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What is the Android 2.0 release date for first generation phones?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I often find myself in that position. As we watched the Motorola Droid launch last month, many of our readers kept asking, “What is the Android 2.0 release date for first generation phones?”

Let me just cut to the chase. I believe several first generation phones will not receive an Android 2.0 update. I would love to be proven wrong on this one, but all the evidence I have gathered does not look good.

I also think it is not that big a deal that some phones might not get officially updated. The users who really want access to Android 2.0 features will most likely get them through hacking their phones. Other people will purchase a second generation Android phone when they are available in 2010.

The following is a list of reasons I’m not holding my breath for Android 2.0:

  • Lack of hardware drivers from Qualcomm and others for the Android 2.0 kernel
  • Limited internal storage space (system partition) of first gen phones
  • Lack of comments from carriers and handset makers
  • Google back porting their Maps Navigation for Android 1.6
  • Handset makers releasing Android 1.x devices in 2010

All of the above arguements are facts. They could change at any moment, but I would not expect any new developments till next year. Don’t you think the carriers would be proudly promoting the fact their existing Android phones would soon be updated so customers don’t jump ship to get the Verizon Droid?

So what phones might get Android 2.0? Only two companies have stated 2.0 would come to existing handsets, but their messages came from Twitter and YouTube.

We would like to see some press releases from these companies, but this is all we have. I think we should also note that these messages came directly from the handset makers and not the carriers. We believe at the end of the day, it is the carrier who chooses to roll out an update.

This past week I hit up all the carriers and handset makers to see if they had updated their official position on Android 2.0


The following is a response from HTC when they were asked if the Verizon Droid Eris would receive Android 2.0. Note how they do not confirm 2.0 and they point the finger at the carrier.

“I understand that it is important you receive all the information about a device before purchasing it. Currently, our developers have to work with the carriers to determine when and if a ROM upgrade will be available for any of their branded models. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on if the DROID ERIS by HTC will receive the Éclair update, as it is dependant upon Verizon requesting it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.”


Here is a response we got from Motorola when asking if the T-Mobile Cliq would get 2.0. Note how they say the phone can receive updates (obviously), but do not confirm 2.0.

“In regards to CLIQ with MOTOBLUR, it can be upgraded over-the-air and will evolve to support how people’s needs change. However, we haven’t announced any updates at this time.

The Droid that was released with Verizon is 2.0. But at this moment we cannot confirm when an upgrade will be available for the Cliq. However the phone is ready to receive software upgrades to both the Google Android OS, and the Moto Blur interface, therefore upgrades are being planned, but we don’t have a release schedule, or confirmation up to which Android version it’s going to upgrade.”


Sprint just launched two Android phones and we are unsure of their update strategy. They have stated no OTA updates for major OS upgrades, but that could change in the future. The Sprint Hero just receive a minor update that was under the 10 MB limit for their OTA system.

“Thanks for your inquiry. We are currently working through the options with the manufacturing partners.”


This is the response we got from T-Mobile when asking about 2.0. They said they are working with Google to deliver Android 2.0, but did not mention any specific handsets when doing so. Also note how they point the finger at Motorola.

“T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.

The CLIQ ships with Android 1.5 software. We have no announcements at this time regarding new Android software updates. For more information about future updates to CLIQ and MOTOBLUR, it would be best to contact Motorola PR.”


We sent the above response from HTC to Verizon to see if they would comment. This is the response I received from Verizon Wireless.

“The business discussions we have with our handset manufacturers regarding future software enhancements are considered proprietary.  As background, there are a myriad of decisions that have to be made whenever we announce a new phone or a software enhancement to an existing device.  Once all decisions are final, we distribute the information throughout the organization inclusive of any associated employee training and we announce it through various media outlets.  At present, we don’t have additional information on the Droid Eris that we can share at this time.  The Droid Eris is a great handset and at $99.99 is an exciting alternative to the more expensive Droid by Motorola.  Both provide customers with the open platform of Android on the nation’s most reliable network.”


As you can see, no company wants to officially go on record when it comes to releasing Android 2.0 for first generation devices. Google dropped the Eclair source code a few weeks ago, but it cannot be ported to existing devices until the device drivers get updated. Clearly, there will have to be a lot of work between the chipset makers, handset makers, carriers, and Google for this issue to get sorted out.

It would be nice to get an official answer soon, even if that turns out to be no.

Think we are wrong or jumping to conclusions? Sound off in the comments as to why no one will give us a definite answer.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Jawsh

    a.k.a my mt3g is never seeing eclair, and neither will anyone’s g1. bummer.

    • nEx.Software

      Not necessarily. Eclair can be built and run on the ADP1 (G1) and ADP2 (MT3G) but it is a hybrid Donut-Eclair and as Taylor stated is missing some drivers to be fully functional. I am guessing that this is what we will see as updates to the G1 and MT3G… A hybrid that takes as much of 2.0 as possible and integrates it into a Donut base. That is simply my own guess and may or may not end up being the case.

      • Justa Notherguy

        Yep – a unique version (likely, just a picked-over version of Eclair), is our best bet. Lots of v2.0 code is useless in the older models, anyway. What does a Dream/G1 need with multiple screen capacity? Same goes for camera-flash support and, far as I’m concerned, they can drop most of those fussy new camera controls, too. I just want the thing to work fast and take halfway decent pics.

  • Brian smith

    You know the reason I love android is because of how fast it gets updated. I signed a two year agreement with the thought that i wouldnt have to get new hardware. But i guess this is going to be an epic fail!

    • Ben

      That is exactly why when I bought my Droid I made sure to get a 1 year contract. The technology evolves on a 1-year cycle, not 2 years. Even if Moto drops the ball on Droid support and it becomes outdated, it’ll happen around 1 year later when I can upgrade again. :)

    • Justa Notherguy

      Seriously – you counted on no new hardware, for two years? On a smart phone platform? Good luck with that plan. In my experience, the only way to guarantee few changes is to buy a plain ol’ cell or a feature phone. In other words, the only phones which don’t see rapid improvements are those that are less powerful, to begin with.

      Even the iPhone’s HW has been revised, annually. Original 2007 model was 2G, with poor reception, proprietary headphone jack, & 2mp camera; 2008 adds 3G and GPS; 2009 adds compass, 3mp camera, & faster processor. Sure, you can install & run the same O/S on each model, but software can’t make up for most of those hardware variables.

  • dylan

    Loving 2.0 on my droid. Hope you guys get an update sooner or later….

  • Vincent N

    If this proves to be true, it means my HTC Magic/myTouch is now outdated. Oh well, there will always be cyanogen delivering the goodies straight to us. I’m starting to regret my decision to switch to T-Mo just for Android.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      T-Mobile will have HSPA 7.2 (faster 3G) on their Android phones this year, so at least you got one thing to look forward to.

  • SliestDragon

    If the G1 and mytouch don’t get the update, does that mean that the developer phones won’t either? Because that’s where we rooted folks get are Google apps. Do the developer phones have a bigger partition to hold 2.0?

    • http://Website thescarletnecklace

      That is a very good question, seeing that the new dev phone is a myTouch…..

  • Wez

    I suppose this is the main disadvantage of an open handset platform. I blame the manufacturers for trying to add bits of their own to Android eg blur and sense. Their just after the money but making things harder for themselves in the long run. Is Android going to be like PC gaming but you have to wait 18 months till you can upgrade….

    • Justa Notherguy

      Its simple, really – contact the handset makers & cell providers. Then, based upon their responses (words and actions), vote with your dollars.

      Personally, I think its great that they are trying to differentiate their products/brands, via skins or whatever. But if such customization causes problems with apps or otherwise gets in the way of the users’ long-term enjoyment, then those products deserve to be deprecated.

      Now, I’m not suggesting that we be jerks. Given that Eclair’s source hasn’t been out long, it is unreasonable – if not merely infantile – to expect upgrades, so soon. But it never hurts to ask, politely. And we’re more likely to end up with great products if we ask, than if we don’t.

  • zetec

    Any word on the Samsung Moment? ;_;

  • john

    I asked you this question via Twitter and I’ll repeat it here. What can a device running Android 2.0 do that can’t be done with a stock Android 1.6 device?

  • Nick

    If you have a rooted G1 or myTouch 3G you’ll most likely be able to get a full Android 2.0 update once HTC releases 2.0 for the HERO. The G1 and myTouch use the Qualcomm® MSM7201aâ„¢, 528 MHz while the Hero uses a Qualcomm® MSM7200aâ„¢, 528 MHz. The chip sets are different, but there’s speculation that a driver update which is needed for the Hero’s processor will work on the G1/myTouch processor as well.

    Taylor stated above that the Hero “could” get 2.0

    This is from HTC’s official twitter account: The rumors are true! Hero will be getting an Eclair update. We ask for your patience as we update Sense for the fancy new Android OS. ” For HTC it’s a lot more complicated to release 2.0 on the Hero since they need to rework HTC Sense. Android 2.0 has quite a few system changes which conflict with what Sense does. I’m sure HTC will want to take advantage of 2.0′s gacebook contact integration which will requite them to rework quite a bit of code for their own contact application.

    I know we all want 2.0 and we want it now, but we need to keep in mind that it takes time to release updates to phones. Manufacturers are not REQUIRED to release any updates, so be thankful if you get anything. Most windows Mobile 6.0 handsets didn’t get upgraded to 6.1 or 6.5. On fact TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) still has not rolled out Android 1.5 to their DREAM.

    • Tim

      Yeah, contrary to all this naysaying, Eclair is coming to the hero, and if it’s coming to the hero it can be run on a Magic. My magic is already running a hero ROM admirably well and I’m only using compcache at the moment (I say this because occasionally it has to reload touchflo from basics but once I setup backing swap and a larger compcache size it’ll be dandy)

      The G1 of course has the limited system partition size issue.

  • Domenic

    nice to c that my mytouch is now old and it isn’t even a year old yet… y even bother releasing a phone after the g1 that doesn’t even have the specs to receive and future data updates… such bs!

  • Str187

    i love my G1. and i don’t want to love it less just because of an update .
    this update should be sent to every single android user in the world. i thought WE all were a community?

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  • Eric H.

    I highly doubt that the first android phones(At least the ADP2) will not be running 2.0 in the near future. Mainly for the fact that the ADP1 and the ADP2 are essentially the same hardware, however the ADP2 has a larger ROM capacity. Secondly, the HTC hero is pretty much the same hardware as the ADP1 and ADP2 right? It just has the fancy sense UI right? If the drivers will be available for the hero I see no reason why they would be unavailable for the ADP1 or ADP2.

  • juanitocabrone

    I’ve regretted the choice of T-Mobile from the beginning. Love the G1 (a bit slow, but, eh). No T-Mobile 3G in my rural area, but now Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have 3G coverage there. Even the Edge network is spotty at best.

    I needed a new phone and my plan renewal was up in March, so Sprint told me to hold on for the Pre. Then Sprint couldn’t guarantee that I could even get one on the release date. Then they hinted at an Android phone, but I couldn’t wait. So in June I went with the G1 and T-Mobile. T-Mobile coverage in Northern California is weak, even where they show coverage on their maps. Frequently at my house, I cannot even send a Text because of coverage. Never had a problem with Verizon or Sprint.

    The G1 itself has been great. I can VPN into servers around the globe and get console access to the command line.

    Sure hope that Android 2.0 can be deployed to the G1 – if not, that means I’ll have to consider replacing the handset less than a year into the contract. Anticipointment…

  • nosaturn

    then how do you explain the selection of the HTC Magic as the ADP2 device? why choose dev phones that will be limited to Android 1.x?

  • kris

    why can’t HTC create a cutom firmware for G1 and MT3G users. Kinda like Cyanogen but legit without losing warrenty and insurance?

  • kris

    Any 2nd generation handsets coming to T-mobile that any one knows of?

  • Katie

    There is a video on YouTube of Android 2.0 running on a G1. It’s a bit slow at the moment, but I see this as proof positive that even if the handset’s sponsor company doesn’t provide an official OTA update, at least Cyanogen et al. will be able to update to 2.0.

    That’s fine by me, since I want to be rooted anyway.

  • andrew vanvlack

    Here’s the thing. Android 2.0 dosent have that many new items out of the box but what it dose do is add is new app api’s. Smartphones are all about applications. If half the phones don’t share api’s then we are going to have a split between apps. Multi touch is a big feature. I’m not talking about pinch. When you don’t have a real keyboard on the device, apps need someway to have more then a singal touch. That’s where gestures come in. This is one reason there hasent been a ton of games on the platform. Other api’s like the bluetooth data sync and new contact are big. They need to at least update the api’s if nothing else. We really need to push this on the phone makers and google if there not going to give us any info.

  • jjss

    What about the fact that google just released the ADP2? What for they would release a dev phone now with 1.6? They would want devs to get 2.0 so the ADP2 has to get the update and we will get the drivers!

  • ALYoung

    Can you imagine buying a laptop and having the retailer say, “It’s great hardware, but you won’t be able to upgrade to the next gen OS when it becomes available. Sorry.” That would be a complete deal breaker for me, yet that’s what is happening here.

  • ceasoner

    if this is true this means the mt3g is outdated.. how can a phone that just came out be outdated already? thats some bull shi*

  • Jonas

    News from Sweden, the site wrote that the Samsung Spica will get 2.0 (in March or April). I’m not sure if the Spica is 1:st or 2:nd gen of hardware though.
    Google-translated into English:

  • Noice

    If mytouch3G doesn’t get it, it will be my only android device.

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  • enki

    …and here it is, this is the way how Windows mobile lost me as a customer

    • Justa Notherguy

      Really? So, you liked the whole mid-’90s Win3.X look, with tiny fonts and recursive menus, galore? You were cool with using a stylus for all of those itty bitty radio buttons & dialogue boxes? And the browser didn’t drive you nuts, as you waited forever only to stare at a horribly rendered version of the page, on that weeny l’il screen?

      But, now, the fact that Google puts out three times as many iterations – all with major improvements – on a modern, customizable, touchscreen phone…THAT gets on your nerves? Enough that you will bail on Android, altogether? No kidding?

      Ok, then, here’s what you do: buy a Blackberry Storm. Not the new version – the original. That way, you get all the bad, er, good WinMo stuff, plus a funky, uh, unique push-screen thingie that’s kinda like the ol’ stylus effect. Plus, the browser is like molasses and you’ll wait even longer, hoping for upgrades.

      No need to thank me. ;)

  • Mike

    Yeah if no ADP3 phone is released soon, then ADP2 will get full Android 2.0 support. Since ADP1 and ADP2 are same minus some ram and keyboard, ADP1 will get drivers either officially or unofficially. Then I think you know where we go from there…

  • Are1

    Wow…I guess this will be my last android phone. The OS changes a little too much for me and the various versions (sense, blur) makes it even more complicated. …I just hope this cliq gets some kind of update for some of the bugs… :(

  • Gabriel

    This is concerning. I’m getting my pre ordered Milestone on 12/12 which by the time, hope will come with 2.1, great, but what about Android 2.5 or 3? I’m not an iPhone fanboy, but those guys are getting all the updates even in the iPod! I want to purchase the Milestone or any Android system with an open option to upgrade-ability! In fact, i’m getting the Milestone with its bigger memory to upgrade at least to Android 4 (2 years?)

    • poinck

      I think the same way. BUT: Apple wants money for updates on their oldest iPhone. We should be lucky to receive updates, anyway.

      • The_Jag

        Well actually iPhone users get the update for free, only iPod Touches need to pay for it :)

  • dylandersen

    Taylor, the OTA update for Sprint’s Hero was actually around 33mb.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Thank you for that info. It is news to me. Sprint was unable to provide any specific information about the update.

  • Jeff

    How hard can it be to have phone manufacturers make drivers for all of their phones. The customer goes to google, selects their phone model and there you go, it updates the phone with correct drivers and OS update. Of course this would only work if manufacturers quit making modified OS’s that suck up phone resources and quite frankly suck.

    So Google, step up to the plate, take the lead of your OS and make this open source software available to every phone that supports Android. Otherwise you are going to kill the OS you want to have take over the world.

    Look out android, an iphone may just have my name on it next…that’s right, I said it. After all, Apple does have their act together with phone updates.

    • http://Website feicipet

      Boy, don’t you like trivializing things.

      Which phone manufacturer in the world would want to look like the guy next to them, whether in terms of hardware or software? Product differentiation is where the game is won, that’s a fact. I’ll bet my last dollar that “your phones would look exactly like everybody else’s” wasn’t the pitch that Google used to convince HTC and Motorola to sign up.

      And you make it sound like it’s so easy for Google to tell the entire Android supply chain what to do, what to update etc, like Apple does with the iPhone’s. Apple literally has its entire supply chain by their throats. They can even get Foxconn to drive its staff to suicide just for losing a test phone, picture that.

      Google, on the other hand, has to deal with the fact that each manufacturer are staking their own reputation on the platform together with Google. They have every right to leave their own mark on it and they deserve whatever plaudits/brickbats that come with what they’ve done with it.

      Competition and an open platform comes with certain drawbacks. Deal with it. It ain’t perfect but neither is a Jobs dictatorship. You chose and you live with it.

  • InsomniacSR

    Just traded in my Eris for a Droid. I don’t want a device that may never be updated. I’m stuck with it for two years, so why buy something that’s already outdated.

  • tba2010

    Anyone think Windows would last long if Dell made their own custom version of Windows and HP did their own version too, then when a Microsoft service pack came out, you had to wait months for a custom version? Lets not forget Gateway has the exclusive on the service pack for the next few months so no one else gets to use it but them. Then the hardware maker of your computer comes out and says, sorry, you are outta luck unless you buy a new computer.

    Google is finally in the race but out of the gate, you are already a lame horse. It’s too bad since Android could topple the iphone but with their issue here today, they won’t even finish the race. You are breaking my heart and bank account Android.

    Get your act together Google, I know you smart guys over there can make this succeed!

  • poinck

    I will wait for the next Android-Phone with 2.0 (it has to be without MOTO blur, HTC sense or someting like that). I think that 2.0 is to heavy for my G1. I’ll wait and see. (o:

  • gabe

    Lets just hope they do release 2.0 for thr eris i will be pissed if they don’t i want google map navigation

  • Mark

    Yeah, I’m glad I was an early G1 adopter… I’ve gotten value and use from my phone, but I’d like to think those of us holding handsets that can’t be upgraded can get some upgrade incentive from T-Mo.

  • chris

    and this is why i left my g1 for a blackberry very very sad isn’t it?

  • Klotera

    I think we need to be careful about how speculation is presented. A lot of people are getting worked up for an answer we are assuming to be true. I think the only thing for sure is that the G1 has a severe space limitation. Beyond that, drivers can be written – just because we don’t have them now doesn’t mean they never will exist. There is little reason a mytouch shouldn’t be able to get an update to 2.0 once those drivers are available (which would then make it easy to port to the g1 for those who are rooted).

    I agree that we’d like more answers – but we can’t assume that no news is bad news. Honestly, if the manufacturers are still figuring out their strategy and timeline, they don’t want to put out information that is incomplete or commit to a date they cannot make. I bet that at least the mytouch gets an update. Its stock android, no need to rework Sense. Hero/Eris will get updates but lag behind due to the need to integrate Sense with the updated codebase. G1 is the likeliest to get left behind due to its ROM limitations. But, rooted folks will be able to get around that since other than the ROM space, it’s the same device as the mytouch.

  • chris

    A friend of mine works for google and has android 2.0 running on his g1. He let me mess with his phone, so I can definitely confirm it was android 2.0. He had it even before the droid was released, though it was lacking some of current features.

    I do not believe there is anything with the g1 hardware that would make the release not possible. From what he alluded to, it seems like google is tightly controlling its release. (I tried to get him to give me the rom but he could not.)

  • Point5r

    Honestly, I had my G1 rooted for a while, then (long story short) I had to get it repaired, and was forced to return to good old vanilla. Rather then risk going without my G1 for another painful two weeks, I’ve left it as it is, got the update to Donut and Im starting to wonder why I bothered rooting at all really.

    Im cool with waiting a bit for 2.0, now we got the update for maps and I’m sorry but its not as though Donut is awful and 2.0 solves the world energy crisis, so yeah I think personally I don’t mind waiting for next years super phones to arrive when my contract runs out.

  • omfg

    This is exactly why I hate Android I’m switching back to iPhone Apple cares more lol

  • Jason

    Google made an OS
    Google did not make the phones.
    All of you people bickering over the device limitations don’t seem to realize the Google HAS NOT CONTROL OF THAT.

    Apple controls the hardware and the software of their devices which is why they can maintain stability. Google caters to anyone who wants to use it. They want to be able to release stable builds on phones for android, but it still comes down to the device makers, not Google.

    Software is easier to change/replace than hardware.

    • tba2010

      Microsoft doesn’t build hardware but oh look, windows OS works on all kinds of hardware.

    • angie

      i’m sure google has some sort of say in what devices they support with their operating system. & the devices they’ve been choosing aren’t good choices at all.

  • JJ

    This is FUD. Just because a carrier or an OEM doesn’t tell you their grand plan, or even admit what they are working on, it doesn’t mean they aren’t working on anything. You’re spreading rumors and to make matters worse, there are other blogs that are referencing your rumors as if they are fact.

    The fact is that you don’t know. Plain and simple. The carriers have given you canned responses that you somehow take to mean that nobody is getting 2.0. HTC has stated that they are working on 2.0 for the Hero yet you attempt to make it seem as if that isn’t true.

    This “story” is severely lacking any facts and thus credibility. It’s not even really a story because you’re just making things up.

  • JJ

    A couple more points of order:

    * Lack of hardware drivers from Qualcomm and others for the Android 2.0 kernel — What makes you think that Qualcomm isn’t working on or doesn’t already have drivers for the 2.0 kernel? Did Qualcomm share their business plan with you?
    * Limited internal storage space (system partition) of first gen phones — There is only ONE phone with limited system partition. You know that, so I’m curious why you are deliberately making it seems as if all 1st Gen phones have this problem.
    * Lack of comments from carriers and handset makers — They aren’t telling you their plans. So what. It doesn’t confirm or deny anything and is thus moot. One could actually look at the history of carrier secrecy and realize that they aren’t going to say anything until it is to their advantage.
    * Google back porting their Maps Navigation for Android 1.6 — The G1 is possibly the only phone that won’t get 2.0. T-mobile released 1.6 right away to G1 and MT3g phones. It’s possible that 1.6 is/was meant for G1 and T-mo released to MT3g for continuity purposes. Could T-mo be waiting on HTC for the 2.0 update for the MT3g?
    * Handset makers releasing Android 1.x devices in 2010 — You’ve got me on this one. There’s no reason that a vanilla Android phone should be released in 2010 without 2.0. If it’s a customized Android version then perhaps they put all their work into 1.5 and aren’t ready for 2.0 yet.

  • Craig

    It seems from the comments MT3G and others could be updated. I assure Google and Tmobile this… if my MT3G isn’t upgraded to 2.0 I will be moving to at&t and the iphone. 6 months is entirely to short a time for a smart phone to become outdated.

  • Comintern

    Sounds like what really needs to happen is that Google needs to push the hardware manufacturers to open source the device drivers or release detailed specs to allow 3rd party drivers. It’s a win-win situation. 3rd party developers get the information to add support for older hardware, manufacturers get community submitted bug fixes. I’ve read through some manufacturer written Linux drivers and it always shocks me that the code compiles into a Windows driver. PC manufacturers are mostly coming around to open driver development as a simple business consideration (stable drivers written by somebody off the payroll), sell the idea to the handset makers.

    • http://Website feicipet

      This, at least, sounds like a good idea. Let’s just hope that the component manufacturers aren’t thinking short term and banking on the assumption that they can sell more phones by ensuring that the phones will become outdated faster.

  • andros

    really tmo? thats weak. im trying to get my mom and brother on android phones and this topic is stopping me in my tracks. its a dam shame that it almost looks like you will have to buy a whole new phone to get a new version of android on your phone. that would be pathetic if thats the case. how about the carriers pick and choose good phones to release that they can support for like 4 years. did they not know what they were commiting to when they decided to make some android phones. i really hope they get their act together……

  • angie

    wtf? if the mt3g doesn’t get an update, then quite frankly that is a big load of bull. that phone just came out this summer, & it’s already “outdated”? i refuse to believe that. google needs to seriously get their act together.

  • Matthew

    This article is complete speculation and should be deleted. The number of comments logged against this post that actually take this ‘news’ as fact deeply disturbs me.

    The fact is, no solid announcement has been made regarding this yet.

  • Cory

    umm.. for all the ppl going crazy about the MT3G not getting the update, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If you know how to do your research, then you would know that the MT3G can definitely run 2.0.

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  • http://Website Ted

    Every f-ing time there is an update someone on ‘Android and me’ speculates on how the older phones (used to just be the g1) will not get the updates….

    They are always wrong.

    Yet somehow other media repeats this speculation and somehow it becomes news.


    • http://Website Wayne

      Agreed. I find myself visiting this site less and less because of the rampant (and wrong) speculation. Discussing the topic is fine, but throwing it out like it’s 99% certain to whip people up into a frenzy is wrong. If the author indeed has a source, he should start looking for another.

      • http://Website Name (required)

        I agree completely. Anyone that hinks they have the answer is an idiot

  • dave

    Well, Im loving my Eris with 1.5. No, its not 2.0 but it still does pretty much everything i want and there are still tons of apps. I would rather Verizon and HTC wait to make sure an update will go smoothly than have them rush something that breaks my phone.

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  • http://Website erick

    they said to me when i went with the G1 that it will continue to grow and now it wont i feel very dissapointed because i luv my G1 and this is the reason why Iphone wins because i doubt alot of people are goin to be switchin phones they treat all iphones the same with their updates to get the latest, i wish that i can get 2.0 with out hackin my G1

  • http://Website Lox

    Well, got android 2.0 up and fulllt working from sources some times ago on Hero. Also I got some tests version of android 2.1 for Hero witch means HTC works on it.

  • Nithin Jino

    Lol. Lucky i rooted my phone. (mytouch 3g) xda developers already have a 2.0 rom and hero 2.1 rom

  • http://Website Jim

    If T-Mobile refuses to somehow make OS upgrades for the G1 and the MT3G, I suspect they will be tracking down a lot of ETFs.

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  • Pingback: Android and Me()

  • http://Website Aisha

    I’ll be switching back to iPhone if there is no upgrade path for my android phone.

  • http://Website Dan

    My Magic will be my first and last Android phone by the look of it. I bought it on the idea of a unified OS on differing hardware. No foreseen problems in the reviews of this utopian system. Outdated within months. What a load of s**t.

  • http://Website Thurman

    I believe that in the near future ( next 2 or 3 years ) that android mobile OS will be what microsoft windows is to computer OS today. Even apple will fall to the superior android OS with its more versitile developement arena. With this in mind, would it seem that wether a person has a Nexus One, Droid, Moment, G1, or other android smartphone, it will not matter what the manufacturer builds as the end-user will ” build ” their phone from downloadable apps from the android market. The only thing preventing this is cellphone service providers will not agree as to what standardization android OS should be installed into new handsets. Any ideas on this anyone?

  • http://Website aaron

    galaxy needs an update it has better processer and is more capable than the hero . the spica is stated by google that it will recieve 2.1 in a bout a moth. but galaxy has better everything and is more powerfull than the little bro. galaxy should get the update

  • ilham

    i hope samsung galaxy spica can upgread to froyo

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  • Pingback: Game scope()

  • wireless ip camera

    I have the hero and I love it but there are some glitches with some of the apps on there. I like listening to Pandora radio but hte app freezes from time to time.

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