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Polarbit brings 3D multiplayer games to Android Market

Genuine 3D games don’t appear too often on the Android Market. When they do, we take note (Light Racer 3D, Speed Forge 3D, CowPotato, Mystique). Polarbit has just published their first title to the Android Market which is a 3D racing game.

Raging Thunder is a “gut-churning, tire burning racer developed for a broad range of mobile platforms and handheld devices. Race against time, CPU controlled opponents or up to three other speed addicts in this fast paced and exhilarating coin-op style racing game.”

I downloaded the game and played a few laps to snap some screens (see below). Overall it controlled better than I expected, but I will need to spend some more time with it before passing final judgment. Please note the game is paid (€3.00 or $4.29), but a free demo version is available. The developer also informs us that the game is not compatible with the Motorola Droid or HTC Tattoo.

Other games produced by Polarbit that might find their way to the Android Market include:

  • ToonWarz: A 3D action FPS featuring both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches.
  • Wave Blazer: Take on the most outrageous powerboats in the world.
  • Armageddon Squadron: Take to the skies in some of the most famous aircraft of WWII in this arcade flight-sim / shoot’em-up.
  • Iron Site: Offers a unique blend of action, strategy and simulation. The basic premise is deceivingly simple: destroy the enemy before he has a chance to destroy you!

For a preview of what is to come, check out the following video from the FPS game ToonWarz.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Thank you konoma for the tip]

Source: Polarbit

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  • http://Website Rasmus Roege

    Those two games might just be the most promising of anything i’ve ever seen on android. As of now the only game i’ve really enjoyed were robodefense and that free one that came with my magic..

  • http://Website sha

    Great, I just bought it! It’s the first game to my knowledge to use the native OpenGL support introduced in the NDK1.6

    Be careful, it seems Droid is not yet supported

  • http://Website Rasmus Roege

    Wow the demo is really cool! I’ll go buy the full game.. oh wait.. can’t, not in Denmark.

    Just tried the demo one time, and it seems really good! By far the most impressive 3D game for android and besides robodefense maybe the best one overall!

    • http://Website Richy

      They put it on slideme – i bought it from there

  • http://Website Eric

    Not a huge fan of racers, but I’ll be goddamned! If their FPS runs anywhere near as smooth as Raging Thunder, it’s a day-one buy for me.

  • http://Website roy

    Toonwarz seems cool. Don’t care about racers.

  • nEx.Software

    Works great on my Sapphire. Nicely done game. I do care for racing games, so this is exciting for me.

  • FckingAllen

    i LOVE racing games! so stoked. and that FPS game looks siiiiiiick

  • http://Website Ian Macfarlane

    Hi there – next time, could you please include a QRcode for the trial versions too, so we can more easily try it out before deciding to buy it or not?

    Also, paid apps aren’t available in lots of the world yet, so this would be especially useful to those readers.

    Many thanks!

  • kamisah

    this game is cool

  • http://Website James Lynch

    The flightsim and boat games are now in market. The flightsim is AMAZING. It says that it’s a 16 MB download, but it’s only 8, so don’t get too freaked out. it’s just a misnomer.

  • http://Website mariano

    I get my motorola milestone today! i need those gamessss!!!! Da*** screen resolution problem :-( (i think is that, right?)

    • http://Website momo

      I have a Milestone and Armaggedon Squadron (the flight sim one) 1.0.6. Runs perfect and smooth. I also tried the racing game demo and was not launching in the milestone… guess we have to wait for an update.

  • http://Website Nate

    Wow, it runs surprisingly smoothly on my myTouch.

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  • http://Website Dave

    I thought the ToonWarz controls are kind of hard to get used to. I need a keyboard and mouse :) Raging Thunder works great though, easy to control. Both games look great and run smoothly on Droid.

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  • ugurx

    ist’s download android game :)) the game is good.

    htc ( hetece )

  • mersin temizlik ÅŸirketleri

    Raging Thunder works great though, easy to control. Both games look great and run smoothly on Droid.

  • mersin temizlik firmaları

    Wow, it runs surprisingly smoothly on my myTouch.

  • Mersin Temizlik Hizmetleri

    thanks for articles..

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    Im sam, how is everyone?

    I look forwards to being a active memeber

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