92

      I agree..

    • Rox1SMF

      I laughed so hard I cried… thanks!

  • Wade

    I would rather they build out the current 3G coverage than speed up the NON-EXISTENT 3G coverage in my area. This network is pitiful…

    • Mr. Fry

      Just because it isn’t offered where YOU live doesn’t make the carrier pitiful. There are those nearly 200 million other people covered by their 3G you know.

      • Wade

        When I’m sitting in a room with iPhones getting 3G on AT&T and Droids getting 3G on Verizon, and my G1 is getting 1G on T-Mobile, it’s pitiful.

        • Kevin

          Peole are FLYING… IN THE AIR… Magically! You’re pitiful

  • Skeet

    All T-Mo has is 2G here in Louisville, ky. :(

  • David

    I’ve been a T-Mo customer for about five years, and I’ve had my G1 for a year now. I’m making the jump, though, for one simple reason – I don’t have reliable reception at home. I’m right on the border line of the 3G signal…service pops in and out constantly.

    Is there any word on whether this upgrade to the 3G system will improve range at all? If so, I may return that Droid that should be sitting on my doorstep when I get home tonight.

  • Oscar

    I’ve only ever been with t-mo and I’m glad I stuck with them. Can’t wait for the 3G update!

  • Eric

    Im with David, im so close to making the jump to Verizon. Tmo needs to get better android phones. we plain out have no bragging rights at all. Verizon has Droid and better 3G coverage. AT & T has Iphone, Sprint has 4G and Hero, what do we have at Tmo…new of future plans and no good android phones. right now I went back to using my MDA because im so frustrated. Sorry guys I may make the jump to Droid very soon.

  • Titty!

    @Eric I just love how you brag about t-mobile needing a better Android, when one we have the most Android phones than any carrier, we were the first:)
    & please for God sake, do not compare Droid to be a god phone lol, because it isn’t(:

    Also, am I the only one that believes this Motorola looks like the typical LG phones Verizon carries (x pitiful .

    • Ryan

      You’re not alone. Lets not forget that T-Mobile had first dibbs on the Droid but turned it down. I think they have better things in mind for future android phones. I’ve been with both Sprint and Verizon and no thanks. I’m a T-Mobile customer for ever, no BS from them.

    • http://Website Karl

      Quanity over quality? Are you serious? My G1 is crap after only a year because its outdated already and why in god’s name would I buy a Cliq or myTouch when its nearly the same in specs? Horrible. I’m so sick of this phone hanging on every little thing… and my G1 is ROOTED and OVERCLOCKED. I like Android, but I hate these handsets. There has never ever been a moment in time when I didn’t try to look up some info w/ my G1 and it took so damn long that the moment passed and no one cared.

  • andy

    i hope the cliq gets rooted by the time the roll this speeds out. otherwise im buying a g1 again. tethering anyone?

  • bob

    data on Verizon and T-mobile is the same price, voice is not. Verizon also offer month to month, 1 year and two contract. T-mobile phone line up is sad at best. 7.2 upgrade on a limited coverage means little on current line on phones. Carriers make their money on the plans, not on the phones, then they need to low the over price phone so we can use their service. promise of a better tomorrow does not cut it if today total SUCKS!

  • branon

    Can anyone actually back up this news? I still dont see anything on the t-mobile corporate press release site.

  • frank

    This may answer a few of the question that I seen on this site.
    HSPA 7.2 is just a software upgrade, so this is the reason they are upgrading their 3g network before it is everywhere. There is no new equipment needed.

  • michael magliotti

    If it is a software upgrade coming from Tmobile, does this affect people using roms such as cyanogen?

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