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Googly phone confirmed: first pics and info of the HTC Nexus One

The Google phone is real. Google announced early yesterday they had given their employees a “concept of a mobile lab” and it “run(s) on Android”. Later that day, Wall Street Journal reported the phone was made by HTC, would go on sale early next year, and be called the Nexus One.

With hundreds (or thousands?) of the Nexus One now in the wild, we expected it would not be long before details began to leak. Blogger Cory O’ Brien tweeted the first pic and the device looks exactly like the much hyped HTC Passion we think is going to T-Mobile.

In fact, it looks like the intel TmoNews posted last week was spot on. The Nexus One will be sold unlocked by Google, but fully supported by T-Mobile.

Additional notes from TmoNews include:

  • The phone will be sold strictly by Google, T-Mobile will NOT sell the device
  • Billing, General Questions and General Troubleshooting questions will be handled by T-mobile
  • Handset features, Handset Exchange and Advanced Device Troubleshooting will be handled by Google and/or Call Center Partners
  • T-Mobile hopes that by supporting the launch, they will have the opportunity to add additional customers
  • HTC is the definite manufacturer and the device IS believed to be the HTC Passion, the word Passion is tossed around everywhere according to our sources
  • Postpaid and Flexpay accounts are both currently slighted for support
  • No information is available as to whether or not T-Mobile is the exclusive partner

Read: TechCrunch for Tweets about the Google phone, Engadget for photos taken with the device, and Daring Fireball for origins of the name Nexus One.

Ok, so now where is the video?

Via: Wall Street Journal

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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  • http://Website CJ

    This is the Google developer phone just the G1. So much for the rumored GPhone! Lol.

    • http://Website CJ

      oops, just like the G1.

  • Galen20K

    Love all this coverage on this phone! Cant wait for “Even More”! ; D

  • http://Website Jeff

    The only thing I need to know is:

    1. How much will Google charge, since it’s unsubsidized.
    2. Does it have GBs of internal space, or will it be another SD Card.

    • http://Website MaxLaw843

      How about lots of internal GBs AND a micro-SD slot!

    • http://Website Derek

      Nope, unfortunately its the status quo when it comes to memory. 256MB RAM/ 512MB ROM, with an SD card slot.

  • stu

    I hope the rumors of having both the tmo and att 3g freqs turn out to be true. It would make sense if google wanted its handset to be available to customers on both networks since at&t has been keeping android phones off its line up to date.

  • Garnet

    Google moving away from the SD card would be a smart move, can not wait to see the Gphone…this is not it though!!

  • William

    Getting. This. Phone.

  • Gardenwife

    There’s no way I can spring for an unsubsidized phone. I won’t pay as much for a phone as I do a laptop. :/

    • Jojo

      With a subsidized phone you just pay the phone price through your higher phone fees …

      • http://Website mittortz

        Do you mean higher phone billing fees? Because this says that T-Mobile/At&t will still be handling all of that. Which I interpret to mean that you would buy the phone, unsubsidized from Google, and then go to the network of your choice for phone services. I can’t see how else this would work; it’s not like Google has their own cellular towers in place.

        Therefore, the only advantages I see to this new “google phone” is that 1) it could have it’s own unique version of android optimized for this specific piece of hardware, done by google, and 2) you would be allowed to choose your own network without buying something unlocked from the grey market. Disadvantage is price. Overall, pretty good but not game-changing… though I do like the way the hardware is looking, both internally and externally. With an optimized version of Android and Google marketing, this *could* have an even better chance at toppling the iPhone than the Droid. Except for the price – I think it heavily depends on that.

    • http://Website chuksy

      You are paying as much as you do for a laptop if not more in the long run.i prefer it unlocked and un-subsidized,its cheaper for me in the long run.

  • Vineares

    The phone will probably be like all the android phones out right now (limited internal storage). I love my G1, but they gotta start upping the storage on these things. Not excited about this phone just yet.

  • http://Website Tomas

    I think it’s pretty ugly! I don’t like the copper color at all. Of course there will be more versions.

    Google’s apps are all pretty clean and white. This is googles first own brand phone, so it’d be a logical step to make it white. People will associate it with everything they see about google in the browser.

  • Joseph

    Im sure that phone is going to run at least 500. and we arent going to be able to get it lower untill like 5 months from when it launches. I’ll still love my G1 for ever though haha

  • brombomb

    Just talked with my google guy. He’ll be getting his next week then we are going to lunch so I can get a hands on. He said he was allowed to talk about it and show it off, but not allowed to tweet/blog etc…

    • FckingAllen

      lol well you better tweet/blog ect… !! =]

  • http://Website John

    Pictures are bad, there is no physical keyboard, htc again? Sorry, with no keyboard, I prefer Xperia x10

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Xperia X10 does not have a keyboard.

    • OrganizedFellow

      the X10 is over priced.
      i dont know a single tech/phone freak willing to dish out $800+ for a SmartPhone. especially if it doesn’t have 2.x at launch.

  • http://Website NQ Logic

    Google is moving down in the stack to challenge B2C opponents with an open architecture and new sets of standards. In creating a post-revenue business model, Google can only manage success if consumers accept a co-branding and outsourced manufactured device … NQ Logic recommends reading about the rest of the new Google’s mobile strategy at

  • willmsth78

    Why is Google doing the same mistake like Apple? Selling the phone on the network that does not perform? I wonder why VZW is not jumping on this wagon?

    • http://Website MaxLaw843

      Geez! I am a T-mobile customer (in the Southeast) and do NOT have problems with the T-mo network performing. It is also a heck of a lot cheaper than any of the others. Here’s what I get for $63 (which includes local taxes): unlimited calling (from the Southeast), 400 texts a month, and data/Internet access (no limit). Would like to have tried the Palm Pre or the HTC Hero, but that would require me joining Sprint–Ain”t gonna happen. iPhone–Would like to try it, but not at $30-$40 a month for data, which is required–So, NO for AT&T also. My wife has Verizon, but every two years we go to Scotland, and need GSM phone over there, as GSM is their standard. So, I await a truly spiffy, well performing phone on T-mobile, and this might be it!!!

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  • Edwin Kyalangalilwa

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  • M65

    very nice share thank you

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  • Büyü

    very nice share thank you

  • Juegos

    Nexus One isn’t history? I heard Google is no longer selling it.

  • Burton Osbourne

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