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T-Mobile USA experiencing nationwide outage (Fixed)

Update (1:30 AM EST): Here’s an update statement regarding T-Mobile’s service disruption.

“T-Mobile confirms it has fully restored voice and text/picture messaging services for customers affected by intermittent service disruptions on Tuesday.  About five percent of our customers across various geographies were affected for much of Tuesday evening, and by late Tuesday PST their service was restored.  Our sole focus has been restoring full services for all customers; we are now investigating the root cause of the incident.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.” — a T-Mobile spokesperson

Update (9:45 PM EST): Below is an update about T-Mobile service outage.

“We’re making good progress restoring voice and messaging service to affected customers. At this time, approximately 5 percent of T-Mobile customers are experiencing service disruptions. Issues began at approximately 5:30 p.m. Eastern time. Our rapid response team is working continuously to fully resolve this disruption. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.” — a T-Mobile spokesperson

Update (8:45 PM EST): My service has been restored (after about 4hrs down) and I just spoke with T-Mobile PR using my T-Mobile phone. They are sending over an official statement and I will post it shortly.

Update (7:45 PM EST): Service appears to be returning in some areas. Many users are still reporting problems however. I appear to have a data connection again. I am unable to make calls, but I was able to receive a call from my roommate who is on AT&T.

Update (7:20 PM EST): I’m waiting to get a response from T-Mobile PR. The @TMobile_USA Twitter account just posted that they are aware of the issue.

#tmobile #fail #outage

#tmobile #fail #outage

Update (7:00 PM EST): David from is also reporting this issue. We are working to get more details.

My T-Mobile phone stopped working several hours ago and I thought my old SIM card had finally crapped out. I walked into the T-Mobile store where they promptly replaced it. This did not fix my problem and an employee told me it could be several hours for the new SIM card to be activated.

I went home, hopped on Twitter, and found tons of other users were experiencing a similar network outage. The problem appears to be affecting users nationwide, but several people are reporting no problems at all.

I wanted to throw this post up so others were aware of the issue and could avoid a trip to their local T-Mobile store. We will be investigating the issue and report back when we have new details.

If you are experiencing troubles, leave a comment telling us your location.

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  • gilbertorbea

    DARNIT! That’s why my G1 has no coverage at all? … I hope this marks the beginning of the HSPA+ 7.2 Mbps 3G :O

    • Michel

      Mine has been down for ~45 mins now … Denver CO

    • tk

      2 HOURS…. 2 F’in HOURS!! and when I asked for a discount for a similar issue two months ago I got a two hour hold time with nothing in the end.

  • s15274n

    Odd, fine hear in Raleigh, NC.

    • AdamQ

      No service on both my G1s. Miami, FL.

  • Troy

    Service still good in southern California (Orange County).

  • ExtremeT

    Yeah I was experiencing problems the other day and now it’s happening again here in LV, and it’s a rather poor time for it to happen. Luckily so far this is rare.

  • Tim Gomez

    outage here in NYC. been out for about an hour and a half.

  • revengineer

    No service near Baltimore as of 7:07.

  • Jeremy V

    service on g1 isnt working in st. pete fl but my moms shadow is working fine. popped simm card in old shadow and still no dice

  • Acsteffy87

    Ok here in Waco, Tx and have not experienced any outage whatsoever

  • theSiteMan

    yup…we’re in the DC area – my entire family lost connection… phones say “emergency calls only” – all other calls fail. But data is OK – funny isn’t it? :)

  • Shame

    My roommates dumbphone is completely dead (cant send or receive calls) but my MyTouch is doing perfectly fine. Strange.

    In San Antonio, TX btw.

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    I just noticed I had no signal here at my house, but my girlfriend has signal from work on her MT3G. Still no signal. . .

    Fredericksburg, VA.

  • techvudu

    voice is good, data is toast. Philadelphia, PA

  • ZeeBee

    complete ouy here in Sierra Vista, AZ

  • chris

    Greensboro NC, specifically Oak Hollow Mall, im a dealer, had 20 people within 30 minutes come in about the same problem. Looks like our area is affected.

  • Vince

    Not the first time this happens on T-Mo. Been a customer since August and it’s happened at least 4 times. No warning. No notice. Nothing. Not good.

  • J

    Raleigh NC- my phone does not work.

  • steve

    Portales, NM and all is well… I am actually posting this with my G1.

  • boulderjams

    No go in Denver Metro area ie. Boulder

  • Adelle

    I’m in DC and it’s been out for a few hours. My family in Las Vegas is experiencing the same outage. Seems like the breaking point to move on to Verizon and the Droid!

  • Paul

    Service is down here in Oklahoma City. No incoming or outgoing calls and no data. When I call someone, I get three rings and then a busy signal. Phone says GSM and is full scale.

  • Vince

    I think Data network still works. I’ve been communicating through GTalk from my MT3G. Voice = no dice.

  • Anton Spaans

    Same here in Boston, MA, right now.
    My fiancee tried to call me and couldn’t reach me by cell-phone. Instead she called my work-phone just now.

    It seems outgoing calls are fine here (e.g. i used my cell-phone to call a land-line and this went fine). Incoming calls are not working (my fiancee could not reach me and i couldn’t reach her).

    • faith84

      did you try calling another t-mobile user? i can call land lines and other people not on t-mobile but get a busy signal calling anyone connected to tmobile, customer service included.

  • Adam

    Blackberry 8900, no service for over an hour!

    Time to switch to Verizon prepaid @ $40 and drop T-Mobile, all the time outages.

    Customer Service phone is also unreachable!

  • Connie

    I noticed when I was on the train. So maybe no signal for about an hour now? I know two other people don’t have service, but one does…

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Vince

    Posting from Clearwater, FL. Sorry for multiple posts.

  • pissed

    no coverage at all in philly

  • DroidHead

    I’m in Tampa, things are working good here :)

    • Vince

      I shouldn’t have moved from Tampa to here, lol.

    • Jeremy V

      its weird, my phone wont do jack but my moms works fine. we are on a family plan to and live maybe 3miles apart(st. pete)

      • Vince

        It doesn’t seem to be location-related.

        • Jeremy V

          on a positive note its nice to meet some locals :p

          • Vince

            Likewise haha. I’m stuck at home studying for exams anyways. Not like I’m missing out much on the phone calls :D What’s going on on your side lol?

        • Jeremy V

          not alot on this side. messing with my g1 is like my hobby so im pretty bored. lol

          • Vince

            Same here lol. Well my 3G still works so I can still mess around the MArket and all… My next phone will sport a much stronger CPU though lol. Like an ARM8 or so.

        • Jeremy V

          i been really happy with my g1 though i will want to upgrade when the right phone comes out. got it runnin really smooth with cyangoen and about to go back to m_blend theme since i think he put advanced launcher back on

  • Da Boss

    Service just came back on i came straight here to see if anyone else had this problem now i know why my phone has been out posting this from G1

  • Tam

    i’m in dallas and my wife can’t call me, but i can call out and my data seems to be working, im typing this on my phone

  • ExtremeT

    It’s working now here in LV but both times it’s been on and off over time, never anything for a real solid period of time.

    • ExtremeT

      scratch that, data network is down here right now again..calls seem to work on and off still but no market or anything

  • Da Boss

    Oh by the way in Houston, Tx

  • Marjorie

    My friend’s T-Mobile phone is down in Los Angeles… has been for over an hour.

  • mjharns

    No service in Columbia, SC

  • a247

    seattle, wa

  • aaron

    We’re back in Milwaukee. I got an Android, it was out for about a half hour.

  • stephanie

    i am not receiving texts from anybody on any network. can’t call my husband’s t-mobile phone, i just get a fast busy after one ring. i can, however, make outbound calls. i called my mom, who has att, and she said she had been trying to call me and was getting a fast busy after one ring as well. she has been receiving my text messages, and my husband (i called him at work on his land line) has been receiving my texts as well, i just haven’t been receiving theirs.

  • itsprilage

    Northern California – T-mobile phone not working. i can call out but not receiving any calls at all. And no one gets my text messages either.

  • Kyle

    No service here in Houston, TX.

  • paul

    myself and everyone I know with tmobile is out in middle and east tennessee.

  • tyrone jones

    Can’t send or receive calls – Lawrence KS

  • Osiris

    Yeah same here in south tx i lived in mercedes tx I can send and recieve text and my data works on my unlocked iPhone

  • jenn ro

    no incoming or outgoing calls or text to other tmobile users ughhh!!!!
    san antonio, tx

  • Emily

    yah i have ZERO service right now….in southern california. how is that possible?

  • Jeremiah Hoyet

    Can you guys get onto your accounts at I can’t seem to login, or when it does, it won’t display my account information.

  • MJ

    No service in Chicago. :(

  • Konojo

    Im internet tethering right now in Sicklerville,NJ however texts are extremely late!

  • g1 androidian

    Unbelievable. No phone service on tmobile in Memphis for mobile or their new voip plan – huh!

  • micah

    no service in/near des moines, iowa. wtf!? i’ve had such sketchy service since joining tmobile a handful of months ago i should have stayed w/ verizon and waiting for the android infiltration there.. bleh!

  • Dola

    yea my service and family’s service has been out here in brooklyn ny

  • jessie

    SLC, UT, cannot receive calls, can make calls to people with other networks or land lines. I cannot receive texts, but my friend (with t-mobile as well) can, occasionally. Also, customer care is busy, and has been for a couple hours. Thanks for posting this! Now I have some insight on the situation….

  • Robin

    No service in Chattanooga TN or North Georgia. This is not good.

  • juan alberty

    Also having problems @ San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  • Claudia


  • Jeremy V

    my data is back, sms not working but im able to dial out now

  • sophie

    I’m also experiencing network problems in Brooklyn, NY and in Queens, NY. It started while I was driving home from work. My signal dropped entirely and when my phone located the TMobile network an hour later after a ton of tries, it said I couldn’t access the network. Finally, about 5 mins ago I got an incoming call from another friend in Brooklyn (also a Tmobile user) who was having the same problems. Total time without reception: 2 hours.

  • Robin

    But my data is still working. Still getting tweets and emails. Profoundly strange.

  • Henry

    My My Touch 3G is working Fine but not my Friends , I live in Houston , Texas

  • Brooke

    I’m in Katy, TX and cannot send or receive texts…this has been going on since about 3pm Central time. It’s seriously annoying and if it weren’t for this website I would’ve thought it was just me and I was going insane! Thanks!

    • Jeremy V

      haha, me too, thought id been screwing around with my phone to much

  • Brooke

    I have a Blackberry Curve, I’m in Katy, TX and cannot send or receive texts, nor am I able to use any of my apps that require that capital EDGE for that purpose!…this has been going on since about 3pm Central time. It’s seriously annoying and if it weren’t for this website I would’ve thought it was just me and I was going insane! Thanks!

  • Larissa

    My blackberry pearl isn’t working. Getting a bit irritated…..

    Honolulu, HI

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Service is back on Long Island, NY after an hour or so being down. Annoying, but jeez, people are seriously overreacting on Twitter.

  • Whit

    No service on my phone and other T-mobile users in the Denver, CO area.

  • Mary

    outage in rio grande valley, texas

  • Veronica

    data seems to be working, but i can’t send or receive phone calls or text messages.

    college station, texas

  • elisa

    Data services working outgoing calls….no incoming texts or phone calls!!!

  • JL

    Haven’t noticed any data interruptions. Dunno about voice or text.

  • Mike

    Service was down in the los angeles area last night for about an hour just after midnight…and went down again about 330pm pacific…

  • Michel

    Mine has been down ~45 mins … no network no hotspot
    Denver, CO

  • pissed off

    Wtf is going on, please rectify why I pay $100.00 a month for supposed “service” ?

  • pissed off

    Wtf is going on, please rectify why I pay $100.00 a month for supposed “service” ?

  • hilary

    No service/ ability to text in CT

  • Amy

    I finally got through to them. 5.00 credit and it “should” be up and running in a few hours. I am so over tmob right @ this time. My gf has the sidekick and this hasn’t been a fun time for us since the past few weeks.

  • Matt

    Auburn, GA No voice service data service is still there. The data service could be from the Wifi though

  • jenn

    Here in Dallas. Can’t recieve or send text, nor get calls from TMobile users.

    No bueno! Tmobile stop being a little b*tch!

  • diamond p.

    sooo , i live in houston, tx . my service is non-existent . fix it !

  • jacob

    I live in Herriman, UTAH!

  • Rachel

    I hate you, T-Mobile.

    • http://facebookyo Dustin J S*****

      Ha that’s why i vowed Rachel to never get t-mobile again. Just another one of those things you should have paid attention too. Even though your drug dealer gave you a phone to use

    • Dustin J S*****

      Ha that’s why i vowed Rachel to never get t-mobile again. Just another one of those things you should have paid attention too. Even though your drug dealer gave you a phone to use

      for you

  • seanrozycki

    Stuart, Fl had outages. I was able to make and send calls and texts. but not receive either. I started to receive calls approx. 8pm. I possibly lost service around 3pm.

  • Andrew

    Dont know if any of you have noticed this but i live in nj and have 3 phones…my g1 is the only one that got hit (the other 2 arent smart phones, just regular crappy phones)…couldnt make calls but now i can as of just an hour but still cant text…could it be just smart phones got hit?????

    • Andrew

      forgot to add that text is working on the other 2 phones….

  • Patty

    This sucks….everyone in my house has lost signal…..getting REAL pissed off!

  • lonewolf

    albuquerque is back up

  • melony

    I am experiencing the same issues, can’t text, calls not coming thru, yet the web works.. I’m about to call tmobile now. My location is Emmaus, Pennsylvania (US)

  • Justin Shapcott

    Here in Phoenix, AZ I never lost my voice or data. Actually it has been stronger than ever. LOL.

  • Krista

    Mines been down about 3 hours now in San Antonio Texas. I want my phone back!!

  • frustrated customer

    my service has been down since 6pm or so and I live in the NYC area….. this is so frustrating!! Im about to switch to another provider!!!

  • laura

    I noticed at around 5pm (central time) that my phone wouldn’t let me send out texts or calls…it’s now 8:30pm and i still can’t get any service. Thankfully for me my 2yr contract was up last week and i’m moving on to AT&T. Its just so frustrating.
    Dallas, Tx

  • spence

    I doubt it, but i hope this means they are beginning to roll out their new network. I am also out of service and own the G1

  • Derek

    Its a good thing that T-mobile started working cause my brother hit a deer with his car and we would have never heard from him. =[

  • migdroid

    This sucks, sorry folks. Nothing to report from Tulsa, OK, the service here is up- as far as calling but my text saying “t-mobile had nation wide issues today” won’t go through? Strange.


  • kenny

    Service lost for about 1 hr. 6:00 to 7:00 here in olathe, ks. Olathe is by Kansas City so this affected the midwest. Service appears to be up and running again.

  • Jude Ibe

    I am here south of Chicago. I have 2 lines and on both phones a Touch Pro 2 and a G1, I never had any problems. Txts went through calls went through and had 3g data for both.

  • STEF


  • Tim Elam

    The My T-Mobile website is down with the message: “We’re sorry–My T-Mobile is currently unavailable while we work to improve the site for you. Please try again later.”

    I wonder if this is related to the outage?

    Service was restored in Florence, AL about 3 hours ago.

  • ZRod

    Those twitter people r little pricks, not T-Mobile. Tech isn’t perfect and deff isn’t fail safe. Stop whining, God forbid u dont have u can’t talk to ur “homies” for a few hours. People make me sick.

  • ZRod

    At least people here on this site are mature, jeeze. I’m in Dallas, TX w/ my MT3G, I’ve been out for about an hour and a half.

  • prit

    No connection since 4 hours…t-mobile sucks

  • maccrookpro

    San jose, Ca = only prob I had was refreshing myfavs it took about 3 hours just to change picture. Modesto, Ca = service out since 4 p.m. its 9 p.m. now. My phone was out like this once about 2 months ago in san jose for 1 hour I called customer service and the lady gave me 100 free mins.

  • fkillah

    I’m in Pasadena, Tx (near Houston) and I still have no signal. I called t-mo from my friends memoir about my G1. They told me that the problem is mostly with G1s but that it should be up by tonight. Not too happy.

  • CODxY

    I’m in houston, and as far as me I could still get on the internet, but as far as calls and txt’s went no, my whole family has t-moble and all of our phones where down, along with everyone of my friends on facebook that had t-mobile, it took 3 hours before I got service again

  • fkillah

    Pasadena tx back on track

  • Rick

    Looks like things are back in order in northern Virginia (Washington DC market), but what a terrible outage and very, very poor customer service regarding – I’m thinking that the outage was much greater than 5% as my entire family was affected as was anyone I’ve since talked to on T-Mobile. My phone went down just before 6pm and didn’t come back up until past midnight. Whatever happened to redundant engineering?

    Interesting on how dependent we are on these devices and how much trust we put in our service providers. Just before 6pm I was wanting to call another coach to talk about our game strategy. My game plans were on my Google Sites, but I couldn’t access them. At 8:30pm after the game I wanted to call home as I was on my way to a 9:00pm meeting. I had the directions for the meeting in my e-mail but couldn’t access. I was planning to use the GPS and Google Maps for route planning but no data for Google Maps. I couldn’t call anyone for directions as there was no signal. I eventually found the place for the meeting as I knew the general area – but I had to drive around a bit and ended up being late. When I arrived home I called T-Mobile – first time the phone system kicked me out after going through the menu tree. I called back and second time after going through the menu tree the rep stated there was a problem, they hoped to have it fixed soon, they’re sorry, and good-bye.

    BOTTOM LINE – when you trust your data to the cloud and access to the cloud goes down for several hours – it’s a very big deal – far greater deal than a we’re sorry (we’ve gotten enough we’re sorry and we’re embarrassed from Redskins owner Dan Snyder).

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  • Don

    Is this outage rolling? 3G coverage in St Louis seems to have totally tanked today (6 Nov 2009).

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  • R. Perillat

    No service in from Florence, Al to Athens, Al or Decatur, Al for at least over 2 hours. All I can do is surf the web which is useless since the whole family is on T-mobile and I can’t contact any of the to tell them where we’re meeting tonight. What happens when someone needs 911?

  • http://Website Jeff

    No service all day in Oklahoma. Thought it was the cell phone towers hit by the storm, but no! Hear over the internet and from neighbors that no one else is having this issue. T-mobile thing I guess.

  • Emil Mitclell

    We have no signal here in Elizabethtown, Ky now for several hours with Familt Mobile which is through T Mobile! Please do something about this !!!