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Android Market Opinion Poll, December 09

Last month we had the idea to run a small opinion poll on the Android Market and found out a strong majority of our audience was happy with Google’s app store. The biggest complaints came from users with Android 1.5 phones (which lacks the latest version of the Android Market). Overall, most customers were satisfied with the recent upgrades Google has made over the last year.

T-Mobile customers with Android 1.6 phones (G1 and myTouch 3G) began receiving a silent update which enabled carrier billing for paid apps and added a new section for T-Mobile suggested downloads.

Sprint has also promised to allow carrier billing, but has yet to provide a launch date.

Will the new billing options be enough to further boost the approval rating or will complaints about the old Android Market continue to grow?

Let us know what you think and check back next week for the results.

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  • http://Website andrew

    I think the biggest thing that google needs to do with the market is add the ability to filter by the amount of downloads and by the ranking…when you search for example , twitter, in the market you just get a whole random bunch of apps listed in no apparent order…i would like to be able to see which the most downloaded apps are and which are getting the highest ratings…with a minimum of a certain number of ratings…i would also like to see the ability to decide where the search looks…for example if it looks in the name of the app, in the description of the app, the developer name or in the comments…it would be nice to be able to have more advanced search features…i feel like google could EASILY do this considering they are GOOGLE and all…if this gets added i cannot see how the market could get any better other than some UI updates…maybe more than two screen shots would also be nice…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I would be happy if they fixed

      1. half my downloads always stalling
      2. search

  • Zacqary Adam Green

    Overall, I disapprove because there’s absolutely no discoverability, save for the Featured Apps which never change.

    Oh, and the fact that “Starting Download” never goes away half the time. That’s annoying.

    I’m on a G1 with Android 1.Ï€ Doclair (or, more accurately, Cyanogen), and I don’t care that I didn’t get the carrier billing update because Google Checkout isn’t all that bad, you guys, seriously.

  • http://Website William

    My personal issue is that there is no off-device interface. They really need a web client or an app, ala iTunes. A desktop app, even web app, would provide a lot more opportunities for discoverability, people could link to apps from various sites. Maybe not even have purchasing but maybe send a link to your phone via sms or something.

    A problem for a lot of people that I’ve talked to, not really an issue for me but I certainly understand it, is the non-native currency. Google requires apps be sold in the currency of the country of the app author. How hard would it be to localize it for the purchaser? Its off putting to see stuff thats 2 euros. Even though its all through the same Google Checkout system it appears like your sending money overseas to buy a twitter widget. (even though thats exactly what you are doing)

  • http://Website Christopher

    Add the ability to favorite apps. Because sometimes I download an application for one use and then delete it for space. For example tip calculators. Something i dont regularly use but download when i need to

  • Mark

    I’ve actually dropped to “strongly disapprove”.

    Need a webfront end, a “download all updates” function like the App store, the ability to find more apps by the same dev, and a better way to “restore” if a user has to do a factory reset of their device.

    Horrible download performance lately. There is no rhyme or reason as to why some d/ls fly and others barf and drag.

    • JAguirre1231

      You can look for apps by the same dev, find the app and scroll down to “more by developer”

      • Craigo

        I wish it was called “More by developer” it is actually called “View more applications” under the “About the developer” title. People miss it because nobody reads the title.

  • miguel

    Are you going to keep running the same poll until you get the answers you want?

    • http://Website anon

      they post the polls to see how users feel about the android market on a month to month basis to see how well users feel google is doing on refining the market.

      i’m pretty sure everyone here wants it to be good, but everything could always be improved, or it could worsen with certain changes. so i say its a good thing they’re doing this.

      that said the only real request i have left is a web/desktop interface for the market. sorry but i’d much rather search through apps on a 20 in screen than a 3.5 in anyday of the week ;-)

  • Bryan Anderson

    My big issue with Market is that my T-Mobile G2 (HTC Touch) is just as it came from T-Mobile….no upgrades, hacks, unlocking or anything, yet I can’t find ANY protected apps on the Market and therefore can’t buy them. If I can’t buy them then the developers lose money and stop developing and Android dies.

    And NO-ONE seems to be taking ownership of this. I can’t even find a contact at Google to email about it.

  • JAguirre1231

    I hate the search, it seems to have gotten better since 1.5- but come on the King’s of search have suckish search in the market. Suggestions if you get it wrong, related things, bring some of the Google websites features to the market

    And then more filters and a downloaded number higher than 250,000>

  • nEx.Software

    I still don’t have carrier billing on either of my phones. I don’t have the new Market client on one of my phones. I don’t have an effective way to find apps I might like due to a lack of discoverability and inadequate search. As a developer, I get almost no information about my own applications (forcing the use of third party analytics solutions and the Internet permission where I might not have needed it before, if I want to know anything about my users). I’m sure I am missing something but I have to get to work… I’ll come back later if I think of anything I have not already said.

  • f0x

    I strongly disagree that the market is okay.
    They need to create a filter for all the junk apps, like the 15000 apps for ringtone photos and cheap crap apps. Id like to be able to filter out certain companies so i dont have to go to an external site just to find one good app after ripping apart the rest of the market.

  • Ramon

    Time to go back to the iphone(just saying). I agree with everyone here and has nex said, no update as yet to get carrier billing on my phone(G1). Taylor, is there some way you could show google android developers this page and its comments on the market?

  • http://Website Scuff

    I think the issue is that everyone is comparing the Android Market to the current benchmark (i.e. iTunes) and finding…

    1. The iTunes store is accessible via iTunes on your PC/Mac as well as via your iPhone/Touch. This is allows you to perform searches and review content with much less hassle versus having to do it via your phone. My Droid is great, but I wish there was at least a web version of the Android market. The current version is weak.

    2. You can only buy apps on the Android Marketplace. iTunes allows you to purchase/download apps, music and video. There is no place that I know off that lets you do that with a Android device (maybe, but not yet noteworthy). Movies/TV shows I’ve downloaded from iTunes won’t play on my Droid.

    3. The Android Marketplace’s “hands-off” approach, means that there’s not much QA. Anybody can slap just about anything up there making content searches via phone quite tedious. Compare this to iTunes which is heavily regulated by Apple. There are specific requirements, standards and approval required for anyone wanting to offer an app on iTunes.

    iTunes is like the new master-planned shopping center in your neighborhood with the PF Chang’s and Nordstroms. The Android Marketplace is like going to the weekend swap-meet. Which crowd do you think has more $$$?

  • http://Website Marcus

    Can anybody explain to me why there are so many countries where the purchase of paid apps is unavailable?
    I am living in Singapore and I’ve been waiting for paid apps for over a year now… Nothing.. Its absolutely annoying when ppl talk about great apps that are not available to so many people.

    There are many apps I’d like to purchase, but I cant.. Maybe it would help if Google starts allowing paid apps in more countries.. Many Devs complain about slow sales… Wish i could help………

    I took Apple a year or so to start paid apps in Singapore.. What take Google so long..

  • http://Website Deeb215

    The market is way behind IMHO. For example: there’s no bookmark features, no advanced search capabilities, the couple of screenshots helped but should have been implemented from the start, we should have videos of the apps in use as well, maybe the ability to install older versions of apps as well( not so important to me because of backup apps and such), last but not least the ability to download from a web based or desk top app store. Also there should be sponsored/discount downloads sometimes. Google has to stop pussyfootin around if they really want to kill the iphone.

  • http://Website Adrian

    Oh for god’s sake, another poll now now that a few tmo customers get carrier billing? Bleh, slow news day, me thinks.

  • http://Website Charrion

    I’m with Marcus, but I’ll add Canada to the list of countries that STILL don’t have access to paid apps without using apps like Market Enabler. T-Mo customers are complaining that carrier billing still doesn’t work, wah, at least you can legitimately buy apps.

    Of course, the rest of the laundry list of complaints like search (come on Google, your own market app sucks at search?), filtering, recommended apps, group upgrades, etc.

    Frankly, if this poll produces results any higher than disappointed, I’ll know it’s fixed.

  • http://Website Adam

    As long as all we do is compare android to iTunes, and live in the iphones shadow, Android will always be the cheaper alternative to the iphone.

    The best way to succeed at this sort of thing, in my view, is to stop thinking, “what does the iphone have which we don’t?” like spoilt kids, and instead think,

    “What would I want on a smart phone?”

    Seriously guys, Apple aren’t wizards, Android just needs to crawl on its belly out of the murky waters of the iphones shadow, and find out what it can evolve into given the chance to breathe on dry land.

  • Cuc Tease

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