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CLIQ updated but still outdated

T-Mobile began rolling out an OTA update for the Motorola CLIQ yesterday, but it was not the Android 1.6 update we had been hoping for. Instead, the update focused on bug fixes and the phone’s firmware version remains on Android 1.5. We first reported on the rumor that the CLIQ might be stuck on Android 1.5 and we have yet to see any new information to contradict that. Hopefully, this is the first of many updates coming to the CLIQ and it will eventually get Android 2.0.

Highlights of the update include:

  • Longer Battery Life
  • New Battery Management Feature
  • Better Bluetooth
  • Touch Screen Accuracy
  • TTY Option
  • Better Business Connections
  • Improved Caller Connectivity
  • Quick Office 2
  • Accelerometer Enhancements

For more details on the recent update, see the official release notes from Motorola.

Our friend John Walton from DroidDog has uploaded a short video of the update process.

We also have some additional information about the CLIQ update from our contributor Justin Shapcott:

All the way back on November 2nd, we reported on a problem with the OpenGL ES implementation on the CLIQ. That story caught the attention of Motorola and and gave us a chance to work with Motorola to identify and document the issue. One month later, we are happy to report that this issue has been resolved with the recent OTA update that was shipped by Motorola and T-Mobile.

Eric Cloninger (Sr. Product Manager, MOTODEV Studio for Android) requested additional information from us, and we provided the necessary information and an Android project that exhibited the problem. With this information, Eric was able to get issue resolved with the CLIQ development team and the fix was released as part of the recent update.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Eric for taking it upon himself to go above and beyond his duties and help us to help CLIQ Users (and Android Developers) get through this issue.


If you have a CLIQ and received the latest update, please let us know your thoughts on it. I had to completely stop using my CLIQ because of the touchscreen and battery drain issues so I’m interested to see how it performs.

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  • http://Website BD

    The update installed cleanly, no problems at all. Very happy with the Cliq in general… battery life; which for me was always pretty reasonable now does seem just a tad better. Touch screen sensitivity (which was admittedly just a trifle too sensitive) now seems dialed down just enough to still make scrolling and touching better.

    I really do like this phone… even more than the Droid or MT3G (both of which I tried extensively). Kudos to Motorola for such a quick response and getting a rev of fixes out (compared to the Sprint HTC Hero which took far longer after release). I am fine on Android 1.5 for now; it does everything I “really” need, would be nice if Moto can now deliver the 2.0 upgrade in the next 60-90 days or so.


  • http://Website Tia

    The update went cleanly for me also. I have not really noticed any changes yet. It was a good phone for me from the start. I really enjoy my cliq. Like the user above, it does pretty much everything I need it to without any hassels.

  • http://Website zach

    what tmobile needs to do is get 2.0 to the g1 and mytouch 3g because the g1 and the my touch make up more than 50% of androids sales.

  • Scott B

    There is still an issue with the touchscreen: occasionally a touched spot is unresponsive. The workaround remains two consecutive clicks of the Menu button.

    On the other hand, I did not experience abnormally short battery life prior to the update. I ran at least 2 complete conditioning cycles early on. I use no Motoblur News widgets, though I do use the Happenings, Messages, and Social Status.

  • dextah

    What’s the deal with this kinda OTA update for those of us with the dext in france or the uk, on Orange? Is there someway we can get it?

  • brian

    had g1 and switched to cliq for better camera and motoblur. the touch screen was horrible to begin with. several spots that would go unresponsive. so far with update I haven’t had any problems yet. battery life was usually a little less than a days worth for me and I’m not on the phone for 8hrs straight while I’m at work so i’d say a good 5hrs of solid use per charge. this is the first day with update so ill post back after tonight with wether the battery held out any longer

  • http://Website Colin

    I got excited when i saw the update. Was thinking 1.6 or 2.0…. maybe some time soon? The update went fine. I haven’t noticed any difference in battery life, but i’m a medium user.

  • brian

    after a full day with the new update I can say I have had no trouble spots with the touch screen (use to be 5 to 7 times a day) and the battery life has increased drastically! very satisfied…. if only it had a track ball and a 6row keyboard. I hope htc has something with a physical keyboard planned for sometime later this year on tmo

  • brian

    1.6 donut for when I had my g1 made the phone so slow. I’m not looking fwd to getting it on the cliq but ill take 2.0

  • http://Website Jason

    I never had a problem with the battery. It usually lasted about 1.5 days. Now it is dying on me after several hours. I charged it overnight and left for work at about 5 am. It was dead by my last break at 12:00. I wish I wouldn’t have downloaded the update. Any suggestions? Everyone here seems to think that it is better but both mine and my supervisor’s cliq’s died today.

    • nEx.Software

      You CAN flash back to the older version, but it’s a tough tricky. I’ve done it several times (a lot actually). I bounce back and forth between versions.

  • http://Website harman2

    i want the 2.0 like the people ho have the droid and the hero t mobile is lest us in the back whit 1.5 and they never say nothing to us the people how bay the cliq

  • http://Website Denny_1

    ver. 1.5 on at thia time, the 1 update i did (not to 2.0) killed quickoffice, I went from a G1 to a cliq and some working apps stopped working. What i was told is that the G1 was 1.6 and the apps were written to run on 1.6, the Cliq is 1.5 thats why some force close (my map editor and lost GPS nav.) but ver. 2.0 is about a week away. I hope they all work like they did on the G1.

    • http://Website Jeanniya

      Hey MIke I got the Quick Office app with the download update…what was the purpose of them adding that to the update???

  • http://Website mike

    I did notice some good improvments after getting the update but my touchscreen still has some issues. Also I didn’t get quikoffice 2, has anyone else noticed this?

  • http://Website jeanniya

    Well I’ve been reading up in a few places on the Cliq’ Motorola off my list that I wld never by a phone from them until I actually saw this Cliq’ and absolutely loved it…now I was leaving my Blackberry and was choosing the My Touch or the Cliq’. Now my dissapointments with the Cliq are quite extensive for a new phone that I just purchased a month ago… the touch screen is off and not configured quite right, the widgits can be a hassle to open most times, the contacts I have in my phone seems to act like the contacts are not there and always loads the contact afterwards there’s other stuff but my toddlers are running around me and distracting me and by the way this is all on the lastest software update we just received a few days ago 03/05/10

  • http://Website gamble

    Tired of waiting for motorola to get their act together me and about 30 friends yes 30 are all switching to sprint tmobile and motorola don’t pay attention to the needs of their customers which in the end will cost them a lot of money…..sorry guys but u dropped the ball way too many times… goodbye tmo and moto and hello sprint and htc

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