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Twidroid 3.0 adds support for threaded conversations

Regular readers of the site know of our love for Twidroid. It is the most fully featured Twitter client for Android and gets new updates almost weekly. Twidroid 3.0 was recently released which added support for threaded conversations.

Threaded conversations in Twidroid 3.0.

Threaded conversations in Twidroid 3.0.

Version 3.0 also came with many additional features including:

  • new: threaded conversations
  • new: in-app image previews for twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, phodroid, posterous and twitter profile images
  • new: in-app link previews
  • new: twidroid plugins 1.0
  • new: action menu design streamlined with icons
  • new: share option for single tweet
  • new: view large avatar in profile
  • new: saved searches sync with twitter
  • new: marker for tweets annotated with geo information
  • new: report spam
  • new: remember timeline position setting (default: on)
  • new: jump to top in timeline button
  • new: autocomplete usernames for timeline and replies
  • new: bring up tweet box directly by typing @
  • new: DM list now with avatars

The developers Zimmermann & Marban show no signs of slowing down and have also posted a roadmap of features for version 3.1:

  • new: unified action and inline link menu — whole tweet brings up the menu now
  • new: native youtube posting in cooperation with google
  • new PRO: offline sending (tweet outbox)
  • new interface languages: chinese, czech, russian, arabic
  • new: sample plugin to integrate your own URL shortener
  • new: RT icon instead of text
  • new PRO: white on black theme

My only question now. How much longer before some big company acquires Twidroid? I think Twitter, Google, or any handset maker would be proud to make this their official client.

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  • Lemon

    The screen on the left is why app developers need graphics designers on staff. Those icons are WAY too big and complete hard against the actual useful information (the text).

    Still, I like all the improvements in Twidroid. I was a hater on a few things for a while, but they’ve fixed almost every single one of my gripes…

    Still the best Twitter client.

  • http://Website Tomas

    I was so impressed by 3.0, I made it my first paid app :) awesome. Although I really like Seesmic and the company behind it, Twidroid is just unbeatable with these features.

  • Lemon

    Oh yeah, AAM website DIES on the Tiwdroid HTML preview – comes up with some weird Safari/Javascript error.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Looks to be a problem with I am looking into it now.

      • velazcod

        no it’s actually because the twidroid “embedded” browser has javascript disabled. I have already emailed the developers about this, hopefully will get fixed soon.

  • Kelson

    I’m just glad they’ve finally made the action menu available on tweets in user profiles. That’s one of two things I missed about I Tweet, the other being that it would queue a new post when sending it failed — and it looks like I won’t have to wait long for that one!

  • sregister

    Twidroid is alright, but I will not use it until they fix me clicking on links/hashtags when i am scrolling and the buggy scrolling. With seesmic’s staff and community, they will be catching up fast. Oh yeah, 5 bucks for support and a widget, kinda silly.

  • Rob

    Twidroid is a must have on android. Far better than any other tweet client.

  • http://Website wintkat

    with this newest version is there any way to completely eliminate the zoom in and out function which for me takes up too much valuable screen space on my Eris

  • Ramon

    They better be the best. Motorola droid ads has twidroid as a app being use by the robot.

  • http://Website Matt

    I really don’t understand why people still use Twidroid.
    Yes, it has more features than any other Android client right now and yes, the speed is great. But it has lots of annoying things:
    - the UI is ugly for an Android app (at least they got rid of that list of buttons and replaced it by a context menu… they had to get to v3 to do that…)
    - threaded conversations introduced by v3 don’t work… at least on my account I can see only 2 conversations :/ on Seesmic on the other hand I can see 10+ and I can load older ones if I want…
    - in-app browser is full of bugs… and they don’t even show a loading indicator or something while the page is loading…
    - if I change my account info from Settings, and get back to home timeline or dm, the tweets/dm are mixed-up… I can see tweets/dm from bot accounts… what IS that? don’t they have QA?
    - they said individual tweet view is coming to v3… where is it?!
    - remember timeline position in v3… not always working… if I scroll to the 500th tweet and exit the app, when I get back it takes me to the end of the page (the 50th tweet, if this is what I have selected in Settings) and starts loading another page (so I can lose another API call…)
    - the bottom bar is too small… or my fingers are too big… why don’t they add the possibility to increase its size?

    Should I add more bugs I found?!
    By the way, I’ve tested the free version… v3… I’m gonna pay for the Pro version only when it starts looking like a solid client. Right now, I consider it beta version, like all the other Twitter clients for Android. At least the other ones are still at 1.x, they don’t disrespect us by reaching 3.x and still have lots of issues.

    My opinion is that they release new versions without proper testing (how can they do that, knowing they’re the most used Twitter client on Android app)… and they need to hire an Android designer, for God’s sake!

    I think all they care about is money… maybe they paid for this article too… “Twitter, Google, or any handset maker would be proud to make this their official client.” … yeah, sure… VERY proud… lol.

    There are similar clients out there: Swift, Seesmic, Twigee… they look much better, but they don’t have Twidroid’s functionality… I hope they will rise fast and show to Twidroid how they should make a solid client.

    Cheers! And sorry for being such an … but I was really hoping Twidroid has evolved, but they are still light years behind what I want from a Twitter client… and those bugs are driving me nuts!!

    I like Twigee the most for now… but I’ll probably start using Seesmic in the future if they add search and they improve the timeline loading times… it’s slow as hell right now on my G1.
    What other clients should I try? I Tweet & TwitterRide have ugly UI as well…

    • http://Website TK

      Why would we care about the other twitter clients when they lack so many of the features that Twidroid has? Its nice that they “look” better. And like you said, Twidroid has functionality and thats what is most important to most people.

      Yes Twidroid has a long way to go and definitely needs to improve its designs, but right now (especially with 3.0), its the best we have on Android.

      I wish the TweetDeck guys would port their iPhone app to Android.

  • Mast3r_Shake

    Matt, if you care about looks so much go out and get an iPhone (even though that phone now looks old and tired).

    Twidroid is the best hands down.

    • Matt

      Yes, that’s Twidroid’s main problem… the UI… not the bugs :)
      I hate iPhone, btw. Android is much better.

      I would like to see an objective comparison between the biggest Twitter clients out there… Taylor? :)
      Or maybe we should wait for Christmas… and see Twidroid 3.1…

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