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Droid does digital radio tomorrow

We previously learned iheartradio would be coming to Android before Christmas and just learned that the app will be available tomorrow. Clear Channel’s streaming radio app (available for iPhone and BlackBerry) currently makes up 10% of the companies digital listening and that number is expected to double in 2010. Check out the screens below for a preview of what to expect.

Iheartradio was recently updated to version 2.2 which includes:

  • More than 350 of America’s favorite stations
  • Artist-hosted stations from Christina Aguilera, Eagles and Weezer featuring their stories and favorite music
  • Frequently updated traffic reports available for several major markets including New York, L.A., Chicago, San Francisco and Houston
  • Now set a station to play automatically when you launch the App
  • Tag songs for purchase in iTunes
  • Lyrics, album art and more!

[Thank you robojerk for the tip]

Source: RAIN

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  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    Say it with me now: YAY

  • http://Website Aiman

    I’ll be happy when I can get some StreamTheWorld love on my phone, I need my 89X CIMX FM (Detroit/Windsor)!

  • http://Website Will S

    Why is this article titled “Droid does digital radio tomorrow” and not “Android does digital radio tomorrow” ?? Yes, I understand the “Droid Does” campaign, but won’t this work on ALL android devices?

    • Tenkely

      for page views…

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      My thought exactly. Kinda confusing IMHO.

      On topic: YAY! Too bad I get almost no reception in my workplace. But at home it’s full bars of speedy 3G now. :-D

      • http://Website Nate


        Hopefully it doesn’t start with an i. It’s now an Android app, give it a new name.

        • Todd A

          iDon’t care what name products are … just bring on the Android love !

      • Brak

        This is exactly what i was saying when the Droid was announced. It will be confusing now that there is a device called the Droid as well as Droid Eris. I still think it was a dumb move and added more confusion to the already confusing “What exactly IS Android” to the general populace.

        Oh well, no one ever asks me about these things before the decision is made. Maybe someday… some day

    • http://Website Scuff

      The title IS accurate, the information in it however is NOT….

      The app is still not avaiable (checked 12/23). Cannot locate it on Android Marketplace.

      Went to the official iheartradio website and it says “Comming Soon” for DROID (not Android).

      In other words, they ARE trying to be phone-specific.

      • http://Website DmdFreak

        He posted this this morning on 12/23 it says TOMORROW. The app is coming on 12/24 so it wouldn’t show up in the market till then. You should pay more attention to things before you post.

        A friend at work has this app on his iphone and loves it. I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Pandora is nice, but I want local stations.

        • http://Website Paul

          Actually, it appears that the original post was on 12/22. Also, if you check the source of the information, RAIN, it states “The iHeartRadio app for Android devices debuts Wednesday.” So it looks like everyone can pay a little more attention at times.

        • http://Website Scuff


          Really? Is that why the article says…

          “By Taylor Wimberly on Dec 22″

      • http://Website Mark

        Not sure if you are intending to imply that it will only run on the Droid but the FAQ’s clearly state that it will run on multiple devices including the Hero, Eris, G1 and others, in addition to the Droid.

        Hopefully, we’ll know for sure soon. I had this on my Blackberry and it’s the only app that makes me miss it.

        • http://Website Scuff


          Not sure if you were replying to me. I wasn’t trying to imply that the app was “Droid only” I’m just pointing out what the iheartradio website says.

          They say “Droid Does” not “Android Does” and the tabs across the top for the various platforms are…

          “iPhone” “Blackberry” “Droid” and “Chumba” (note: not “Android”)

          I’m sure the app runs on any Android-based phone, not just the Droid so maybe they’re implying that it will only run on Andorid 2.0 (vs. 1.6, 1.5, etc.) since the Droid is the only Andorid 2.0 I know of…


  • John

    Pandora rocks so why bother with this?

    • Tony G.

      cause the icon… duh…

    • http://Website Scuff

      Dude, read the article.

      Pandora is a music streaming app. iheartradio is an app for “tuning” into Clear Channel radio stations locally and around the country.

      Pandora is great, but that’s like saying… “I have Pandora so we don’t need local radio stations anymore.”

      I have both Pandora and iheartradio on my iPod Touch. Sometimes when you travel, it’s nice to listen to local radio stations back home. Especially if you’re gone for two weeks. Plus Pandora is only music, iheart radio is music, news, talk and sports.

  • lu

    @john iheartradio plays….the radio while Pandora plays…internet radio. You can’t listen to local radio stations on Pandora

  • Titty!

    No, iheartradioâ„¢ for Android, is supported on all 1.5 phones.
    It’s taking a while to get app uploaded.
    Fustrating, I know..

  • mike

    Verizon is a sponsor for clear channel, maybe its a nod to them

  • vixitl

    Or maybe “Droid” is the new coin term for android in general
    Like bandaid is for “adhesive bandages” or Kleenex for “tissue.” A genericized trademark.

    • nEx.Software

      I like to think that we’ve all been bamboozled by Motorola and Verizon due to their theft of the term Droid from us. Lord knows we’ve all called Android by Droid since the beginning. Moto and VZW just decided to capitalize on that. Evil.

  • mike

    Iheartradio’s site updated. Says app available, but not in market.

    • http://Website Scuff

      It’s now available (10:45 AM PST). Just do a search for “iheartradio” in the Marketplace.

  • http://Website robojerk

    The app works well.. Someone said that if you force quit/kill the app it clears your favorites. So far I’m loving it.

  • http://Website philchang53

    Its up! Love it!

  • http://Website chase200142

    Good morning and merry christmas! Well I downloaded the iheart app and it looks great om my cliq, only one priob, I cant get it to work!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website Carolyn

      Try restarting your phone. Also, turn off your Wifi connection if it is on. If that doesn’t work….uninstall/install.

    • http://Website Scuff

      Merry Christmas to you!

      If it’s any consolation, the thing runs kinda buggy on my Droid. Not ready for PT I guess. Oh well, just wait for the update….

  • Carolyn

    I was confused with Droid as well….is it only for the Moto Droid or all Android phones. I think the decision to name a phone the Droid because everyone shortens Android to Droid.

    I downloaded the app to the Sprint HTC Hero. I had to restart the phone before the app functioned properly. Now, I am listening to music and it seems like a pretty cool app. I can’t believe it’s free but I am grateful. Merry Christmas to me:)