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Google phone Nexus One captured on video

The Nexus One continues to spill out over the tubes. Monday we got leaked pics and a system dump. Today we found a hacked ROM and now a video. Some lucky fellow happened to get his hands on the device, launch a blog overnight, and upload an unboxing to YouTube. Head on over to for more pics of the box.

Now we wait for the pre-order.

Via: Engadget


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  • William

    stupid teaser.

  • velazcod



  • http://Website antonio

    I want 1 so bad + the n900 i

  • http://Website klmbo

    Hey Taylor just letting you know that the hacked ROM is fake. Look at the flaming the poster got…

    • http://Website ontheFritz

      yea… BGR posted a vid that goes from the X animation to the 2.1 unlock screen.

  • Dmr2

    Those flashing lights remind me of the 5th element!

  • http://Website Juanjo

    That Boot screen is so bad…
    I hate the logo,
    Is there any Android Phone as sexy as the HTC Hero Sprint or Motrola Droid,
    I don’t like Nexus One.

    • http://Website Kid Disco

      To be fair I far prefer the EU Hero, looks loads nicer than the Spring one (to me at least).

  • http://Website Jacob Simmons server not found. =\ Do we have the audio and such for it out yet? Like the ringtones and wallpapers.

  • Katie

    Video removed by poster. =/