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HTC Hero 2.1 ROM leaked to HTC phones

Do you have an extra Android phone laying around want want to play with the latest HTC Sense UI for Android 2.1? The Eclair version of Sense UI that was spotted a few days ago has been leaked and already ported to all most the HTC Android phones. If you are daring and don’t mind having a phone that crashes and is missing features, you can find the Hero 2.1 ROM for the Dream, Magic, and Hero phones thanks to XDA

Bonus: Here is the obligatory techno video of the hacked ROM.

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  • FckingAllen

    download for the Dream is removed from XDA for now. dunno why, but i hope they are fixing the Sync.

  • DroidHead

    Actually it was originally leaked at by Drizzy, Barak, and Eugene. Not XDA… I thought I would tell you before they freak on you :).

    Awesome ROM, I can’t wait for it to be more stable on the G1

    • Taylor Wimberly


  • Elliot

    Hopefully this means we’ll see 2.0 and higher on the G1 soon

    • http://Website Eric already has 2.0 Eclair for the G1

      • http://Website Roberto O. Millán

        I seriously don’t think the G1 will get the 2.0 nor 2.1, because for what I have read over the net, it seems the SDK will be too big for the G1′s internal memory.
        What I’m asking is, why can’t they just make it so the OTA update goes in the SD card?
        I have an 8GB, I can always get a 16GB card.
        Now, some cool ftrs will not work on the G1, since i.e, the G1 doesn’t have flash for the camera.
        Anyway…won’t hold my breath…probably wait another year for contract to be over, and see if by then, 2011-almost2012, they will have better newer phones, with Android, maybe even a v 3.0 will be available.

  • mt3g2.0

    Running 2.0 on my mytouch as we speak tried hero 2.1 see alot of potential! !!!

    • http://Website Jason

      Hey , can you link me to root mytouch 32b to sense ui?

  • jairomeo

    You should be thanking not xda for the leak. euguene posted it there. Xda has a link to the post on

  • http://Website LeeCasey

    It looks laggy as hell. Hope this is because its an early release. I own an iPhone 3GS and a Hero. I use both. I’ve just about had enough of the Hero though due to its laggy response (yes I have the update).

    • http://Website Quint

      Tried Modaco’s Rom 3.0? It’s so good, so snappy, no lag at all!

  • DTU

    Looks a lot more unresponsive than the Hero is atm, I think I’ll wait for an official release myself.

  • Vinoba Pop

    Can anyone send me a valid link to download a stable version of eclair for g1 pls