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T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 still on track for 2009

Are you ready for blazing fast 3G on your Android phone? T-Mobile might not have the largest 3G network, but come later this year they will have the fastest. CTO Cole Brodman first revealed in September that T-Mobile would upgrade their 3G network to HSPA 7.2 in 2009 and HSPA+ (21 Mbps) in 2010.

I was starting to get worried because there had been no news on HSPA 7.2 since September. That was until today when Cole Brodman was speaking at the Open Mobile Summit. SFGate was at the event and posted the following blurb:

The company is also trying to stay ahead of the data curve by upgrading its still unfinished 3G network to HSPA 7.2 by the end of the year. By next year, T-Mobile will be upgrading again to HSPA+ which will give users speeds of 21 megabits per second.

This backs up what we were told by T-Mobile last time we asked. We have yet to see a list of cities or time schedule, but keep your eyes open since there less than 60 days before the end of the year.

If you are wondering which phones might be able to take advantage of the new speed boost, we have that answer. All Android phones for T-Mobile support HSPA 7.2. Here is the official response from T-Mobile:

In response to your questions about T-Mobile’s recently launched  HSPA 7.2 network, please note that the HSPA family of technology is backward compatible, so, the recently announced network paths of HSPA 7.2 and HSPA+ will support the 3G devices in the hands of our customers today. Customers using 3G phones, including the myTouch 3G, will benefit from faster data speeds on T-Mobile’s enhanced 3G networks.

Outside of Philadelphia, we have yet to hear any reports of HSPA 7.2 being active. We asked our readers to benchmark their 3G speeds in September and most topped off around 1 Mbps.

The current T-Mobile 3G network is capped at 1.8 Mbps, so the jump to 7.2 Mbps is a 400% increase. With such a jump in speed, I also asked if there would be any additional data plans required.

Regarding your question about a new data plan requirement, please note that as a standard business practice T-Mobile does not comment on future business strategies.

One of our recent polls showed that a whopping 85% were unwilling to pay an increase for faster data so we are hoping T-Mobile offers this upgrade for free.

If anyone notices a speed bump in the coming weeks, please hit us up.

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  • mvv_hyd

    Relieving to know that my G1 is able to take advantage of this speed bump.

    Regarding the price increase, am pretty sure, the existing customers will be grandfathered even if there is price increase. That’s been their business practice all along

  • Fugee

    I have a feeling yesterday’s network outage is somehow related to this…

  • rizoh66

    I have to agree with fugee on this.

  • reefer

    It only says the HSPA 7.2 is backwards compatible. It doesn’t say whether the current Android devices can take advantage of the new speed. There’s a difference between backwards compatibility using older speeds on the HSPA 7.2 network vs. the full HSPA 7.2 capable devices.

  • Ted

    HSPA has been lit up in Chicago! I just tested it and got 6.8 Mbps!!!

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  • Orlando

    I’m in dallas and I still have 1500kbs so no 7.2 yet,but I talked to tmobile a couple of days ago when I updated my plan to em and they said that the new data speeds will be included in the plan. No extra charges for 7.2. Thanks tmo!

  • kris

    832.7 dl
    142.6 ul

  • L J Procopio

    There are at least 2 more phones that are able to take advantage of the new HSPA speeds, they are the Dash 3g and the HTC Touch Pro 2, both are rated 7.2.

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  • http://Website zooch

    is the nokia n900 able to take advantage of the hspa 7.2 speed

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