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T-Mobile Motorola Cliq available on Amazon

Ever since I became a member of Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping, $3.99 1-day shipping), I have pretty much stopped buying electronics in retails stores. I can get all the latest gadgets without leaving home, available at the lowest price, and never pay tax or shipping. Clark purchased his T-Mobile G1(now $49.99) from Amazon and I just picked up my Acer Android netbook.

Starting today, Amazon is offering the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ for $199 with 2yr contract (also available in Winter White). If you are new to T-Mobile, be sure to visit their discover center to check out the new rate plans.

Clark and I both just got our Cliq phones we won at the Motodev Summit and we will be posting a joint review sometime soon. If you have any specific questions about the device, feel free to leave a comment and we will try our best to find an answer.

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  • Shane Eyanson

    Have you heard anything about if the cliq will get the android 2.0 update or not? I have not had any anwser from t-mobile or motorola
    as to if or when..What is the big secret on this just give us a anwser thats all I ask!!

  • http://Website Renea

    Nobody is keeping anything from you. #1. Google makes the update NOT T-Mobile so they wouldnt be able to answer the question until about a week or two before it starts getting sent out. #2. There’s no secret. They give the information out as it comes in. Deal with it. Its the phone you chose.