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A trio of Nexus One videos to hold you over

All will be revealed on the Nexus One next week on January 5, but we have a few more days for details about the new Android 2.1 to leak out. Enjoy the following trio of videos as you wait for the coming Google announcement.

First we have a video from our friend John Walton of DroidDog. He captured a 10 minute video from YouTube (that got removed) and re-upped it for everyone to see. This is one of the best looks we have seen so far of the animated wallpapers featured in Android 2.1.

Next we have another guy lucky enough to get his hands on a Nexus One and run a quick benchmark on it. He performs the Qualcomm Neo Core benchmark and scores 26.7 fps. I doubt the benchmark is optimized for the Snapdragon because my HTC Magic scores 25.7.

Finally, we have a Motorola Milestone user who has loaded some of the Android 2.1 apps which have been back-ported. This video gives us a good look at the Google News and Weather app and widget, the desk clock, and new gallery.

Source: DroidDog

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  • CJ

    Wow, a threesome!

  • Mobilni

    In preview I saw in apps that is implemented gtalk that is great! Most I like dynamic playgrounds there are supertific!

  • Gib Wallis

    Thanks for putting these all in one spot!

    The third video was the most interesting in some ways because it shows that the laggy performance with scrolling I’ve seen on the Droid can be fixed by an OS update.

    It also means that, hopefully, the Nexus One won’t be laggy in final release, and this might even help the lagginess of the Xperia X10.

    Android OS needs to have the same zippy rendering of the iPhone to play well in the touch smart phone space.

    looks like it’s on its way!

    • http://Website Jmo

      Good points…I hate the lagginess on the X10 too. I hoped it was just because of early release software but I still haven’t seen any new videos of it where the tiles flow smoothly like SE showed on the demo videos

    • http://Website Oriv

      The music playing in the background of the last video, anyone know what the name is?

      • http:// AndroidHD

        the song : Michael Mills Better Days
        i forget on my video the new app music from 2.1 ;)
        so see you on my next vid …

  • http://Website Andrew

    Such a buzzkill this thing is only gonna be on T-Mobile. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna pay hundreds of dollars for the pinnacle of cell-phone technology, then saddle it with an EDGE network.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You could also pair the Nexus One with T-Mobile’s upcoming HSPA 7.2 and HSPA+ upgrades :)

      • http://Website Zer09

        Only if you live/work in very specific areas. I switched to Verizon because I was tired of not getting even enough signal to make phone calls in 80% of the state of North Carolina. Maybe in another two years Tmobile will have a decent network or merge with another company to actually provide worth while coverage.

  • http://Website Moby

    Does anyone know if the UI on the Nexus One is the new UI of stock Android?
    Or isit a special Nexus Theme on top? (much like Sense UI)

  • Drunknig

    Take a look at T-Mobile’s 3G coverage map right meow. How do we know their HSPA upgrades will even be available to the masses? I’m waiting for At&t to release a kickass android phone.

    • http://Website Maddy

      That’ll happen only after iPhone exclusivity ends (which is not too far now)

  • http://Website Brian

    Little by little the issues are being addressed and Android is getting snappier and sharper.

    Before long we’ll have 1/4″ thick phones with keyboards that have 10gb onboard and simply FLY..