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General Mobile Storeoid: Yes, another Android app store

Not to be outdone by Motorola and Sony Ericsson, General Mobile has decided to offer another alternative to the Android Market. The unique handset maker has already released the dual-sim DSTL1 (pictured above) and is planning a new Android 2.0 phone for 2010.

The app store will be called Storeoid and it will be featured on all their upcoming Android devices. Storeoid is still under development, but we were lucky enough to receive an early preview and have a gallery of screens below. A list of features was not provided, but it appears to duplicate many similar attributes of the Android Market.

General Mobile would like to point out that the apps shown in the photos are just examples for development purposes and don’t necessarily show apps that will actually be available in Storeoid.

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  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    I’m starting to get scared with Android.

    There are phones on operating systems WAY behind, different manufacturers producing horrible products over bunches of carriers with no idea how to make a good Android phone, the Android Market is still very new and still has bad apps not to mention the problems we encounter (non-decent search from GOOGLE?) and those DAMN QUALCOMM PROCESSORS!

    • http://Website Andrboy

      Man, you need to get up to speed. There’s plenty good apps out there. Hardware is getting better each month. Nexus One is coming out soon. Should have some beefy specs. Android 1.6 and recent is not way behind. The OS has not even been out a year and its come a long way. Dont worry, it will be beating your iphone before you know it. ;-)

      • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

        Woah woah woah, I am totally up to speed.

        First off, I’m not an Apple iPhone fanboy. I hate it with all the interior organs and bodily fluids I possess (I have a Droid). Second, the hardware is improving (compared to the G1) but have you seen the Behold II? Disgraceful. Beefy specs are totally nice, but that’s because Google’s the whole person behind Nexus One. I have no doubt that even by the end of 2010, there will be an Android phone with A Qualcomm 528Mhz processor. Android 1.6 is a great operating system but 2.0 (and 2.1 especially) is better, so I say halt development of EVERYTHING until all phones are going up to speed, whether the carriers and hardware manufacturers like it or not. And btw, Android has been out for more than year and yes it’s come a long way. Don’t mess with the guy that had the first Android phone all the way to the greatest (at least, for now). ^^

  • JAguirre1231

    Is it bad I’m more interested in Htc Chirp than Storeoid?

  • Jeremiah

    @gilbert – The 528Mhz Qualcomm is cheap and does a decent job for it’s purposes. Not saying we don’t need faster CPUs in our phones, but it’s not a big deal to have a Snapdragon if you’re using your phone for mostly texting and a bit of web browsing.

    As for the Android OS fragmentation, I agree that Google needs to put it’s foot down and tell everyone to get up to speed with the releases. That said, Google also needs to slow down and give everyone time to develop drivers and other software ahead of time.

    On topic – why do we need ANOTHER app store? Android Market is fine, and far more mature than anything anyone else will have.

    • http://Website Diz(WARE)

      I agree. The Qualcomm is plenty fast for most users, especially when pushed. I think Snapdragon is going to be an awesome improvement, but at the same time, its not going to be a cheap jump; hence why we have the Qualcomm.

      As for the Stores…we don’t need more. The new Cyanogen mod gives users that Mobentoo store next to the Market, and its just not up to snuff….Not even close. Its mearly a CC without nearly as many apps.

      Here’s an idea…Make a marketplace that uses the Market database to index all apps 3 stars and up, with more than 1000 downloads…That’s usually pretty good indication of a decent app, and should root out a lot of the bloat that comes in every day. Plus you don’t actually lose the market experience, which is the problem with these other app stores

  • codethief

    Yet another custom Android UI that has no future…

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  • Sezer

    Waiting for the next models …

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