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Engadget’s Topolsky talks Android on Late Night and AOTS

Engadget was just voted blog of the decade and their editor-in-chief Joshua Topolski is making the media rounds. First up we have some clips from last night’s Jimmy Fallon show. Topolski shows off two Android-powered devices including the Nook and the ICD tablet (which should be at CES).

Watch around the 1:30 mark where Jimmy winces when the topic of Android comes up.

I don’t like Android because I think it’s too smart for me.Jimmy FallonLate Night

Next up we have a clip from Attack of the Show. Topolski does an entire segment with host Kevin Pereira where they discuss the upcoming Nexus One. They touch on a couple of the rumors but do a pretty good job of sticking to the facts.

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Source: Engadget

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  • Drunknig

    He is my hero, pun intended.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      As a fellow “nerdy guy” blogger, I would say he has it pretty good. I love the new Engadget redesign and its going to play a big role in our next makeover.

  • http://Website Christopher

    No offense to Joshoua ( I follow engadget and been to all their shows here in NYC). In the AOTS interview he says to wait and see and blames the hype. But seriously if it was an apple phone they would be hyping that as if it was a god or something.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      They have been hyping the Nexus One quite a bit. Android is a daily topic on Engadget now.

      • http://Website Ben Tolmachoff

        Engadget writers are fairly biased towards Apple. I can’t remember a smart phone they’ve reviewed where they have not compared a feature to the iPhone. No multitouch? The iPhone has it. Etc, etc.

        Love Topolsky though. A cool “geek,” if you will.

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  • High On Android

    Better than the same old tiring TV shows. I think almost everyone loves gadgets.

    I miss G4. Dont have it where i live now.