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Clear Channel’s iheartradio coming to Android

When I got my first Android phone over a year ago, one of the first apps I longed for was iheartradio. I spent countless hours behind the wheel for my last job and I wanted to listen to my local radio stations while I was away from home. Clear Channel Radio has listened to the requests and just announced they will be bringing iheartradio to Android by Christmas.

The announcement also coincides with the release of version 2.2 which is now available for iPhone and BlackBerry. Verizon Wireless customers will also be getting their own special version of the app which includes V Cast music and downloads.

Version 2.2 Includes:

  • More than 350 of America’s favorite stations
  • Artist-hosted stations from Christina Aguilera, Eagles and Weezer featuring their stories and favorite music
  • Frequently updated traffic reports available for several major markets including New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco and Houston
  • Now set a station to play automatically when you launch the App
  • Tag songs for purchase in iTunes
  • Lyrics, album art and more!

Full press release:

Clear Channel Radio today announced that its wildly popular iheartradio mobile application will be available for Android devices, including one of Verizon Wireless’ newest smartphones, the DROID by Motorola, by Christmas.

Separately, the company announced Version 2.2 of the music and radio app is now available for BlackBerry. This release brings music videos and other on-demand content to the mobile app. As part of the latest upgrade to the app, Clear Channel worked closely with Verizon Wireless to integrate V Cast Music and enable mobile purchases of full-track downloads, ringtones and ringback tones into a special Verizon Wireless-only version of iheartradio.

“Applications like iheartradio are a big part of the future of mobile entertainment,” said Ed Ruth, director, strategic business development and partner management at Verizon Wireless. “It offers video, audio and embedded data over both real-time streams and on demand. And with this release, it integrates V CAST Music with the app, giving customers easy access to ringtones, ringback tones and full-track OTA downloads. It’s the ultimate in user choice and convenience, and it takes advantage of our advanced 3G network.”

“The incredibly high quality of Verizon Wireless’ 3G network is a wonderful showcase for ambitious application developers,” said Evan Harrison, president of Clear Channel Radio Digital. “The coverage and consistency enables us to design a top-flight user experience.”

More than four million unique people have already downloaded iheartradio. Further, audience engagement continues to increase each week. The application carries nearly 400 unique stations, including America’s most popular local radio stations and a growing number of digital-only channels such as Christina Aguilera Radio, Megadeth Radio, White House Brief and most recently, Pirate Radio. On-demand content from a wide range of artists includes the stunning new exclusive stripped version of “Empire State of Mind, Part II” from Alicia Keys and exclusive performances from Shakira, Tim McGraw, Coldplay and more.

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    I guess this is for the Americans

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    That’s so crazy. I was JUST wondering about that haha

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    I apologize in advance for the foul language but FUCK Clear Channel.

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    Bout time. Been waiting for this one since I got my G1 too.

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    This is awsome news, I’ve been waiting for this.

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    I would punch myself in the groin repeatedly before I would give Clear Channel a dime…

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    I use Droid live. I find it to be ok but more local stations is a plus

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    Clear Channel is awesome! I love Clear Channel!

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    I hate Clear Channel the company but I love some of their stations in my area…

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    Its almost Christmas. Is it out yet?:

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