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Vimeo videos coming to Android, iPhone

Vimeo announced today that they have added Android and iPhone playback for all the videos in its staff picks and HD video showcase sections and plan to add support soon for all Plus members (and their videos). Vimeo has quickly become a favorite in the online video space because of its high quality video options and its community features. Below you’ll find Vimeo’s announcement, via Twitter:

Vimeo announced Android support on Twitter

Vimeo announced Android support on Twitter

Video Page

Video Page

Video info

Video info

Vimeo of course still faces stiff competition from YouTube, who has been encoding Android and iPhone friendly versions of all its videos for months, but its a huge step in the right direction.

Vimeo has been one of my favorite video hosts for quite some time (The Tastiness, anyone?) and this news has me wondering how you guys feel. Have you tried the new Vimeo service on Android? Here is a link to a video that has been Android-enabled. Would you like if Android and Me began serving videos via Vimeo? Or does everyone like YouTube just fine? Sound off in the comments…

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  • Jon

    Vimeo certainly has a much slicker interface and i prefer them over YouTube, no doubt.

    The thing you should do though is to put it up both places. Embed the Vimeo here on the site and leave the YouTube one on YouTube.

    There’s no denying that YouTube is by far has the largest user base and most visitors, so you should take advantage of that, despite, i think, Vimeo is a superior service.

    • Dave H.

      Agreed! Vimeo is definitely superior, feature-wise. The UI is so much nicer…

      • sleestak

        true, but beyond that their compression scheme is nicer as well. Esp if you follow their suggested settings for exporting.

        What great news, I was just looking for a vimeo app last night.

  • zhect

    Wooow!. If I had not seen the sample video I would’ve just stuck with youtube. But after watching this I will definitely chose it over youtube. Although the loads longer to actually start watching the video I rather watch the video all at once instead of having it pause to load.

  • Carmex

    I prefer Vimeo because Youtube is blocked here at work but Vimeo is not :-D

  • Endre video..proud to be romanian, just like the guys who made it ;)

  • Endre need for vimeo plus..nor the /m version of the site..i just went to the normal full vimeo html site and clicked on the first video i saw..and about 4-5 secs..the video was fully loaded and running perfectly smooth, full screen, with playback, volume and aspect ratio controls ;)

    p.s: this is on my rooted g1 with a very good hero rom.

  • Endre

    Yeah..sorry..turns out it was just a lucky hit..most of the videos on the full vimeo site don’t work..:(

  • nick

    I persoanlly like the Vimeo seup better because its a dedicated video page and not just the video. Better laid out as well.

  • Vineares

    I think it’s important to support other sites. I really hate the idea of no one competeting with YouTube.

  • rell

    Honestly the set up isn’t that great I really can’t see much on my g1. The thing that makes youtube better is you can tyype what video you want to see notlook threw page to page.the only other service I think that gives youtube competion is Veoh since they came out the sametime.

  • dylandersen

    Vimeo is great, but apparently, they won’t start allowing iPhone/Android-formatted videos to all videos until probably next year. Sigh.

  • kenny

    Initial reaction quality of the video is much better than most stuff I’ve seen ported over on youtube. If Viemo is as easy to upload videos then maybe you could get away from all the clutter youtube has.

  • anakin78z

    Quality seems great. Why can’t youtube look this good?

  • ExtremeT

    Vimeo is a lot better then YouTube in pretty much every aspect as far as I’m concerned.

  • Tim Gonzales

    Brilliant. So now how long before someone develops a Vimeo app. I find Vimeo to be vastly superior in comparison to YouTube.

  • Henry

    this is out of topic guys but I found this , I think we all like this news :) “Flash Coming to Android First Half Of 2010″

  • Bitterdulce

    It says for homeowners plus members does this mean u have to pay for the service?