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Google Nexus One wallpapers and ringtones

We have learned about the basic specs of the Google Nexus One, but many of the new software features of Android 2.1 remain a mystery. A couple of the updates we have found so far are visual tweaks.  There is a new boot animation, improved app launcher, animated desktops, additional widgets, and more.

Since the ROM dump of the Nexus One became available, hackers have been tearing it apart and are working to backport applications and features. AndroidSPIN has posted the wallpapers and audio of the Nexus One for those who are curious. There are a lot of interesting new ringtones and several Nexus One themed wallpapers. Check out AndroidSPIN for other Nexus One hacks.

Source: AndroidSPIN

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  • http://t sean

    Somone who backed up the widgets email me please distance818 at gmail dot com I.have a HTC. hero and s archos 5 that runs on cupcake 1.5 so. I the Google package,maps,gtalk and best of all the market so I am trying very hard to make the archos look more like my hero the sence UI is where its out. Please somone thanks in advance.

  • http://Website Bob in MA

    Anyone else notice that the Nexus One wallpaper is similar to the Microsoft Windows and Office logos? Red, Green, Blue and Yellow arranged so each takes 1/4 of a square. You would think they’d come up with something that was completely different, at least using different colors…

    • http://Website cheeseking

      seriously? use different colors? look at the google logo, now look at the chrome logo, those are the colors that google uses for everything.

  • http://Website Matt

    I just wish this came with Sense UI – Android stock just isn’t as polished to me, and it doesn’t look like Google did much to fix that. These wallpapers are nice, but I don’t get how an unbranded HTC/Sense-less phone is going to work. Why wouldn’t HTC sell this? Is this more than just a Dev phone? I just want HTC to chime in here and say something about what this phone is and isn’t and whether the PassionC is actually coming to Verizon or not.

    Also, these ringtones are wack. I hope they don’t get super popular; some of them will cause me to rage at my workplace.

  • http://Website DJ

    Well Sense UI isnt for everyone, I personally think it is cool looking but Im glad google is not shoving it down everyones throat. There are many widgets and apps out their that can create the same feel as the sense UI by the way and they can be hand picked.

  • Phillipa @ ringtones

    These days the UI doesn’t really matter because every aspect of modern software is customizable, so all people need to do is download different themes etc.

  • http://Website Celia

    I make my own wallpaper for my mobile phone using the free online wallpaper tool at

  • http://Website Emin Smith

    Found some more wallpapers over here

  • Jhon
  • Naina Redhu

    While the Live Wallpapers suck my Nexus One’s battery dry, there are more static – free – independently produced wallpaper artworks available on not just the original ones that come packaged with the phone. Please do take a look!

    • Sandeep bharadwaj

      Hi Naina,

      Do let me know if you would like to sell your google nexus one.