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What features were left off Android 2.0?

Anytime a major software release happens, certain features will be left on the cutting room floor in order to hit the target release date. Android 2.0 was no exception to this rule and we know of two features that were left off. Android 2.1 is currently in development for the Motorola Droid and we have no idea what will be included, but it is possible the following features might find their way into the release.

Google Earth for Android

Google Earth has been available on the iPhone for over a year. The application was recently updated to version 2.0, but it is still not available for Android. Believe it or not, Google Earth was originally slated to be available on the Motorola Droid. Apparently it was not ready in time because the application was left off the phone. Keep an eye on the Android Market, because we expect to see Google Earth in the next couple of months.

Chrome Sync for bookmarks

The Motorola Droid was also supposed to support bookmark syncing with the Chrome browser. This feature is currently available in the latest Chrome 4.0 beta, but it was not ready in time for the Droid launch. Expect this feature in a future version of the Android browser once it comes out of beta for the desktop version.

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  • sregister

    Google earth would be nice to have, but maybe it wouldn’t be as good because of the lack of multitouch. I cant wait to see what happens with browsers in 2010, with Firefox and opera coming, it would be interesting.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Android 2.0 has multitouch. I think that is why they did not release it for earlier versions of Android.

      • sregister

        Oh I was under the impression that there was no pinch to zoom with the google apps. But yeah, it would be cool to have google earth but i don’t think imperative for android. I would love to see a google reader app too.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Google left pinch to zoom out of the browser for United States phones because they are scared of Apple. However, the feature was included on UK phones with Android 2.0.

    • Matt

      The Hero has multi-touch on Android 1.5

  • SliestDragon

    Multi touch 1st party apps, updated music app, and a dedicated video app, kind of like the one in the latest CyanogenMod

    • SliestDragon

      You know, maybe if the 1st party apps had multi touch, there wouldn’t be any confusion with whether 2.0 had multi touch or not. Every site had said it didn’t have multi touch at first because it doesn’t have it out-of-the-box.

  • @sw1storm

    wow syncing with google chrome would be awesome. And the chrome/android mind-meld begins…

  • Jeff

    Whats the advantage of Google Earth? I rather use use the turn by turn navigation with street view.

    • eclipse

      +1 – I don’t know what features of GE the author is lamenting not having – the photos are the same as in Google Maps.

      As to syncing bookmarks? Who still uses bookmarks? Between RSS and Google search I haven’t bookmarked a site in 5 years. Need something? Hit search. Need it again? Hit search again.

      Go there a lot, subscribe to the feed.

      No feed? Lame, unprofessional site, move on.

      • mernen

        There are various uses for bookmarks, like reminders, that can’t be replaced by a search. Also keep in mind that the term “bookmark” these days also refers to starred pages (like in Firefox, Chrome) and tagged pages (Firefox, Delicious). So saying bookmarks are useless is quite like saying stars and labels in Gmail are useless because there’s search.

      • Justin Shapcott

        I use bookmarks all the time. Especially on my phone. Just because YOU don’t use them doesn’t mean nobody does. And I use Chrome as my default browser, so it would be nice if they would stay in sync. Is it necessary, or course not… but it would be nice.

  • Bob

    Having 3D terrain and 3D buildings in Google Nav would be nice. It’s been in high-end GPS units for a while and since the Goog is now competing with them head-on, why not?

  • Brian

    Both the stock Android browser and the new Dolphin update have multi-touch on the Sprint HTC Hero(1.56.651.2). REALLY need the multi-touch with GoogleMaps, though.

    • SliestDragon

      The Hero is a skinned version of android, thats why they have multi touch in the browser. The only reason that maps doesn’t have multi touch is because it is a Google app, so google needs to implement multi touch.

      • JJ

        Sense UI on the Hero is not a “skin” it is an app. A skin just changes colors around and other superficial stuff. Sense goes deeper than that and actually changes the Android framework.

  • r4i software

    Google’s mobile operating platform, Google Android has fast achieved the status of one of most wanted systems by both users and the handset manufacturers as well. However, many now speculate that, the latest Android version, Google Android 2.0, which is much more advanced and feature packed than its predecessor might not be available for the first generation smart phones.

  • Niko

    I’m so sick of my government allowing patents on common-sense things. It’d be like Henry Ford being granted a patent on the steering wheel and so every other car maker had us driving with levers. Come on US bureaucrats, you’re stifling innovation and progress.

  • http://aboutmultitouch stefan

    I’m on a milestone from germany with multitouch in the browser. I didn’t notice mt anywhere else. I h

  • stefan

    I’m on a milestone from germany with multitouch in the browser. I didn’t notice mt anywhere else. I hope they’ll add more apps to the mt supporters list with an update.

  • JJ

    So you went from predicting that bookmark sync would be in 2.0 in your predictions post, to saying that it definitely was supposed to be included? You said it’s a beta chrome feature so it’s possible that it could come to Android as well. Now you’re stating that it was in FACT supposed to be in 2.0? Just a couple months ago you were making wild predictions due to how similar Chrome and the Android browser are. Now it’s fact? So you got confirmation from Android devs? You’re not just taking your “predictions” and posting nonsense about how they got left out of 2.0?

    Don’t even get me started on Google earth, where you made your prediction based on the fact that the iphone has it.

  • Paolo Amoroso

    Since Google is working on Android 2.1, they might consider fixing the most epic Android design blunder ever: the lack of a user mode screenshot tool that does not require rooting.

    By the way, will Google Earth be available also for Android 1.6?

    • Matt

      If that’s their “most epic blunder” then they did one hell of a job.

  • Simon

    Things missed in 2.0:

    - Being able to apply Themes

    - Better Market… what I’d like to see are some filters/sorting (e.g. sort by rating/number of downloads total/number last week, etc)


  • mkvintus

    Voice dialing initiated on my bluetooth headset with voice response to questions. Having to use the screen to initiate voice dialing and then use the screen to select which number when there are multiple matches kind of defeats the purpose of “hands-free” bluetooth headset.

  • My Hero

    Once you’ve use hero’s browser with pinch and zoom, plus auto reformatting text its hard to go back using anything less. Seems HTC had no problem including the feature. I’d like to see apple execs telling an Asia company not to put that stuff in their products. The news reports would be interesting “Apple executives last seen running out of a building chased by men with samurai swords”.

  • Chris

    Gestures for filtering Romain Guy talks about it starting at 8:15

  • satan

    Did everyone forget about flash? Wasn’t it promised last november when andy rubin showed it running on a g1?

  • John Perkins

    I’d say the biggest thing they missed was full Exchange functionality with ActiveSync. Not supporting security provisions for ActiveSync has cost them huge in corporate environments.

  • http://Website tranzz

    The “Help” app and the tutorial.
    Moto Droid (855)

    home -> settings -> About phone -> System Tutorial

    I’d say they left most, but mistakenly not ALL of that on the floor. They need to go diggin in their dustbins and get it together!