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Like Boggle? Try WordUp!

Need to pass the time, or feel like trying a new game? You may want to try WordUp!, a Boggle-like Android game.

Clark and I like to go out, but we always end up with some dead time here and there, and that’s how we discovered WordUp!. Typing out the name makes me think of that hilarious song by Cameo, but don’t let that deter you!

It’s really simple. Once you’re playing just trace a path between letters that touch in any direction (diagonal too) to make words (they have to be at least 3-letter words). Each puzzle has a different amount of words that can be found, and the percentage of those that you find in the given time determines your points. The longer the word you find, the better your points will be.

I have been getting more and more addicted to this game, and still my highest score is only 35%. The thing that keeps me hooked is how at the end of the game, you can press “Show All Words” and it highlights every word you found among a list of everything you missed, which usually shows a handful of words that seem disappointingly obvious once the game is over. I do feel like this step helps you recognize the patterns in which words are found at times, so it helps you find words in later games that you may have overlooked before. One way I don’t think I’ll ever improve is knowing to look for words like, “ayin” or “coati.” Do any of you use those words in your regular vocabulary? Despite the oddballs, it is still really fun, and I find myself guessing at those oddball words from time to time and sometimes getting it right!

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If you’re interested, scan the QR code above. I’ve just been playing the free version, because the ads are extremely easy to ignore. Don’t go beating my score now.

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  • organizedfellow

    Downloaded. Tried.
    I am appalled by my poor language skills LMAO. Very fun game!

    • Angie Strickland

      Haha! No worries. Glad you like it.

  • http://Website Chris

    This dev did something fairly shady in my opinion. WordUp! was a pay-only app in the beginning, and one that I purchased(either for 1.99 or 99). Eventually, he made the paid version free, and then released a separate app that you had to pay for in order to get premium features, so I’d essentially have to buy the app a second time. I had an email exchange with him and he did offer a refund, but I think it was a pretty crappy move to begin with.

    As to the game itself, it’s definitely a fun, quality product.

    • http://Website Mike

      Chris: When I first put the game on the market, you were one of less than 50 people who purchased it. Since making a burger flipper’s wage was not what I had in mind, I decided to try another tack. My mistake was in not realizing I could refund money back in March.

      I’m sorry you’re still upset about this. I have refunded your 99 cents.

      Hope you continue to enjoy playing WordUp!

  • Wade

    I switched from using WordUp! to a similar game named Wuzzle due to issues I was having with WordUp’s interface allowing you to “hunt” for words by just randomly hitting letters.

    • Angie Strickland

      Nice, I’ll have to try it.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      Wuzzle is now called Wixel, and the paid version lets you play against users online. Wixel’s graphics are a little more polished, IMO. These word-puzzle games are pretty addicting… I just wish one of them would offer a customizable dictionary!

  • http://Website belzer

    Thanks for the review! I like it. I also play another word game called AlphaMixr, which is good.

  • Dan

    My wife and I have been looking for a replacement for scrabble which is not available on android. This game is really very good. We take turns and compare scores laughing at ourselves for some of the words we miss finding. Very entertaining and we learn as we play. Love it!

    • Angie Strickland

      Nice! I’m glad you both enjoy it. After hearing about Wixel, I had to try it, and I have been playing it more often now. It seems like there are more familiar words to find than in WordUp, but yes, they are still both addicting and fun :)

    • http://Website ThemeDex

      Hey, Dan, Word Feud is a GREAT scrabble-like game. it allows online play and has enough people that I have to wait very little time to get a game started. It supports adding to friends and in-game chatting.

      Anyone playing it, feel free to hit me up using the above user name.

      I’m going to try out Word Up! and AlphaMixr too – they sound fun. I love word games.

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  • http://Website Miss Best

    Should really have this game for blackberry or ipod touch

  • http://Website David

    This is a nice app – an addictive app – but it’s dictionary does not include many otherwise recognizable words. The ones I remember are: 1) arse, 2) thy, 3) thine, 4) hee, 5) dan …and certainly there are others I’ve forgotten.

    Is there a way to increase the dictionary?

  • http://Website Brandon

    I cannot find this game on the Android Market… and your 2-D barcode takes me to a page which says it can’t find anything.

    • http://Website Brandon

      Ah, it’s called WordzUp! now. Why change it?? That was such a clever name!

  • John

    This is cool app. I also like another boggle app called “Word ZigZag”. Check it out. It’s pretty addicting!

  • Lauren

    A decent app – but not nearly as good as the Word Seek available on Apple devices, so I was disappointed… A few major issues IMO & still waiting for the creators of Word Seek to create the same app for Android based products.

    Issues with this App:
    1) The random letter generator used, doesn’t seem very random. If you play it more than a few times a day, you will see the same combination of letters appear in very similar configurations. (This is the major difference between this app and Word Seek & the primary reason I think it lacks credibility.)
    2) The score changes inexplicably. For example, I can be almost out of time and the stats at the top states that I have 20 of 50 words (40%) and then I finish without any additional words and my final score is inexplicably something like 32%?? Annoying, but at least it doesn’t happen 100% of the time.
    3) As someone already stated, the dictionary is incomplete. Frustrating. There should at least be an easy link to send the developer a list of words to consider for updates. I don’t keep track of them as I go along but I know I get frustrated when I find words that are not accepted that I know are common words.

    This is a decent boggle type app for Android devices, but the quality is significantly inferior to Word Seek for Apple.