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Demo of Google Goggles aka Google Visual Search

Google has been keeping a secret for most of this year and it’s called Google Goggles. We mistakenly called the service Google Visual Search earlier today, but the actual name is in fact Google Goggles (no not Mail Goggles). CNBC is running a special called Inside the Mind of Google and I highly suggest you tune in (or DVR) and watch the entire show. A short clip of the Google Goggles segment has been posted on YouTube.

Upcoming showtimes for the CNBC special include:

  • Saturday, December 5th  7p ET
  • Sunday, December 6th  10p ET
  • Thursday, December 10th  8p | 1a ET
  • Thursday, December 24th  4p | 8p ET
  • Friday, December 25th  Midnight ET

[image courtesy CNBC]

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  • Dave

    Is it just me or is the YouTube video not available?

  • http://Website JD

    Worked fine for me Dave. Might be restricted by locale. (I’m in Australia)

  • ean

    Google always has something up there sleve. I am pretty excited about googles.

  • j_norton

    Wasn’t available for me in the USA either

  • papasurf

    Not working for me in USA.

  • -AndyS-

    I just finished watching it on my Sprint Hero (in usa)


  • Ramon

    Works fine for me too. In the us, on wifi.

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  • Max Fadia

    i watched this special this made me want to work there it would be so fun. i loved the android part and i love the whole thing i wish it was longer

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  • chng

    I can not find goggles