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Holiday Buyer’s Guide Day 3 – Android gifts for the student

It’s been years since I’ve walked the halls of an institution of learning. All I’ve got left is memories and a mound of debt from my student loans. It was an absolute blast though, and drawing on those memories we’ve tried to make a list of items that will aid your student in dominating the college game.

Nook (or other eReader)

holiday-bg-day3-nookA student is inundated with books to read. Texts to study, novels to analyze, instructions to memorize- it’s adds up pretty quick. With an Nook at his or her side, your student will happily be able to offload some books into a handier, digital format. Plus it’s powered by Android, how cool is that?

Sure, the Nook is currently back-ordered at Barnes & Noble, but that wouldn’t stop a proper Santa from tracking one down in time for the holidays. If you’ve just gotta have it, there are plenty to be had on eBay, but if you’re patient (or your student would appreciate a voucher for future-gifting), B&N is targeting a Feb 1 ship date (Nook from B&N – $259).

The only other eReader worth considering seems to be the Kindle from Amazon. It’s now available in two sizes and we (of course) prefer the large. With it’s 9.7in display, reading just got a lot cooler (Kindle DX from Amazon – $489.00). If that’s too steep, try the regular Kindle, now featuring global wireless (Kindle from Amazon – $259).

Dock / Cradle

holiday-bg-day3-dockOne thing (of many) I had trouble mastering in college was morning life. Not just being awake on time, but ready to go, dressed appropriately and with gear in tow.

This Moto dock not only charges but turns any Droid into an alarm clock for waking up on time and a weather station to help when getting dressed (Motorola desktop charger from the AAM Store – $29.95).

If the student hasn’t graduated to the Droid yet, there are still docks available for virtually any model Android phone, like the Mobi G1 cradle with a spare battery slot (Mobi Products cradle from the AAM Store- $24.95).


holiday-bg-day3-headphonesA student does two things more than he’d like to: study and walk. On a big campus it’s easy to spend half an hour on foot between classes and even easier to spend all night studying. And nothing is better at breaking up that thrilling plainness than music.

If the student has a first generation phone, like the MyTouch or G1, try a miniUSB set. The HTC stereo headset has a microphone and call button, allowing an easy switch from music to calls (HTC miniUSB headset from the AAM Store – $14.95). If you’re in the market for something in the 3.5mm space, you could try a set from Sennheiser (Sennheiser CX300-B Earbuds from Amazon – $28.95).

Car charger

Not every student ends up at a college far from home, but those that do are faced with endless car trips back and forth. Holiday? Drive home. Exceptionally boring weekend? Drive home. All the extra hours in the car make a car charger the perfect student stocking stuffer.

This Doubletalk charger can plug into an auto or wall outlet, making it a handy tool to always keep stashed in the glove compartment (Mobi Products charger from the AAM Store – $17.95). The AT&T car charger is even sporting a spare USB port, allowing the student to charge two devices at one time (AT&T charger from Amazon – 7.99).

Android clothing

holiday-bg-day3-shirtSome students like to procrastinate. I made it an art form. One of my most hated tasks? Laundry. I never resorted to wearing outright dirty clothes, but I made sure to wait until the last possible moment before I hauled 4 loads of laundry up and down three flights of stairs.

Buy your student one more day of laundry freedom with a fresh shirt. Google recently added a few Android items to the Google Store, our favorite of which is this Android t-shirt (Android tee from the Google Store – $10.75). If your student has an eco-conscience, you can try the organic cotton tee, featuring a familiar green robot walking a dog (Organic cotton tee from the Google Store – $13.95).

Until tomorrow…

Thursday we’ll be taking a look at our list for the music fan in your life. Just one more list to go before we count down the best phones of the year. Make sure you check back by the end of the week or over the weekend to see the entire buyer’s guide list in full.

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