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Preview LightUp — A new puzzler from ChickenBrick Studios

We had the privilege to preview one of ChickenBrick’s upcoming games, LightUp, which is a puzzle game where you trace a path from one square to the next to use every available square without overlapping. It’s a simple concept, but after progressing to the harder levels, I’ve found it can be pretty difficult to know a clear next step.

This is a more casual offering than we’re used to from ChickenBrick (known for their polished online multi-player titles like ProjectInf and Cestos) so its nice to see them branch out into new markets.

Look at some of the screens below to get a feel for the game. It has three different modes (normal, multi, and backtrack) and three levels of difficulty. “Normal” is the basic mode where you start at the green square and light up one path until you are finished. “Multi” gives you two green squares for two starting points whose paths have to collectively light up all squares to win, and “Backtrack” has one starting point, but allows you to go back over squares that you have already traced in order to light up all of the squares. If you make a mistake and need to start the level over, just shake your handset, or push menu.

If you’d like a hint, I’ve found that it helps me to think about starting by getting all of the outer squares, and working my way into the middle – sort of like a long snake that is coiled up. I can’t wait to see how the folks at ChickenBrick Studios finish this one up! We’ll be sure to give you an update when it is released.

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  • freddayyy

    theres another game like this, thats really good………..but idr the name. its the one with this ugly but cute character, that like “walks” above the steps……….damn i cant remember the name :(

  • max fadia

    this game looks interesting so i downloaded it from the android market and its fun but ill comment again later for further feelings i have about this game.

  • Matt

    @max fadia. LightUp is not yet available in the Android Market, so I’m not sure how you were able to download it as you claim. (I just double-checked, and it is definitely not in the market.) The team is still working on finalizing and polishing the game.

    Out of respect for the ChickenBrick team and the Android community as a whole, I’d like to ask that you post truthfully and honestly when commenting on articles.