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Go local with Gowalla

The popular location-based app Gowalla for the iPhone has recently been made available for use on Android devices, allowing users to share their location with other Gowalla users and through social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

For now Android users can try a lightweight web app, but soon there will be a full native client.

@mohdabdurraafay you can use on Android. A native app in the works. No Symbian timeline yet.Gowallaon Twitter

It’s good to see Foursquare get some competition. Gowalla has a nice site that you can look through to get more details about how to use their app, or you can check out their video below to see some of the features in action.

We were able to meet one of the Gowalla devs at the most recent Austin Android User Group meet-up, and it seemed like they were working hard to deliver a great client. Do we have any Foursquare or Gowalla users here? Which do you prefer to use, or to the new users, which would you prefer to try?

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  • http://Website CheeseKing

    I’ve been using foursquare for a few months now, I like it alot.

    (I haven’t tried gowalla…yet)

  • dim

    I use Gowalla on android ( the webclient is very resticted and slow…would love to see a Android-app. We need to give FS some competition. Gowalla works every where FS doesn’t


  • futureinvasion

    It doesn’t work on dolphin browser.

  • http://Website tomtom

    I use Gowalla on android! I totally love it! BUT we need an Android-app! AND the gowalla team should do more.. to get more German people on board!


  • FiZ

    I’ve tried using Gowalla on my Droid but the mobile version never lets me log in (so i logged in on the regular site) and I haven’t been able to check-in anywhere, ever. I know my signal is strong enough because I can use geolocation on any other app, but gowalla mobile just isn’t working for me at all.

    So until I can get a native app, it’s all foursquare for me.

  • http://Website bishless

    I’ve been using Foursquare and the mobile-web-based Gowalla for a couple weeks on my Droid. I dig both services… I like the direction Gowalla is going with their service… but I have more friends using Fs.

    My only issue w/ the mobile web app is that when creating spaces, it doesn’t really use your GPS. It seems to rely on cell tower triangulation. The two spots I tried creating are horribly off. :(

    I’m really looking forward to a native app… the folks at Alamofire make great stuff (Packrat was great fun)!

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