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Even more pics of the Motorola Sholes Tablet

Just yesterday, some blurry pics of the Sholes Tablet leaked out and now some higher quality images of a similar looking device are available. has some pics of China Unicom’s XT701. This phone is similar to the Sholes Tablet we have been hearing about, but with some minor tweaks. The XT701 only has a 5 MP camera (compared to 8 MP), but it adds a FM radio. The XT701 is reported to be currently running Android 2.1.

We can also see a weird design feature on the lower right corner of the outer casing. The side of the phone juts out in order provide a better grip when holding the phone.

This version of the phone will likely never make it to the United States, but it provides a sneak preview of things to come.

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  • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

    Nope, this isn’t gonna do. Check out the hideous design and the enormous black sides left, right up and down of the screen.
    This is by far the worst design I’ve seen in a while.

  • JAG

    This is not Sholes Tablet, this phone is heading to CHINA.

    Sholes Tablet has 8MP camera

    • http://Website Jeff

      Exactly, this is no Sholes Tablet.

  • renard

    It just looks like a droid with no keyboard and people was sayin a nother moto phone will be goin to tmobile so why can’t it be thise phone and lord I seen so many android and htc phones come out or is abot to they a match made in heaven ;-)

  • Unknown

    It seems to have buttons that light up where the lump is at maybe it’s also A substitute for the dpad? If not then where is the scroll ball or dpad?

  • http://Website Kimchi

    Same here. I am really, really hoping for the Droid or droid equivalent to hit T-mobile soon (something with a slideout keyboard, my preference anyway) because I am just too tempted to break my contract for the Droid.

    For now, I’m holding tight in hopes of hearing good news soon.