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Holiday Buyer’s Guide Day 4 – Android gifts for the music fan

Not too long ago, enjoying music on the run meant a dedicated MP3 player (or worse, a discman or radio or some sorts). Nowadays, thankfully, anyone rocking a smartphone is also packing a feature-rich MP3 player. Android devices are perfect for a music fan, allowing them to listen to, purchase, and read about music all in one place (wherever that may be).

Bluetooth Speakers

holiday-bg-day4-speakersAny music fan worth his salt knows volume is king. A song endures some kind of transformation when you crank that dial to 11. And that wimpy speaker on the back of most phones has nowhere near the power needed for a proper jam.

With a set of Bluetooth speakers, your music fan will be able to wirelessly blast his or her tunes from a pair of speakers with some authority. This BlueAnt model, at 28 Watt RMS, is the world’s most powerful portable speaker. It’s got an internal sub-woofer and internal battery with a ten hour life (BlueAnt M1 speaker from the AAM Store – $159.95). The pocket-sized Motorola EQ5 even comes with a speaker-phone for hands-free calling (Motorola EQ5 speaker from the AAM Store – $99.95).

Archos 5 Tablet

holiday-bg-day4-archos-tabletMost of the Android devices available today have just barely an ample supply of internal memory for the casual user, but any hardcore music fan is going to have a library that would make almost any microSD card cry. If your music fan is looking for a place to stockpile all his tunes, look no further than the Archos 5 tablet series.

The Archos 5 internet tablet is powered by Android and comes in varieties with internal capacities ranging up to 500GB. It’s also got a 4.8-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display with a 800 x 480 resolution, but that’s just icing on the cake (Archos 5 Tablet from Amazon – $379.99 to $485.99).

FM Transmitter


One place I like to listen to music most is the car. And while the radio or a CD does a pretty good job, nothing beats your own personal selection of music. With an FM transmitter, your music fan can hook up his phone (or Archos tablet or any other MP3 player) to blast music out all of his or her car’s speakers.

This FM transmitter from Soundfly plugs into your auto outlet (so it won’t need batteries like some other models) and as a bonus even has an SD slot to play straight MP3 and comes with a remote control (Soundfly SD Fm Transmitter from Amazon – $34.95). Models like those from iriver allow you to choose any frequency, allowing you to find a clear channel even in densely populated radio space (iriver AFT 100 FM Transmitter from Amazon – 9.49).


holiday-bg-day4-headphonesWhile your music fan may like all music all the time, he likely realizes others do not and would get good use out of a pair of decent headphones.

These Klipsch earbuds not only look sleek but blast some serious bass and isolate outside noise (Klipsch S4 Headphones from Amazon – $79.99). The Motorola S9 headphones weigh barely an ounce and can handle voice calls (Motorola S9 headset from the AAM Store – $49.95).

Amazon gift card

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with some straight up spending money. Amazon has tons of perfect audio purchases and runs one of the biggest MP3 stores around. Your music fan will have the freedom to pick their own gift, which is really the best gift of all (Gift cards from Amazon, no fees, no expiration).

Until tomorrow…

Friday, the fifth and final day, we’ll count down the best phones of the year. We are going to pick the best Android phones available now, by carrier, so you can make an informative decision if you are buying Android this holiday season.

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