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T-Mobile Samsung Behold II review roundup

One of these days a carrier will actually send us a review unit. Until then, we will continue to post our review roundups to see what other sites are saying.

The Samsung Behold II is Samsung’s second Android phone released in the United States (first was Sprint Moment). The phone is now available on T-Mobile for $229.99 with a 2yr contract or $449 with no contract.

There was initially a lot of confusion over the official hardware specs, but we were able to clear that up. The Behold II is essentially a first generation Android phone because it features the same 528 MHz ARM11 processor which was included in the G1. Samsung also decided to ship the phone with the outdated Android 1.5, but they claim it will eventually support Android 2.0.

I have seen little promotion for this phone and I think I understand why. While many reviewers praised the AMOLED display and camera, they did not have much else positive to say about the Behold II. Samsung created a custom version of Android, called TouchWiz, and it appears to be an epic fail.

Keep in mind most of these reviews come from hardcore geeks like me. Some of them are pretty rough on the phone, but that is because they are comparing it to previous Android phones. It is entirely possible you might purchase this phone and love it.

I’m eagerly waiting for T-Mobile to release a second generation phone, but I’m quite happy with my Cyanogen-powered HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) till then.

Reviews are up at:

  • Gizmodo: “Samsung’s Behold II is the most impressively ugly Android phone in existence. The custom interface is so bad, so gaudy and so confusing it turned my brains into ooze.”
  • Unwired View: “It’s natural for Samsung to have vested interest in using TouchWiz to see how it works out. Sadly, that was probably not a good choice, considering it was more sluggish and a processor-hog.”
  • PC World: “Though the Behold II has a gorgeous AMOLED display and a superior camera, customers might be turned off by the high price (it is more expensive than the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola Droid) as well as the somewhat cluttered TouchWiz interface.”
  • Mobile Burn: “The Samsung Behold II had the makings of a great Android smartphone, but turned out to be the merely decent one instead. Samsung’s bull-headed support for its awkward and counter-intuitive TouchWiz homescreen system spoils the fun.”
  • InfoSync: “Samsung’s TouchWIZ interface hurts Android experience”
  • CNET: “Of all the Android devices, the Samsung Behold II offers some of the most powerful multimedia features, but its high price tag is a major turn off.”
  • Brighthand: “If you are looking at an Android device on T-Mobile and aren’t as into the myTouch 3G, or the clunkiness of the G1, the Behold II is a nice option.”
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  • Maciek

    I completely agree with the above reviewer’s comments. I went to T-Mob’s store today to play around with Behold II. All I can say is FAIL squared…You barely can tell it’s Android except for the icons in the drawer that slides out from the side. I think the phone is in a DIRE need of Cyanogen port. Generic Android is pretty nice on its own so why did Samsung decide to slap their own crappy icons on top of a decent looking OS is beyond me. The screen is more cluttered than any stock android full of widgets. On Behold II the the “drawer” tab overlaps with Samsung’s screen shortcuts to dialer, phonebook etc. UGLY UGLY UGLY. Let someone port a generic Andy and this phone will be usable. Otherwise I’d go for MyTouch 3G which feels nicer in hand.

  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    I’m happy to see another Android-powered handset on the market, but I’m shocked that Samsung considers that UI to be complete and ready for the consumer market. I suppose if you’re used to Samsung phones it will perhaps make sense, but I just can’t see how this cluttered, confusing (and not to mention just plain ugly) UI will help the Android experience overall–especially for newcomers to the platform. Those low-end hardware specs sure aren’t going to help, either.

  • gift ideas

    Neat, another Android phone for T-mobile. Maybe the 4th one will put them on top. Hmmm, or maybe a manufacturer could just release a 1st one on any viable carrier. That’s a crazy idea.

    Samsung should stick to designing hardware ,software isn’t their area of expertise !

  • Maikol

    Has there been any confirmation on the amount of RAM available? I have read that there is supposedly 320MB of RAM which is a good amount. I’m sure if this phone is rooted and flashed with a Hero ROM it could run just as fast if not faster. Sucks that they went with TouchWIZ, but at least it’s decent hardware and has a 3.5mm jack.

  • Johnny

    I see the initial confusion regarding the cumbersome Samsung UI, but people c’mon… You all *should* know that you can replace the Samsung UI with any home screen replacement. I own this phone and haaate the Smasung UI like everyone else, so I slapped PandaHome on there and now everything is peachy! This thing FLYS compared to the G1 and the MyTouch, it honestly does. The added RAM makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Seriously, I recommend everyone to go into your local T-Mobile store to give this phone another shot… Put a different home screen app on there, and make sure you are always running Taskiller and you will have the Android experience you are looking for!

    My only complaint is the lack of 1.6… Time will tell on that one!

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  • http://facebook john mathis jr

    if you make a mistake or forget your password or user name, you can’t go back and reset it, why not

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