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Camangi WebStation internet tablet

Camangi is entering the Android fray with the Camangi WebStation, a slick 7inch internet tablet scheduled to release soon. While the device is not currently available, Camangi has finished a round of early bird coupons and says pre-orders should be available “in the upcoming days.”

The WebStation comes bundled with a number of apps to make it more tablety, like a digital frame, ebook reader, full screen weather, etc. The rumored price point is $399, which puts this somewhere in the range of a high-end netbook.

In support of the WebStation, Camangie has launched the Camangi Market, a dedicated app market already sporting a handful of downloads. The Camangie Market is aimed at devices with larger screens, a novel idea.

Unlike any other Android app store, Camangi Market is positioned to serve the 5 to 9-inches device. We believe that there is a potential market waiting to be developed and irrigated. Smaller screen size can no longer satisfy new and growing applications. Larger device within 6 to 9-inches can be conveniently carried while maintaining practicability. The charm of Android will be revealed on its entirety on high end devices.

The Camangi WebStation sure looks high end, but the specs leave a bit to be desired. Its shipping with an outdated Android 1.5 (its getting so common now its almost hard to fault a company for going that route but I still like my software up to date, dammit!) and has roughly the same processing power and memory that we’ve seen in other devices. But it’s got a huge glass touch screen and a stand for using on a desktop or as a picture frame so its definitely scoring points in the style column. Find some pictures and specs below or check out the whole list at the Camangi site.

  • Height: 4.72 inches (120mm)
  • Width: 7.87 inches (200mm)
  • Depth: 0.57 inches (14.5mm)
  • Weight:13.75 ounces
  • Google Android 1.5
  • CPU: Marvell PXA303 624MHz
  • System memory: 128MB Mobile DDR
  • Flash memory: 265MB NAND (system)
  • Input: Software keyboard; USB keyboard support
  • 7-inch TFT LCD, 16M True Color
  • Single Resistive touch panel with hard glass
  • High-resolution screen, 800-by-480 pixels
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  • mernen

    1.5? That’s weird, this tablet should really report its characteristics (large-screen, low-density) for apps, and that requires 1.6.

    The idea of a separate store to avoid confusion isn’t bad, but considering the fact above, it was pretty much a necessity.

  • vixitl

    It is a good attempt at innovation however I am still waiting for the dual screen, Pixel Qi devices which have enormous potential to obliterate ebook readers, netbooks, and this “tablet” device as we know it.

  • http://Website 94wolf

    Needs a dedicated recipe app. Would be great for the kitchen. Though at $400. There had better be some pies being made in my kitchen!

  • http://Website MISACOOP

    What is it going to take to upgrade this device for Android 2.0?

  • Vladimir Kelman

    Here’s a Google Wave dedicated to Camangi WebStation:!w%252BIvrcFIa2F

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