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Buyer’s Guide Day 2 – Gifts for her

Back for day 2 of the holiday buyer’s guide with another list of goodies, this time for our female fans. We gathered from a couple comments/tweets that we’d have some upset readers on our hands if we resorted to picking things just because they were pink or flowery so we did our best to pick out useful items that you won’t be embarrassed to purchase and she won’t roll her eyes at on Christmas morning.

Car mount

holiday-bg-day2-car-mountWith the introduction of turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps, every Android phone (well, any device with at least 1.6) was instantly upgraded into a full-fledged GPS navigator. Take advantage of the situation with a car mount, the easiest way to stick a phone onto a windshield or dash.

When we made the Android Road Trip, we had three mounts with us and it made things much easier. The iGrip universal mount will hold just about any phone and has a great quick-release (iGrip Swivel Mount from the AAM Store – $29.95). If you don’t want something hanging from the middle of your windshield or live in a state where it’s illegal (California and Minnesota) you can try a Arkon “friction style” mount for the dash (Arkon dash mount from the AAM Store – $29.95).

Full coverage case

holiday-bg-day2-casesAccording to Angie, a purse or handbag is no place for an unprotected phone. Keys, wallets, pens- all floating around in there waiting to destroy a shiny new phone. Remedy the situation with a nice, leather case and keep that phone in mint condition.

A side-loading case seems to be best for quick phone retrieval and, most importantly, protects the entire screen surface. Some smaller snap-on cases leave the screen exposed (and your keys would just love to see that). For style points, try a Krussel (Krussel Horizon case from the AAM Store – $24.95). For selection and options, try a case from Smartphone Experts (SME Side Pouch from the AAM Store – $24.95).

Bluetooth headset

holiday-bg-day2-bluetoothAhhh, Bluetooth. King of the mobile conversation (and for goobs like me, a lot more what’s and huh’s before I realize it’s not me she’s talking to). With a Bluetooth headset she’ll not only be able to answer the phone without digging it out of her purse, she’ll also enjoy hands-free conversations. Freeing up both hands is a great way to not let a call slow you down while working or help keep things a bit safer in the car.

For something affordable and low-profile, try a Samsung headset (Samsung WEP-200 from the AAM Store – $39.95). Looking for something a bit sleeker and higher performance? Check out the Motorola H12, sporting diamond-cut metal and dual microphones (Motorola H12 from the AAM Store – $69.95)

Flickr Pro account

holiday-bg-day2-flickrWith today’s devices you don’t just get a phone, you get a pretty solid camera. Sure, you won’t be the next Ansel Adams but for snapping photos of friends at a party or out on the town, the cell phone camera is king. To house and share all those photos, get her a Flickr Pro account (1 year of Flickr Pro – $24.95).

A Flickr Pro account comes with all kinds of goodies: unlimited uploads, storage, bandwidth- everything you’d make picture (and video) sharing as smooth as possible. To make things easier, the Android market is filled with apps that can push to Flickr, our favorite being Pixel Pipe Lite. Plus Flickr offers a printable, foldable card with the gift accounts, saving you a trip to the drug store to pick up another card.

Until tomorrow…

For day 3 we’ll be posting a list for the Android-powered student. While making the list it made me realize how much I would’ve benefited from a smartphone while in college so if you’ve got a kid headed to school or someone knowledge-bound in your family, make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s list.

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