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Hands on the Entourage eDGe dualbook

It’s been a few months since we’ve mentioned the Entourage eDGe, which the company is calling the world’s first dualbook. With it’s two screen, foldable netbook/e-reader combination it has garnered some unique attention in a sea overflowing with plain netbooks.

A new video has surfaced featuring a couple minutes of hands on footage with the eDGe and it’s software. See both screens in action (a full color on the right and e-ink on the left), the e-book features, the stylus being used, and more. Embed below:

Anyone excited about this thing? I’ve got a netbook I’m already extremely happy with so I’m not really in the market for anything but I’d like to hear from some perspective buyers. The company has confirmed they are on track for the February release date, so these things should be hitting the streets in just a few months.

For more information, see the Entourage eDGe website.

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  • Vineares

    WOW that dual feature is great. Do you know what the suggested retail on this might be?

  • http://Website Mongo

    Looks, a bit clunky. But they are on there way to a nice device.

  • http://Website midtoad

    In the video, the sales rep shows a production unit but doesn’t turn it on. The demo is actually on a pre-production prototype that is a lot thicker and somewhat larger.

    A big question for me is power management: whether you’ll be able to shut off the colour screen while using the ebook reader screen. If not, you won’t be reading for long!

    • Vineares

      I’m guessing when you fold it into the book form one side or the other shuts off.

  • Max Fadia

    if you ask my i would just get a net book put android on it and put a touch screen on it it seams was to bulky and if you ask me i would not buy it

  • http://Website Ben

    I may be missing something huge here…but why is a netbook by its self unable to show the same text that the ereader does? feels a little redundant to me.

  • Rick Anderson

    Ben – it can, but the e-ink is much easier on the eyes (particularly on a sunny day when an lcd screen is impossible to read) and greatly conserves battery power over the lcd screen.

    What’s really cool about this – and the main reason that I have had no interest in e-readers to date – is that I like to circle, underline, and write notes in the margins of the books that I read. It helps me to digest the material and reference in the future. This is the first I’ve seen where you can do that – very cool – and getting an Android O/S netbook as well is good. I just don’t know if I like the idea of a touch screen keyboard.

    However, going to their website – this is geared right at the college student – everything about it – use your laptop in the dorm and carry your edgebook around campus – smart!

  • http://Website Steven

    The company claims at least 6 hours runtime with heavy use. 10 hrs for lcd and 16 for eInk. They seem to have big goals in updating and making this thing a hit. It’s supposed to run 1.6 out of the box and 2.1 is in the works for April. Unfortunately no Android Market, but they will be releasing their own market and api later. Good idea, because I guess most apps don’t scale well. Too bad there’s no gps/accelerometer/compass. Oh well. I pre-ordered mine because you get the Documents to Go suite and save 10 bucks on the price of $500. (raised the price after pre-order.) This looks to be a very innovative device and I like it a lot better than the iPad. The iPad wasn’t innovative, just another evolution of the iPod touch.

  • http://Website Bamboozled

    I’m very excited about this product but no pre-order, yet.

    I need to see how etextbooks work on it before I put my money down. Can I use either screen fir displaying it? Do I need to go through Entourage to buy anything I’d want to put on it?

    Being able to bring this with me to classes would be a tremendous boost to study productivity. Jotting notes on the fly and being able to study where I need to would be huge.

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