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Fandango releases public beta of Android app

Fandango tipped us last month that they were working on an Android app and they just released the first beta to the Android Market. The application is centered around movies and theaters with the key feature being the ability to purchase tickets from your phone.

I installed the app to see how it compared with the current movies champ, Flixster, and found both apps had their advantages.

Flixster has extra options such as critics’ reviews, Rotten Tomatoes reviews, FaceBook integration, and quick links to sites like IMDB. Clearly, Flixster is the more polished movie app and offers the most features. However, Fandango includes the option to easily buy tickets from your phone, which is arguably the most useful feature.

Update (12/16): As many of our readers pointed out. Flixster also allows you to purchase movie tickets.

For only being the first beta release, I am fairly impressed with Fandango. The user interface could be tweaked and I would like to see critics’ reviews, but it provides the basic features that most people are looking for. Having the ability to purchase tickets with a few taps of my thumbs from virtually any location, pretty much ensures this will be a heavily used app.

A complete list of features includes:

Browse movies

  • Find movies playing in your local theaters — search movies showing nearby, or view “Opening This Week” and “Top Box Office” lists
  • Discover movies ‘Coming Soon’— check out our “In the Spotlight” titles or view upcoming movie scheduled to play near you
  • Tap a movie poster to watch high-quality trailers
  • View the most accurate showtimes; read fan ratings and reviews, genres, synopses, run times and director and cast lists

Find theaters

  • Find theaters closest to you using phone’s core location feature
  • Add theaters to a “Favorites” list for faster searching
  • Discover theater amenities such as stadium seating and wheelchair accessibility
  • Connect with Google Maps to find driving directions

Purchase tickets in a flash

  • Purchase tickets seamlessly without leaving the app
  • Buy tickets for more movie screens — 16,000 and counting! – than on any other app
  • Sign into your Fandango account to purchase tickets with your credit card stored online
  • Or securely store credit card information to your device — it’s your choice!
  • View your purchase history to access ticket details

[Thank you @theartar for the tip]

Source: Fandango

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  • FckingAllen

    is this going to replace Flixter???? x]

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Flixster is better, but you can’t buy tickets.

  • Neil Lund

    Yes! Now all we need is to be able to pull up the barcode right on the screen to be scanned when we walk into the theater, instead of having to print the tickets. (I’ve left them at home more than I can count) lol

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m not 100% sure but that may be possible. Most theaters allow you to just pick up the tickets at the front desk now. I will have to try it out this week and see how a complete purchase works.

  • http://Website Tk

    I’m pretty sure Flixster also lets you buy tickets from some theatres.

    Anyways, I almost never buy tickets online. Why pay the “convenience” fee to save what, 2-3 minutes? Only time its useful is if i’m going opening night for a movie that’ll get sold out.

  • Beau

    Thanks for the QR code. I know these are extra work but they are very, very helpful. Thanks for taking the time.

  • http://Website Markus

    You can purchase tickets thru Flixster. So, Fandango has no advantage over Flixster.

  • http://Website John White

    I’m not sure where the author got his information, but I have definitely seen the option to purchase tickets on Flixter as well. Flixter also looks way more polished and has way more features than this new app. Fandango has a long way to go to replace it on my G1.

    • Fidget253

      Flixster is only good if it offer you the ability to purchase tickets from your theaters. ALOT of theathers do not support flixster. But Fandango support pretty much all of them. Fandango is a way better service for purchasing tickets, due to the fact that alot more theaters support them. Im sure the app will eventually develop into a better app, like the iphone(which is an amazing app on this platform). So lets just wait a bit and im sure it will turn into something amazing

  • Angie Strickland

    Hey you going to see the Squeakquel later? I know I am.

  • http://Website Mario

    Great app, I have Moto Droid and have used this app a few times now..