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HTC’s 2010 Android lineup revealed

It is not every day you get new details on five Android phones. Someone close to HTC has obtained their roadmap for the first half of 2010 and leaked all the details. I’m so overwhelmed right now that I am still trying to process all this information. I wanted to get the pics and specs up first and I will add my commentary in a few minutes. Enjoy.

These pictures come from a leaked brochure that was handed out in Vienna, Austria on October 2009. The exact specs and design details are subject to change.

Design / Lifestyle

HTC Legend – March 2010

HTC Legend

HTC Legend

HTC Legend specs

HTC Legend specs

HTC Salsa – June 2010

HTC Salsa

HTC Salsa

HTC Salsa specs

HTC Salsa specs


HTC Tide – April 2010

HTC Tide

HTC Tide

HTC Tide specs

HTC Tide specs

HTC Buzz – May 2010

HTC Buzz

HTC Buzz

HTC Buzz specs

HTC Buzz specs


HTC Bravo – April 2010

HTC Bravo

HTC Bravo

HTC Bravo specs

HTC Bravo specs

[via XDA]

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  • SliestDragon

    Wow…nice road map. The Bravo looks nice.

  • Hadrien

    I like the first one, reminds me of the HTC Hero with the chin. Not a big fan of the others though.. They look cheap

  • fathom614

    The hTc Bravo looks like a winner!!!!

  • http://Website Dylan Andersen

    Wow, epic… thanks Taylor.

  • mytouchHER

    Oh Em Gee. I feel like a kid in a candy store. LOl.

  • irving

    The bravo looks like something to wait for.

  • http://Website Gibbo

    Yep – BRavo is the only 1Ghz device on the list and a decent battery. DivX and FM Radio is a nice feature too

  • http://Website Andrew VanVlack

    This is crazy. Nice post. so many designs. that salsa is very different for an android phone. The thing i don’t understand is its still all 512 mb rom. They have to get apps on the sd cards. No compass in some of the devices is going to brake some location apps. dose the “flat touch screen” on some mean resistive? I like some of the phones but i am scared of app market problems here.

  • dupree

    The legend and the bravo are pretty attractive but im not sure if im ready to stray from a physical keyboard just yet…

  • Richard

    the bravo would be nicer with more ram and no sense ui

  • http://Website Tyler

    Does this mean that T-Mobile won’t be getting the Passion in January after all?

    • http://Website skot

      My guess T-Mobile won’t be getting any of these here in the US.

      As a side note…. Thanks HTC for not support TMO’s 3G network here in the US. I can see why you’d want to create your phones for AT&T, they have such good 3G service now, with all those iPhones and the B&N Nook set to use their network as well.

      Excellent work – NOT.

  • http://Website phamous

    Bravo definitely looks nice, though the salsa is “full” qwerty, it looks palmpre-esque in cramped keyboard design :(

    • szabi4

      Actually, the keyboard is suspiciously similar to the Nokia E61/E61i/E71…

  • http://Website yee

    Hope there is news about the Passion… Even the Bravo is not that excitng, so I guess the Passion is no longer there.. Too bad :(

    • http://Website yee

      oops, so far no Passion :(

  • iloveDroid

    Salsa looks pretty awesome! Not so sure about the others tho sort of look like all the ’09 models….

  • http://Website Jeff

    Wow I am unimpressed, where are the xxGBs of internal memory?

    Well, it seems my next phone might be the Sholes Tablet/Droid, unless Sprint and Verizon comes out with a HTC contender before February. Same goes w/ LG and Samsung.

  • http://Website tk

    The Bravo is the only interesting phone there to me.

  • http://Website mosdef

    @yee, the specs of the rumored Passion/Dragon and Bravo are identical. the name doesn’t really matter. it probably won’t even be called Bravo here either. basically, Bravo = Passion = Dragon

    • http://Website yee

      guess nothing will come in Jan. T.T

  • abi

    Wait wait wait is that tmobile over them true are they all tmobile bound? Tmobile usa not tmobile uk? Plz let it be tmobile usa. And what’s that natco day thing. And if these phones are coming to tmobile usa then hey passion I no it had dragon in it but hello bravo lol. Plzzz tmobile usa plzzz cuz they look tmobile uk bound

    • http://Website Jeff

      None of the specs listed US 3G bands.

      • http://Website dragonfire312

        all of these are compatible with AT&T USA bands.

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  • http://Website AlexR

    Damn HTC….no xxgb internal memory, no good qwerty keyboard phones, and where’s the damn g1 v2. I’m going to see if other phone makers step up. I don’t want to go to Verizon for the Droid, but I may have to

  • http://Website daniel

    im guessing that the bravo is the real name for the passion. the passion was just a codename. yea i also want to know if these are all comin to tmobile as well

  • http://Website Bravo for HTC Bravo

    The Bravo looks like something to look forward to with its 1GHz… maybe it’s the Passion…

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    that is a hero with a paintjob

  • Mast3r_Shake

    Not impressed at all. Would much rather have Droid and the Verizon network. I think the smooth curves like the iPhone look old and tired. Notice that cars have much sharper lines now and look more boxy. These phones look like they are for kids. Disappointed.

  • http://Website yee

    I carefully compared the pictures of the rumored Passion and Bravo. Actually, they are not exactly the same. Bravo has the key lined up beside the trackball, while passion has the keys above it. So, hopefully, there will be Passion in Jan. maybe this is just an excuse to fulfill my disire for the Passion :( Just wait and see, time will tell…

  • abi

    Omg I just noticed the bands there at&t bands. So y does it say tmobile is it photoshoped? Info info info plz tmobile usa or what. Ggggggrrrrrr f ing none tmobile bands

  • http://Website zap

    @abi I think more likely TMo USA because of the GSM 850 in the specs. Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping.

    Bravo/Passion/Dragon/Hoodinky looks awesome, but I think I’m going to wait until something with specs along those lines and a full QWERTY keyboard is available before I move on from the G1.

    • http://Website zap

      Disregard previous statement about the 850 band. I’m wrong. Bah humbug.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Dibs Bravo.

  • http://Website matt

    I’m really hoping these are coming out soon. They’re not all Passion-level of lust, but hell, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed. Please tell me Verizon is getting at least one of these soon.

  • Tyler

    Been waiting to see an Android phone with the form factor of the Salsa.

  • http://Website Passion+Bravo= VERY SIMILAR

    Why are people complaining about the not getting the passion? almost the same phone. Besides a 4.3 in touch screen kinda seems unPocketable. I was excited for the passion but if we(T-Mobile subscribers) get this ill be equally happy!

  • FckingAllen

    Bravo, Bravo ;)

  • http://Website onlyever

    Make sure you guiys click on the source link- there is WAY mor einformation on XDa than is posted here. Take a gander, and if you commented above, make sure you look. There is some awesome shiz…

  • http://Website chuksy

    At last we’ve now got phones with FM radio. Its about time.Bravo looks impressive,be keep an eye on it

  • http://Website Tam

    Passion for X-mas 2009 ?

    • http://Website BigMike

      The website is owned by a guy named Rob Jackson who also owns 193 “other” websites including one called “htczone”. I found this on the whois tracking website. Here is the info.

      Enter an IP address or domain name into the form below and click “Look Up” to get a list of domains hosted on the same IP address.

      IP/Domain Name: There are 9 domains hosted on this IP address. Here are a few of them:

      Whois Record
      Registrant Search:
      “Rob Jackson” owns about 193 other domains

      Email Search:
      is associated with about 844,694 domains
      is associated with about 156 domains

      Registrar History:
      1 registrar
      NS History:
      4 changes on 4 unique name servers over 0 year.

      Administrative Contact:
      Rob Jackson
      Rob Jackson ( )
      Fax: +1.5555555555
      4624 Willow Grove Drive
      Ellicott City, MD 21042

      • http://Website William

        Rob Jackson runs that seems strange,

  • William

    Is the bravo compatible with t-mobile (USA)’s 3G bands?

  • kurt hinds

    Wow htc is gonna have a bright android future. I definately think their form figure phones are top notch. Hopefully rogers wireless is keeping its htc android eye peeled.

  • http://Website Da Boss

    I like the line up cant wait for Bravo. I wonder what is Friendstream on the Legend, Salsa, and Tide?

  • Richard

    According to the source from xda the bravo will actually be 512 ram which is better but the whole sense ui crap is a huge turn off for me.

  • Richard

    why the hell is everyone starting to make devices w/o physical send & end call buttons? These are still phones first and it makes it a pain in the arse to remove them

  • http://Website Heroes

    The Bravo looks the best all round phone but the important thing is will apps be able to be installed on the sd card natively, if not why not increase the rom size and have they put a decent camera in with decent video recording. Also, will it be responsive.

    If they haven’t got these things right then its just another phone holding android back. The fact we have so many android phones out and not one can really be said to totally be an iphone killer is quite embarrassing really. Its not that the iphone is that great, its just everybody else has been that poor in creating an alternative that really stands out.

  • latinforever99

    It looks like all tmo subcribers have the dilema I have we. All have G1 cuase we have no found an Android phone redemable to upgrade yet, if if this Passion phone and the Sony X10 was to come Tmo is the only phone I would upgrade from my G1, my G1 does everything and more I would not switch to Verizon even if it was for Free they charge you a nickle and a dime for everything all I wan or shoukd I say all we want is a good upgrade from G1 1ghz would be awsome with a larger sacreen that’s all we want.

  • cd28rc

    Ok, that is cool how you got this info, thanks. The way I see it and I have the Hero/Sprint is 4.3 or Bigger and a 1gig snapdragon or better, since its already out in the HTC HD2, And that cell should hit Sprint in the 1Q 2010.

  • Sabbath78

    Wow I’m really digging the Bravo! Looks good and hope it works better.

  • freddayyy

    wowww all for T-Mobile? phewwwww T-Mobile is on the BALL with these phones. The Passion is the only one that i would switch my G1 for. Although my G1 might not get Android 2.0, its still my fave phone from all of the designs, especially because of the QWERTY keyboard. Would NEVER replace my keyboard, except for the Passion. pretty soon all phones will be ALL touch screens, and most phone companies are making them only touch screen, so might as well jump on the wagon and not HOPE for so long for a PERFECT replacement for my G1.

    I love you G1, and i wish there was someone perfect to replace you but there isnt, Passion would be my only alternative, but the G1 still ranks over the rest of the Android phones, except the Droid. :)

  • Nate

    The Bravo looks nice, as do the Salsa and Buzz. Salsa is a little low-tech, though, so I’m thinking Buzz is the one for me (provided it’s released for T-Mobile).

  • http://Website Andrew

    The Bravo is a disappointment compared to the HD2. HTC, we need Android on a device with HD2′s specs

  • Yanguang

    Always good to see HTC make more Android Phones. Although I must say, they need a new, solid flagship phone to fend off Motorola Droid, before people start to forget HTC made Android phones first.

  • http://Website Mike11

    Wow, that’s disappointing! Still no HD2 equivalent (same screen-to-device-size-ratio) with Android and no potential “iPhone killer” before June (most likely next iPhone release month). Not even a “Droid killer” with slide-out keyboard.

    I’m really hoping this is not the real or complete Android roadmap for H1/2010!

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  • Miguel

    Nice, if this is true… I’m waiting, I mean, I was planning on waiting until next year anyway.
    Impressive nonetheless, thanks for sharing.


  • http://Website Me_Nit

    Superb..The 2nd 1 reminded me of Apple products!

  • sregister

    yeah the bravo looks awesome

  • asdfjkl

    i love blackberrys and ive been wanting to get an android phone that has the same appeal as my blackberry. the salsa just might do it! the buzz looks cute too (:

  • http://Website Nagaa

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    แต่ HTC Salsa ก็สวยดีนะ เอามาใช้กับแมคบุ๊คเข้ากันดีนะ

    ยอมรับเลยว่า HTC อะแดปได้เก่งกาจมากอ่ะ ว่าแต่มีส่วนไหนมั่งที่คิดเอง อ่ออ ส่วนงอๆ นั้นเอง

  • Nick Cavazos

    So wait, this means the Legend will be almost exactly the same as the MT3G?

    • Nick Cavazos

      Never mind, it has a 600MhZ processor.

  • http://Website andrew

    ok this is pretty nice and all but when will htc learn…WHY CANT WE GET AN ALL TOUCH ANDROID DEVICE!!!!

    I dont need any of these stinkin hard buttons…gimme an all touch android where the screen goes as far to the edge as possible…

    the only htc phone i wouldnt mind that has buttons is the HD2…too bad they wasted that one on WinMo

  • http://Website Jerry

    Looks nice so far.. but there are none with a slideout Qwerty Keyboard…

  • http://Website DonIsGood

    Pity none includes FRONT-FACING CAMERA!!!! (to use Fring!)

    Oh well, guess I’ll be keeping my HTC HERO for another year.. LOL

  • http://Website Juan Cruz

    BRAVO maybe will have a FRONT-FACING CAMERA

  • Elliot

    Give me a GSM Droid so I can drop it on T-Mobile’s network. Or just give me a G2 – aka a G1 with at least twice as much ROM and a faster processor. The G1 was the perfect phone for its time – it needs a successor!

  • http://Website Frank

    If Salsa’s keyboard didn’t look like exactly that of Nokia E61′s, I might actually believe this.

  • http://Website Richy

    Bravo. Wantsies.

  • http://Website Formered

    I like some of the designs, but don’t like how all of them have a 512 flash and 256 RAM. These are the same specs as the older phones.

    • http://Website Emilio

      The bravo has the 1GHz. I want the bravo now!! lol

    • http://Website Emilio

      The bravo has 1GHz

  • http://Website Reece

    Wow @ Tide – Finally an Android candybar. It may be an old design, but most of the people i know over 40 have candybars (including both my parents). It may be whats needed to bring Android to the masses.

    Salsa looks interesting, am I right in thinking it’ll be landscape-only? That’s actually a pretty good solution to what I perceived would be a problem with Android Flip/Candybar/Slide phones (usually being of smaller form factor).

  • http://Website dot

    I wanna Bravo please!

  • alex

    Are these all for tmobile?? because they all say tmobile natco day

  • http://Website Chas

    HTC, you disappoint me…no fold-out or sliding keyboards for a full-size screen phone? I want an improved version of the G1 – I love the keyboard; I just want better battery life. GRRRRRR.

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  • http://Website Jiri

    I love the “HTC Tide”!!! It could be even better if it would have a bigger screen (HVGA would be nice).

  • max fadia

    I think it is great someone on the inside is working for the people and releasing the information for not but 5 phones.

  • http://Website irrritated

    i love how some of the people that commented have no f*(&*^&^% idea what the hell there talking about….. go to some noob site and stay out of here till you have a useful opinion… and by the way the bravo is already being talked about as a T-Mobile phone dumbass

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  • http://Website chris

    I like the bravo. It’s the best out of all with it’s processor. I believe the bravo/passion/dragon will be basically the same phone but on different networks. The 1ghz processor on the bravo will work very nice with flash. I just hope it has multitouch support.

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  • http://Website chris

    nope! u lost me @ not a one with a physical qwerty keyboard.

    that’s a necessity for most apps.(snesroid)

    I mean, i understand the compensation. But there’s no substitution…

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  • arda

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