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Android 2.1, who’s getting the update?

Last month we asked all the carriers and handset makers, What is the Android 2.0 release date for first generation phones? We didn’t get a lot of clear cut answers at the time, but several carriers have now come forward and stated their plans for Android 2.x updates.

There are currently seven Android phones in the United States running Android 1.x, so we are going to break the list down by carrier and see which are getting upgraded.


Last time we checked with Sprint, they told us they were currently working through their options with their manufacturing partners. It appears they got everything sorted out because Sprint tweeted that both of their Android phones will be getting Android 2.1. They provided a release date of first half 2010 (my guess is Q2 2010), but at least they confirmed their intentions.

  • HTC HeroYes, 1H 2010
  • Samsung MomentYes, 1H 2010

We are still waiting to find out how these major updates will be rolled out. Sprint initially indicated there would be wired updates, but that is subject to change.


For most of 2009, we have known T-Mobile to provide regular updates to their Android handsets. After the last Android 1.6 rollout, we have been left wondering if we would receive anymore. T-Mobile has told us they were coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0, but they have not specified which devices may receive it.

We recently saw HTC go on record and tell us no updates were planned for their Rogers Wireless Dream and Magic phones, so it would not be surprising to see a similar announcement for T-Mobile. However, both the Dream (G1) and Magic (MT3G) also serve as official Android Developer Phones, so we hope Google will continue to support them.

Things are not looking too good for the Motorola CLIQ. It recently received an update, but it focused on bug fixes and left the firmware at Android 1.5. The last time we asked Motorola about Android 2.0 coming to the CLIQ, they basically said to get a Droid to experience the latest version of Android. We also reported on a rumor that the CLIQ could be stuck on Android 1.x and have seen nothing to dispute that yet.

Samsung Behold II owners are the only T-Mobile customers who have something to look forward to right now. Their device shipped with Android 1.5, but Samsung said Android 2.0 would be made available “when it arrives”. The announcement came from a YouTube video, but it is better than nothing. Since Samsung is also updating their Sprint Moment, I would say things look good for the Behold II.

  • HTC G1Unknown
  • HTC myTouch 3GUnknown Yes
  • Motorola CLIQUnknown Yes
  • Samsung Behold IIYes, “when it arrives”

Hopefully, T-Mobile will give us an answer on their other phones soon (even if the answer is no).

Verizon Wireless

Verizon was the carrier that launched the first Android 2.0 phone (Droid), but they also have the Android 1.5 powered HTC Droid Eris. Last time we asked Verizon about updates, they could not provide any additional information.

HTC told us Verizon had to request an update and it looks like that is what happened after customers spoke out. Information Week reported that a Verizon rep confirmed an Android 2.0 update for the HTC Droid Eris sometime in Q1 2010.

  • HTC Droid ErisYes, Q1 2010

It was not exactly an official press release, but we will take it.

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    this is bull shit. t-mobile needs to roll out 2.x to original android phones. the g1 and the mytouch. maybe google needs to conact cyanogen and dwang so they can help google make a decent upgrade.

    • codethief

      The fact that something is possible (Iike apps2sd) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the way to go or that the way Cyanogen (or another developer) implemented it is ideal. They’re certainly talented but, basically, they’re just hacking things together (or rather collecting hacks from different people).
      In contrast to that, Google probably has the industry’s highest standard in terms of source code quality. Just take a look at the Google Testing Blog ( and one of the guys behind it ( and you get an idea of what code quality is. I highly doubt that the XDA-developers meet those standards (without having taken a look at their codes).

    • http://Website Sergio

      Thats exactly what i said, the G1 and MT3G, basically gave Android its name so i think its more than fair that we keep getting all updates, (atleast MT3G) that have more memory, thats why i rooted my phone Cyanogen is way ahead of Google and Android!

  • http://Website J813

    This is why i left the My Touch for the Bold 9700, I love Android and what it offers, but i am noticing that since it is so open it also has some drawbacks, and this is a HUGE one, not all Android devices get the same update. WTF? Also there are no Android devices that have built in memory another WTF? I will go back but will wait till they get everything straighten out, and my guess is that this “nexus” phone will change all that, and leave some people very upset. For now i will stick with my BB 9700 until i see the right device comeout out from Android.

    • Dave H.

      Agreed – the fragmentation in devices and OS updates was frustrating, and I left too…

      Still monitoring Android news in case something happens, though!

    • http://Website Jbird

      While you guys wait I will enjoy my free google navigation, google voice and the new google gaggles with the recent update on my my-touch. Talk about through out the baby with the bath water.

    • http://Website Jnl813

      I as well left the My Touch after this, and i hope Google does things different from now on. This can be another big thing that Apple can poke fun at.. i can see it now on TV.. “Have up to 32gb of built in memory…can your phone or network do that?” and Google… you can, just choose not to, so basically you are doing what Apple is doing with their phones…selling a hlaf baked cookie…bkaed it a little more then re sell it.

  • Mike

    What are your thoughts on a possible Q1 release of 2.1 for the Sprint Hero? Sprint has scheduled an update to the Sprint Navigation app for February. Would this not be a good time to roll out 2.1 as well, instead of writing 2 updates for it (one for 1.5 and one for 2.1)?

  • haydenTheAndroid

    While it will be unfortunate if 2.0+ don’t come to the G1, I won’t be too distraught since we got the new maps with navigation, which is what I wanted most from the update.

  • alex

    i want it on my cliq!!!!!!

  • http://Website Jose

    I am ready to dump the Cliq for another Android phone. I really like the Android platform but not the 1st generation. It’s too bad Motorola and Google could release Android 2.0 or later for the Cliq. It’s time to move on…maybe an unlocked phone is the way to go and not commit to a phone company like Tmobile. NexusOne seems like a good choice.

  • http://Website Thorpe

    The problem isn’t with Android, Google or Tmobile not wanting to deliver 2.0 to the original Android handsets. The problem is caused by the hardware they used in the early phones. The G1 (and others) simple do not have enough ROM space to directly deploy Android 2.0 onto. Yes, hopefully Tmobile will look at what the mod community has done and see if they can replicate it. So it WOULD NOT matter if you had an unlocked phone! If you have a device that cannot fit Android 2.0 on it, you wont get it. Simple as that.

    • http://Website Weez

      thats not true cause i have a cyanogen rom with eclair on my g1 and it has just about all the 2.0 features of the droid. navigation, icons ect.

  • http://Website Michael

    I’m trying to make sense of these upgrade approaches. So here is some complete speculation — no real facts here.

    I don’t think it’s really about memory — it is about return on investment. HTC, for example has a bunch of great phones coming out. We know for about the Nexus One, and the Bravo and several others. They no doubt have engineers assigned to these phones.

    So what is the payback if the pull a couple of engineers off to work on the G1. I doubt they are making any money on G1 sales any more. They’d probably rather see a customer purchase an Nexus One. So who pays the $100k of salaries to port this puppy? Especially since there are no profits to be made off that $100k? It’s not just the software dev time but the support costs. Basically, the carriers are probably hit up with a bill — we’ll port it if you pay us $200k per phone model. Is it worth it to them?

    Of course, us consumers act as if it is our right to have the latest software, but cell phones would be unique if that is so. If you buy some under-powered netbook, don’t expect to be able to load up the latest office app two years later. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s only warranty is that it works in the form they shipped it to you with the O/S that they shipped. If you decide to try a dualboot windows 10 and hackintosh 15 its at your own risk. And you pay MS and apple for the O/S — none of this free stuff.

    So how do we solve this? 1) Are we willing to pay for upgrades? I know Android is free, but the cost of porting clearly isn’t. And this brings us to …

    2) The bigger problem may be with Google and the design of Android. When we get a new copy of Windows it is generally backwards compatible with existing hardware. No need to update the bios. As long as your hardware meets the minimum configuration (speed, memory) it works. It’s clear that things are not that simple with Android. I suspect they have to do some refinement at the H/W level to insure that the upgrade experience is more seamless. Furthermore, I suspect this is part of the reason behind the ‘fragmentation’ of the market.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I believe you are 100% correct. I have heard of some companies who didn’t set a budget for Android upgrades.

      Also, Google made significant changes to the Linux kernel in Android 2.0 which broke compatibility for several existing hardware drivers. This was done on purpose because Android 2.0 was developed to work on the Droid and they were not concerned with existing phones at the time.

      • codethief

        Why exactly should they do that purpose?

    • Rick Anderson

      That’s a very good thought and discussion – ok – so what if Android 2.x was made available for a T-Mobile G1 in the Android market for a $1. Certainly there’s incentive as a developer to at least break even if not make a profit.

      Now, as a consumer, does that piss you off and make you want to leave T-Mobile or are you willing to burden that cost because you want to latest OS and understand that nothing is truly for free. What if is was $2?

      Here’s the other argument as well – when it comes down to it – I pay a lot of money every month for handful of G1′s and Mytouch’s in my family plan – not just the phone service, but also the $25 a month for internet so I can receive the “google experience” (remember – can’t get a contract and an Android phone without it) on all of our phones. Certainly there’s a dollar a month in all those fees that can go to maintaining a high level of “google experience”.

      • http://Website ZRod

        I would pay.

  • http://Website Derek

    Get an iPhone! Apple supports even the oldest phone with free OS upgrades. In addition to getting updates on a regular basis, the OS and app store are hundreds of times better than that crap thats on android and in their marketplace.

    I dumped my Droid phone after 3.5 weeks. Couldnt stand the buggy OS or the ridiculously cheesy apps in the Marketplace. I couldnt believe the crap that people were writing for Android and were charging $1.99, $2.99, even $4.99 for utter garbage.

    Thats what you get when you have to code your app entirely in java. Check out the iphone app store, there’s a free app for anything you want or need to do and even the free apps kick butt, because its all in Obj-C. Iphone OS is a REAL OS, not just a java runtime environment like Android.

  • http://Website AndroidBoy

    Yup. Keep it up Google and we will trade in our phones for the iPhone!

  • http://Website fort

    Was this an update? hell I could have told everyone this. Please make the next update Up or Down. Thanks.

  • http://Website Mike24611

    I would be hesitant to pay for the update but a buck would be fine especially since the t mobile plans are good. But this is definitely something that should have been planned, to make us wait this long with no answer is ridiculous. The Iphone is calling me but I hate ATT

  • http://Website Fusion

    I am very upset with Android, Google, and T-mobile. When you sign up with a two year contract it is your right to receive updates. I might be going back to my IPhone in January. I’m not going to buy another android powered phone for the same reason now… it will be obsolete. I Have a MT3g, and i love it but all these bugs need to be fixed. Android was not ready for public release. I had the G1 and got rid of it because i thought 1.6 was not being released for the G1. So I bought the MT3g and now im in the shoes. [email protected]#$ing sucks.

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Those of you upset that 2.0 is not on the MT3G or G1, go download Cyanogen’s great works, or any of the leaked 2.1 ROMs and flash them onto your phones if you need it so bad.

    A lot of phones don’t ever get ‘official’ upgrades, but there’s a huge community that is waiting to port that upgrade to YOUR phone, so just be patient.

    2.0 is coming, and we’ll all have it one way or another.

  • http://Website astro

    what about phones outside US, we are not tied to carriers…when do we get eclairs, any news from HTC!!?

  • http://Website ZRod

    What the hell? The Magic/myTouch and Cliq aren’t even that old and they are already giving up on them? Thats complete crap, especially with the Magic/myTouch because its standard Android and literally takes NO effort on HTC’s/T-Mobile’s end to update.

  • Vidmantas

    Hey, include Galaxy into this list which is in the state “uknown” also :(

  • http://Website Richy

    It would be nice if you looked outside the US too…

    • http://Website Ener

      I agree, god damn it!

  • http://Website OGC313

    The G2 Touch hasn’t been mentioned?

  • http://Website kasrhp

    I have the G1, and have been a huge Android fan, up until now. Its getting ridiculous seeing all of the different versions out now. Newer phones have older versions than some old phones. Newer phones wont get some updates, etc.

    Fact is, Android is breaking apart, FAST. Its terrible to see, but there is no reason for it. I have never been an iPhone fan, but I think its a no brainer between the two unless Google gets Android back on track, quickly.

    The open operating system is great, until there are 10 versions of it. There shouldnt be a problem with devices getting future updates, at least for many years out. Realistically, even if the Nexus one is great, it will still be just one more version of an OS. And most of the folks will be wondering why this Android phone can do that, while this Droid doesnt do that.

    Google, please get it back on track. Otherwise, Im bouncing over to the closed, evil, OS thats named after a fruit.

  • http://Website T. Devon Jackson

    I will have to go back to BlackBerry if my MyTouch does not get this update. T- Mobile stands to lose a lot of our business by not offering updates to all android phones. I don’t know, I guess I will have to wait and see, but if the MyTouch does not get the update, I will most likely switch carriers and go to another android phone or go back to the BlackBerry. But, then again, let’s see what the Nexus One has to offer.

  • doda

    This happens every 5 months if google doesn’t want people to be mad about a update they need to stop bringing new os to every couple of new phones I love my g1 but every time I see some new better os for android it makes me mad cuz its only a year old the iphone is like 3 and always gets the latest updat if they don’t want to loos there buzz fast not giving updats is the first way to do it whoressssss

    • http://Website adc

      personally its google fault i have a mytouch and if i dont have the update ill get rid of android for good and get a blackberry

  • Titty!

    I’ve been told 2.x IS coming to mt3g..

  • madmohican

    It’s not android that is “breaking apart”, ppl…

    it’s the carriers and the manufacturers that put together the most cost effective phones that will bring in the best profit. Think about it.


    It’s not Google’s fault your G1 has 70 MB of internal memory rather then 90 MB in the MyTouch. They are both HTC products. Carriers should be thinking of more adaptive reasons to KEEP their current customer base as well as attracting new customers. get rid of the “contract” period before updating current customers to new phones.

    I have my issues too. But as long as we have options, the current state of Android will only get better.


  • http://Website Jasper

    On the dutch t-mobile support forum, an t-mobile rep has confirmed that android 2.0 will be coming to the “huawei” pulse in Q1 2010.

  • fusion20b

    G1 and Mytouch3g getting update 2.5 in January. I guess we are getting some update soon. check this link out.

  • http://Website ibnturab

    The new Android phones should all come out with enough processing power and ram to support them for atleast 2 yrs. I don’t think that is too much to ask, especially since android is very much in its infancy. I like the specs of the nexus one 1.0ghz processor and 512mb ram == thats seems to be the direction they are headed alteast with that unit.

  • http://Website ari-free

    So this is the reason for Nexus One. Everyone else would much rather have you get the latest hardware instead of the latest OS. Google’s not a hardware company…they’d much prefer if this phone only cost one buck so they could sell zillions of phones that become more valuable with more updates.

  • http://Website Patlex

    If you speak to any VZW rep or tech support as of recently they will tell you that there is an update planned for the 22nd of January.They are not sure what version of 2.x is it, or what is being fixed as HTC is still working on that. HTC will also tell you they have plans for another fix update to deal with every issue people have emailed and called HTC about, which is different than 2.x update.

    • amgarlin

      If its an update it has to be 2.1. That’s the only place it could go from 2.0. Who’s heard of any further update.

  • manjupelle

    Hi all,
    Can i update my HTC Tattoo from Android 1.6 to Android 2.0 ?

  • http://Website cece

    in France, SFR wrote on twitter that their HTC Magic (same hardware as the myTouch 3G) should be updated OTA to 2.0 in 2010 Q1

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  • Don LaVange

    I was on the phone with t-mobile support the other day for an unrelated issue. When I was done I asked about the upgrade to 2.1 for the My Touch. The guy I spoke to told me that he had just received an internal memo saying that 2.1 (not 2.0) was going to be sent to both to G1 and MyTouch customers shortly. He said while there was no date in the memo that they all took it generally to mean within a month or two.

    I thought that was good news, but about time!

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  • http://Website randy

    is the my touch fender going to need the update?

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