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Hero and Moment getting Android 2.0 in 1H 2010, says Sprint

Sprint announced today on Twitter that its Android phones (the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment) will receive Android 2.0 in the first half of 2010. Avid readers will recall 2.0 released weeks ago and since then we’ve been clamoring for all phones to be updated.

While the update announcement is music to our ears, we’d still like to see it happening a bit sooner. The Hero runs the Sense UI (so its possible HTC is holding things up) and the Moment is stock Android, both phones are currently stuck on Android 1.5.

It’s yet to be seen how these updates will occur (OTA updates still in the air). Will we be seeing the first wired upgrade roll-out from a major carrier?

We’ve long been reporting that many phones’ Android 2.0 release date would be slipping deep into next year so it’s nice to finally get a confirmation. Do you think the other carriers are going to follow suit and upgrade on a similar time frame? Or will we be seeing a race to update between carriers?

Roughly = last day of 1H 2010?

Roughly = last day of 1H 2010?

Via: Engadget

Source: Twitter - sprint

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  • dcdave63

    Unfortunately, a month ago Sprint and HTC were tweeting how this would be done in 1st Qtr 2010, so now they are pushing it back another 3 months. Why bother? At that point, most people would be so frustrated that they would jump to another Android phone, or even another carrier. Pushing out an update 9 months after Google released the SDK and after Verizon (and soon other carriers) have Android phones with 2.0 or better, is what Sprint does best; lag behind the other leaders and make promises that cannot be kept. Sprint is only digging their own grave, faster and faster, by continuing to make promises that they cannot fulfill.

    • http://Website jjsink

      Who knows? The 1st half of 2010 is January through June…
      maybe it will be out in a few weeks, or a couple of months.
      I’m just so glad Sprint announced they will put 2.0 on the Moment — I had my doubts.

      • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

        I think that if they were confident in their ability to deliver it in the first 3 months of ’10. they would have said Q1 instead of H1.

        Which kinda begs the question: looking at the rate google is throwing around updates, how relevant is 2.0/Eclair going to be in the middle of next year?

  • Ackdamos

    This is decent news but having to wait this long for 2.0 is ridiculous. Makes me want to switch to Verizon for the Droid. Damn Sprint.

  • irritated

    Rumor at tmobile is that the g1 and mt3g will be getting 2.0

  • http://Website Boomer1

    Well that stinks….thanks Sprint!!! Looks like we’re stuck with an outdated 2-month old device. Be nice to find out if this is HTC’s hold up or Sprint. Wonder if Sprint will waive my cancellation fee on four lines to cancel and move to Verizon for a Droid, at least that has 2.0 on it out of the box.

  • jokers

    Lol the jokers, if this is what its going to be I will be spending this Sunday rooting my hero.

    And to be honest screw Google as well for not releasing the sdk sooner. No way am I waiting till then for what is most likely be.. i mean how long does it really take to update a skin for petes sake! I like my smoother UI but I like a better browser, maps, search mail, contacts s whole lot more.. what a joke. 2.5 will be out then and it will be years for that as well. HTC MAKE THE SENSE UI A SEPERATE INSTALL YOU GOONIES!

  • jokers

    And I mean seriously, it won’t be long before Google fixes up the UI to be better than sense. IPhone will be getting an update in around then and there will be some changes… Google will want to counter that so it is going to seriously be another 6 months after that for an update?? Forget it!

  • http://Website FunkyTrunk

    Wow, I made the right call, I only had the Moment for 2 weeks and I returned it. I had strong feelings this update might be a problem. This phone was put out there with no advertising, no fanfare…nothing. I just had a gut feeling that the Moment was gonna be a neglected stepchild. Way to go Sprint. The Moment is an awesome phone, but without 1.6 or 2.0 it’s crippled.

  • mytouchHER

    Wow. Any word when t-mobile will get the update? I’m getting impatient.

  • Bandroid

    I predict they will lose customers fast. I don’t understand why HTC take an effort.

  • http://Website JD

    Do we know if Orange UK are going to treat the Hero owners any better in 2010??

  • 3dBloke

    HTC tweeted on Dec 11 that Sprint Hero would get Eclair “early next year”.

  • http://Website Jarl

    i didnt even get 1.6 on my htc magic 32A and all htc is saying it they dont know what version i’ll be getting AND it could be months before i get it. gonna sell it and get a X10.

  • http://Website Mel

    Weird that HTC tweeted on 12/11 that in early 2010 the update would hit the sprint hero…..

  • http://Website Tim

    I think I am going to DUMP Sprint, the HTC phones, and Android and go back to Apple. At least they update and take care of their phones!!!!

    HTC you have a lot to learn. May check bake when they grow up as a company and start taking care of its customers…

  • http://Website Tim


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